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#1 2023-10-17 19:20:18

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Truth or Dare

A real story that happened to me in my teenage years (not that long ago).

We did a meeting with a few friends and drank some beer. We used to play Truth or Dare on my phone via an app. You could edit the game a bit and add some questions on your own, which the others didn't really know.
So I added the task 'Give Chris a shoulder ride for 2 minutes.' When it was my turn, this dare came up. The others laughed since Chris was much heavier than me. He was a bit taller than me and weighed around 80 kilos. And I was very skinny and only weighed 58 kilos back in the day. Chris also found it funny. I pretended to be annoyed / upset by the task. It was very surprising to me that Chris didn't show 'mercy' with me, but demanded me to do the shoulder ride.

He stepped on the table and I stood in front of him. He then sat down on my shoulders. His full weight pushed down on my thin shoulders, he felt really heavy. He didn't care about the weight difference. It got very hard to keep him up on my shoulders and I was really shaking. But I somehow managed to carry him the whole 2 minutes and then let him down exhausted. My back was sore, but it was a cool experience.



#2 2023-10-17 22:46:14

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Re: Truth or Dare

At last a nice story about a nice SHOULDER RIDE!! Not slaves licking feets and so sad



#3 2023-10-24 21:17:17

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Re: Truth or Dare

A nice story that seems to be true.
Like it as a rider.



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