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#1 2023-09-18 01:40:56

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My story based on an experience from the past

Hello everyone,

I want to tell you a story from a sports camp I attended year ago when I was 18. It was a football camp, and in my group, there were only boys around my age. That's where I met Mark, a friend I'll never forget.

DISCLAIMER: This story contains also other ways of carrying but they're the actuall part of the story so I decided to leave them here. I will post later the original story if someone insists but since it's more relevant to this group, I'm posting this here.

The first day at camp was all about getting to know each other. The coaches came up with a fun game to break the ice. They divided us into pairs and gave each round a new word. The words corresponded to actions we had to do with our partners. For instance, if they said "sun," we had to run around our partner three times like the Earth circles the sun.

One of the commands was "Buckle up!" It meant one person had to give the other a piggyback ride. Since I was a bit heavier than Mark, I thought I'd be giving him a piggyback ride. But to my surprise, Mark turned to me and said, "Hop on!" He carried me with ease, and it was a lot of fun.

After that, Mark found ways to carry me in different and funny positions whenever he could. One time, after a football match, while I was stretching, something knocked me off my feet. It was Mark, crawling on all fours, making me fall sitting astride his back. He carried me like a horse all the way to the locker room, and it was hilarious!

The most amazing moment was when I scored the winning goal. Everyone was excited, and suddenly, Mark got under my legs and quickly stood up, running with me sitting on his shoulders. It was an incredible feeling, and I was amazed at his strength. He ran with me all around the pitch while the other boys chanted my name.

Our adventures didn't stop at the football pitch. During a trip to the mountains, I joked about being super tired on our way up. Mark immediately crouched down and told me to get on his shoulders. I sat comfortably, and he caught up with the group. On the way back, he offered me a shoulder ride without me even asking.

These memories of fun and friendship from that camp are so dear to me. Mark was the best at giving shoulder rides and making everyone laugh. I hope to meet him again someday and relive those exciting moments.



#2 2023-09-18 03:59:45

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Re: My story based on an experience from the past

Great story, good friendship.



#3 2023-11-07 03:37:24

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Re: My story based on an experience from the past

Nice story! Interestingly, I experienced the same game during a summer camp.
I was one of the lightest players, so quite often somebody offered me to carry me on their back.
But to my surprise there was also one boy who was significantly heavier than me, but still immediately jumped on my back without even thinking twice.



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