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Re: Riding Goddesses

Yes, Cabellito, now you will probably have to keep the form running on your own for some time!

Nobody here is interested in my stories anymore. It was going really well for a while, but I can see that it's not working anymore. It's actually a shame, I didn't think my stories were bad, I was very happy about the praise and also the questions... but when it's time to stop and the fun and joy is no longer there, then you should leave it alone. For me the time has come, that's it!



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Re: Riding Goddesses

Your stories are fantastic, I suggest you produce and share them again when you have time, if you wish.
Thank you very much friend, in this wonderful web portal we can continue sharing.



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Re: Riding Goddesses

Rebecca's mom's ranch (7)

These are some of the stories of lady riders at Rebecca's ranch.

In the aforementioned ranch, ladies are men's riders, while men are ladies' horses.

The equine horse area is free and familiar, people of all ages can enter and ride equine horses, although ladies are seen riding men, men do not wear saddles or bridles while being ridden. Most rider/horse teams are daughter/dad, niece/uncle, wife/husband (girlfriend/boyfriend, bride/groom), sister-in-law/brother-in-law.

It usually happens that the wife/bride/girlfriend/partner arrives late because of the husband/groom/boyfriend/partner, or her riding time is over and she wants to continue riding, she may get angry but ranch employees talk to her telling her she can ride other horses. which are not equine.
To the surprise of the lady client, a lady employee rides on the shoulders of a male employee.
- Now he is my horse, says a lady employee.
- I see it, responded the lady client.
- You can ride horses like this for as long as you want.
-He sounds tempting.
At this, a male ranch employee approaches.
- If you like, you can ride him like I'm riding now.
The lady client did not care about the complaints of her partner and she rode the young male ranch employee.
- The young male is fun to ride.
- I sense your partner (husband/boyfriend/groom/partner) does not think the same.
- Come here!
The scorned man approaches the young lady who works at the ranch. She caresses him like a horse.
- You must nod now your partner (wife/boyfriend/groom/partner) is riding another man.
- But,...
- You are a horse and she is a rider who is now riding another horse who is not you, come closer because I will ride you.
He obeys her.
The young lady employed by the ranch rides the man, so they both ride into the area of human horses.


In hospital wards, female patients, relatives of patients, doctors, nurses, obstetricians, assistants and administrative staff ride on top of male patients, relatives of patients, doctors, nurses, obstetricians, assistants and administrators.

Thus, the pregnant lady enters the hospital riding the father of her child, after giving birth her feet are kissed by the father and the doctors who treated her. She bridles, saddles and rides male health personnel who participated in the birth.

The male patient enters being ridden by his wife/sister/mother/daughter/cousin/niece/sister-in-law/aunt to the hospital bed, his lady relative leaves riding a male health personnel.

The boy enters being carried by his father while his mother rides on top of a male health personnel.
After leaving the child, dad is ridden by female health personnel while mom rides male health personnel.

At visiting time the lady relative rides into her own bridled and saddled horses, on the shoulders of her animals.
If the interned relative is male (husband, father, brother, cousin, son, nephew, uncle, etc.) he kisses her boots, then she takes him out for a walk, he walks and she rides on her horse's shoulders.
If the hospitalized relative is a lady, she invites her to accompany her to ride on one of her horses' shoulders through the hospital's passageway and gardens.
If her male patient can be ridden, she bridles him, she saddles him and she rides him, to take him out for a walk.

During visiting hours, the male relative enters and visits his female relative, without looking at anyone, he goes ahead to visit his female relative.
If the hospitalized relative is a male, they both greet each other, a health care lady arrives, who bridles him, saddles him, and rides, followed by the hospitalized patient.
If the inpatient is a lady, he kisses her footwear, she bridles him, saddles him and rides.

It usually happens with some frequency, the male relative does not find her relative who is hospitalized with her wife because she is riding another man, she rides her boss or her friend while her husband waits for her.

Male relative is captured by the charm of another hospitalized patient's beautiful lady relative who kisses her boots.
- Thank you Mistress for allowing me to kiss your boots.
- You're welcome, who are you visiting today?
- To my son / brother / dad / etc.
- Are you free to be ridden?
- Yes Mistress.
- First I will ride you to where your relative is hospitalized, you take care of him quickly and say goodbye because then you will be 100% mine.
- Yes Mistress.
She bridles him, she saddles him and she rides him, they arrive where the male visitor's hospitalized relative is.
- Hello dad / son / brother / etc.
- Your dad/son/brother/etc is now my horse, as you understand, horses don't speak.
- I would love to be your horse.
- Soon, when you recover.
- Thank you.
Then they arrive at the hospitalized bed of a beautiful lady's relative.
- My daughter, you are young and you break a mature man.
- Men are my pets.
- It's true.
She rides with her hospitalized relative.



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Re: Riding Goddesses

Rebecca's mom's ranch (8)

As she leaves she asks:
- Have a car?
- Yeah.
- Take my horses and me to our houses.
-He kindly took her animals to their house and finally drove his car to her house.
- You've been very kind.
- It's a pleasure.
- How do i look?
- You are young and beautiful, imposing wearing this riding suit and boots.
- Men are my docile animals in my presence.
- Yes, I am your horse.
- What do you work at?
- I am an engineer.
- Do you ride or are you ridden?
- Well, I am a construction supervisor but male workers blindly obey the lady resident engineer on the construction site, they kiss her boots and she rides them on their shoulders. I am her boss but I kiss her boots and she rides me on her shoulders and on all fours.
- On all fours?
-Yes, she rides on workers' shoulders, but she rides on my shoulders and on all fours.
- Why on all fours?
- It is more humiliating, I crawl like a beast and my breaker riding on top of me, in front of workers.
- Do you like it?
- I love it. And you.
- I study, I am in my last years of school and I ride on top of male teachers, dads and male students.
- You are beautiful and you have the right.



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Re: Riding Goddesses

Rebecca's mom's ranch (9)

The married woman is spectacular, who despite having a husband, he and the other men are her horses.


For example, a married lady is the teacher who rides like horses the bridled and saddled male teachers, her students' daddies, and her male students who are old enough to be ridden.
Likewise, a married lady is the mother who rides like horses to bridled and saddled male teachers, to the fathers of her children's classmates, and to her children's classmates who are old enough to be ridden.


The captain's wife is married, bridled and saddled colonels and generals kiss her boots, and she rides them because they are her horses.


Married, the prisoner's wife is the one who controls his jailers. On visiting days she respects the line by passing after those who arrived before, but she waits riding on the shoulders of her husband's bridled and saddled jailers. Every 15 minutes she changes her horse. human. She is accompanied by the prisoner's wife who protects her husband.

She enters riding on the shoulders of the bridled and saddled warden to meet her husband who rides the prisoner who protects him from the other inmates, the aforementioned protective prisoner kneels and kisses her boots while her husband appears to be kneeling before her, she riding to the warden and him riding the other prisoner, then he dismounts and kisses his wife's boots with protective prisoner.
- Say hello to your wife.
He obeys her and greets her wife.

Without stopping riding the warden, she bridled and saddled her husband and the prisoner protecting her husband, now she rides the prisoner who protects her husband, rewarding his protection to her husband. He is happy being ridden by the wife of his protégé.

She gives the reins of her husband to her husband's protector wife who rides him on his shoulders.
- I thought you were going to ride your husband.
- Now I ride your husband to subjugate him, he obeys me and he continues to protect my husband.
-I never rode him and at his age he is the horse of a young lady like you.
- Before my husband was imprisoned, I dominated the warden and the jailers who told me who was the leading prisoner who could protect my husband, I made an appointment with him and that day I went with sexy clothes, your husband fell at my feet, he He kissed my boots, he got on all fours, I put a dog collar on him and grabbed his leash, then I bridled him, saddled him and rode him.
"You are my animal"
"Yes ma'am"
"My husband is so-and-so, they will imprison him in your pavilion, you will protect him from others."
"Yes ma'am".
- I have been married for 20 years, I couldn't control him and in 15 minutes you turned him into your pet.
- This is life.

Around them several couples imitated them, ladies riding men.


Married lady is a prisoner who rides her jailers, and she waits for her husband riding on the warden's shoulders.
He crawls towards her, she bridles him, saddles him and rides him.


When a lady prisoner is being transferred, she bridles and saddles her jailers, then she rides them during the transfer.


Male prisoners are ridden by female guards in the jail, but during transfers they are not recognized being ridden in public because they wear a horse mask covering their faces.


Female jailers ride male jailers on surveillance patrols.


In military bases and police stations a colonel or a general can ride a captain but the 30-year-old lady captain is the one who rides the 50-year-old male colonel or the 60-year-old male general.

In this town where ladies dominate, in military parades ladies ride on men's shoulders, male soldiers and male police officers are ridden by military ladies, police ladies and civilian ladies, the most beautiful lady rides the highest ranking one.

In the school parades, ladies teachers and ladies students parade riding on top of male teachers and daddies, at the end of the parade mothers wait riding on dads.

The mayor is the leader of the town but he is controlled by his secretary, in the parades she rides him.


For this reason, a parade is led by the authorities, the mayor is bridled, saddled and ridden by his dominant secretary wearing riding attire, high-ranking military men are bridled and saddled and high-ranking police men are bridled and saddled by junior military ladies. rank and lower-ranking police ladies, then they pass the schools, lady teachers ride male teachers and fathers, while lady students ride fathers and male students, finally, they pass the other institutions or companies, ladies ride men.

In the stands, mothers and other ladies cheer while they ride fathers and other men.

In the end everyone goes to their military barracks, police station, school, another institution or company.

In these processions, ladies ride men.

- Military, police and civilian men are ridden by military ladies, police ladies and civilian ladies.

- Male teachers, dads and male students are ridden by lady teachers, moms and lady students

- etc.



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