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Fictional Story - The Heavy Shoulder Ride Hiking Rescue

Dave, a young man of 25 years, embarked on a hiking trip to escape the noise of the world and immerse himself in the tranquility of nature. He trekked along the trail, his well-defined muscles flexing with each step. Standing at 173 cm tall and weighing around 70 kg, he possessed a compact but strong physique that belied his smaller frame.

As he ventured deeper into the wilderness, the peaceful ambiance was interrupted by the sound of a distressed voice. Dave's curiosity piqued, and he followed the voice until he stumbled upon a woman a few years older than him. She stood there, her eyes filled with fear and vulnerability. Dave couldn't help but notice her striking appearance – a woman with an astonishing pretty face, her brown hair was tightly bound together and her greenish-brown eyes held a glimmer of desperation.  The woman was about 5 cm taller than and with a weight of approximately 85 kg significantly heavier than him. Sarah carried herself with a hint of insecurity, but her figure, though slightly chubby, exuded a healthy vitality, with curves accentuated at her ample thighs and around her breasts.

"Are you okay?" Dave rushed to her side, concern evident in his voice.

The woman winced and nodded, gritting her teeth. "I twisted my ankle and can't put any weight on it. I don't have a phone either. We need help."

Dave's heart sank as he realized their predicament. He glanced back the way he had come, calculating the distance to the nearest trailhead. It was miles away.

"What's your name?" Dave asked, trying to keep a calm demeanor.

"I'm Sarah," she replied, her voice filled with pain. "Thank you for coming to my rescue. But what are we going to do? We're both without phones, and I can't walk."

Dave's mind raced as he considered their options. He knew they couldn't stay there indefinitely, and waiting for someone to pass by was unlikely. It seemed he had only one choice.

"You can't stay here alone," Dave said firmly, determination shining in his eyes. "I'll carry you to safety."

Sarah's eyes widened with disbelief. She felt vulnerable, relying on a stranger to transport her through the wilderness. Yet, she had no other choice.

"This is crazy," Sarah muttered, her voice wavering with uncertainty. " "Are you sure you can carry me? I mean, I'm heavier than you, and you don't exactly look like the strongest person out here, no offense.."

Dave's confident facade wavered for a moment, doubts creeping into his mind. He had never carried a woman of her weight before, and the idea seemed daunting. But he couldn't let Sarah see his hesitation. With a reassuring smile, he replied, "Sarah, trust me. I may not look like it, but I've got more strength than you think. I can handle it."

Sarah hesitated for a moment, her insecurity mingling with a glimmer of hope. She took a leap of faith and agreed, "Alright, Dave. If you believe you can do it, let's give it a try." With Sarah gingerly climbing onto his back in a piggyback position, Dave began their arduous journey. He struggled to maintain  balance, his muscles straining under the unexpected load. In his thoughts, he wondered how he would be able to carry her all the way, but he brushed off his doubts, not wanting to make the situation more awkward and make Sarah feel insecure about her weight.

Sarah, despite her own insecurities, noticed Dave's struggle. "Am I too heavy for you, Dave? I don't want to be a burden."

Dave, determined to alleviate her worries, replied with a lighthearted tone, "No, Sarah, not at all. You're as light as a feather. Don't worry about a thing." "I'm sorry," Sarah said, her voice filled with genuine gratitude. "I never imagined I would find myself in a situation like this."

Dave grunted, pushing forward with unwavering resolve. "It's alright. We all face unexpected challenges. The important thing is that we're working together to overcome them." "I can't believe you're doing this," Sarah whispered, her voice filled with awe. "You're my hero, Dave."

As Dave carried Sarah through the wilderness, their initial piggyback ride became a testament to his determination and Sarah's weight. However, after some time, Sarah slipped off his back, prompting a change in strategy.

"Oops, guess piggyback wasn't the best option," Sarah chuckled, slightly embarrassed. "Let's try something else."

Dave agreed, his arms aching from the exertion. He shifted Sarah into a cradle carry, the strain on his legs now transferred to his arms. It provided some relief, and they continued their journey.

"This is quite the adventure, isn't it?" Dave said, his voice laced with a mixture of exhaustion and amusement. "I never thought I'd be carrying someone for an hour through the wilderness."

Sarah laughed, enjoying the banter. "Well, you're doing a fantastic job, Dave. You could add professional carrier to your resume!"

As they navigated the rugged terrain, Dave's athlete's instincts kicked in. He found himself embracing the challenge, relishing in pushing the boundaries of his body. The struggle became a source of enjoyment, an opportunity to test his physical limits.

"I have to admit," Dave admitted, his voice slightly strained, "carrying you like this is definitely a unique workout. I might need to incorporate it into my training routine."

Sarah grinned, playfully shifting her weight. "Oh, I'll have to charge you extra for that personal training session, Dave."

As they continued their arduous journey, Dave and Sarah found moments to catch their breath and engage in deeper conversations. The topic of solo travel came up naturally, prompting curiosity between the two friends.

"Why do you enjoy traveling alone, Dave?" Sarah asked, her voice tinged with genuine interest.

Dave took a moment to reflect, finding solace in the serenity of nature surrounding them. "I guess I just like the freedom and the chance to disconnect. It's a way for me to recharge and find clarity. Plus, being alone allows me to fully immerse myself in the beauty of the natural world."

Sarah nodded, a hint of melancholy in her eyes. "I can understand that. Sometimes, we need that time alone to rediscover ourselves. Speaking of which, I'm actually on my own adventure right now."

Dave's brow furrowed with concern. "Is everything okay? You mentioned ending a relationship earlier."

Sarah's smile was both bittersweet and relieved. "Yeah, I'm fine. It's just that I needed some time to find myself again after the breakup. Adventure seemed like the perfect remedy, and meeting you out here has been a true blessing."

Dave's empathy shone through his eyes. "I'm sorry to hear about your breakup, Sarah. But I'm glad that our paths crossed during this journey."

Sarah shrugged, a playful glint in her eyes. "Oh, don't worry about it. Besides, my ex-boyfriend would never have been able to carry me like this. It would have been quite the sight!"

Dave chuckled, appreciating Sarah's humor. "Well, lucky me, right? I'm the chosen carrier for this adventure. Who would've thought?"

They continued their small talk, punctuated by occasional gasps and laughter, as Daves arm muscles started getting sour and he wasn’t able to cradle carry her anymore. “Let’s try a new strategy. How about a shoulder ride?”.

Dave positioned himself behind Sarah, bending down to let her wrap her huge thighs around his neck. As he began to rise, the weight caught him off guard. He struggled to maintain his balance again, his muscles straining under the unexpected load.

"Mind the thighs, they're the heaviest part," Sarah teased, trying to distract Dave from his struggle. "But hey, at least I have a great view up here!"

Dave chuckled, his focus divided between maintaining balance and appreciating the camaraderie they shared. "Well, I'm glad you're enjoying the view. Just don't forget to hold on tight!"

Their shared laughter echoed through the forest, and with each step, Dave carried Sarah with more confidence. The banter, laughter, and subtle flirtation between them created a playful atmosphere. Sarah enjoyed the view from her elevated position, looking down at Dave and appreciating his defined muscles. She couldn't help but find him attractive, his determination and willingness to help shining through.

As the sun began to set, casting a romantic hue over the landscape, Dave's neck started to ache from the prolonged carrying position. They were getting closer to their destination, and the weariness was evident. However, their spirits remained high, fueled by their connection and shared experiences. Dave felt the warmth radiating from Sarah's thighs, perched upon his shoulders, and it gave him renewed motivation to push through his exhaustion. 'Actually this isn't that bad', he thought.

In a moment of respite, Sarah couldn't contain her spontaneous giggle. Dave looked up at her, a mix of curiosity and amusement on his face. "What's so funny, Sarah?"

She chuckled, her voice light and carefree. "I've never been carried this way before, you know. Being always chubby as a kid and teenager, I was always too self-conscious. But here I am, getting a shoulder ride from a smaller guy like you."

Dave laughed along, realizing the irony. "Funny how life works, isn't it? I never imagined I'd be carrying a woman this way either. I was always the smallest and skinniest kid. It's like we both had similar experiences in different ways."

Their shared understanding deepened their connection, erasing any lingering self-consciousness. The playful banter continued as Dave carried Sarah on his shoulders. Their laughter mingled with the sounds of nature, creating a soundtrack of joy and adventure.

With the sun dipping below the horizon, Dave knew it was time for a change. Gently setting Sarah down, her feet touching the ground once again, he looked into her eyes with a tender smile. "We are almost there Sarah, I think we should try a different kind of ride for the last meters.” “What do you suggest?", Sarah replied.

Their bodies drew closer as Dave transitioned into a front lift. Sarah's hands found their place behind his neck, while his arms grabbed here massive butt. He lifted her up resutling in both of them facing each other. In that intimate moment, their eyes met, and a surge of emotions passed between them.

Time seemed to stand still as their lips met in a tender, spontaneous kiss. It was a celebration of their resilience, a testament to their ability to find solace and connection in the most unexpected circumstances. Their hearts aligned, their souls intertwined.

"You know," Sarah began, her voice tinged with gratitude, "if it weren't for you, I don't know what I would have done out here. Thank you for coming to my rescue."

Dave chuckled, his breaths hitching slightly. "No need to thank me. I couldn't just leave you stranded. Besides, it's an adventure we'll never forget."

Sarah smiled, her eyes sparkling. "Well, to show my appreciation, how about I treat you to dinner once we're back in civilization? It's the least I can do."

Dave grinned, his determination renewed. "I'll gladly accept your invitation, Sarah. But let's focus on getting out of here first. We'll celebrate our survival properly."

Finally, they stumbled upon a group of fellow hikers who had the necessary equipment to call for help. An ambulance was summoned, and Sarah received the medical attention she desperately needed. Both Dave and Sarah were immensely relieved, knowing that they had made it through this harrowing ordeal.

Days later, they met for that promised dinner, reminiscing about the harrowing hike and expressing their gratitude for one another. At that moment, both realised that their adventure had been a blessing in disguise as they develope strong feelings for each other. Dave and Sarah started dating and ended up in a relationship.

Inspired by Daves heroism, Sarah became more active herself and shed some weight. From that moment on the loving pair went on to hiking trips together. Sarah reveled in the newfound strength and energy, grateful for the wake-up call that the hiking incident had provided.

On their subsequent adventures, there were moments when Sarah would playfully hop on Dave's back, reminiscing about the time he carried her through the wilderness. They would share a laugh, cherishing the memory while acknowledging how far they had come.

"Now you're a seasoned hiker," Dave teased, adjusting his backpack. "No more hour-long piggyback rides for you."

Sarah grinned mischievously. "Oh, come on! Just a short ride for old times' sake. It'll be hilarious!" Dave picked her up by front lifting her and both embrace a passionate kiss.

Their connection grew deeper, built on a foundation of trust, laughter, and the shared experience of being carried. As they ventured into the wilderness, hand in hand, they reveled in the beauty of nature and the strength they found in each other.

And so, Dave and Sarah embraced the serendipity that brought them together, cherishing the memory of that fateful hiking trip—the turning point where two souls found solace, love, and the courage to challenge the boundaries of what they thought was possible.



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Re: Fictional Story - The Heavy Shoulder Ride Hiking Rescue

Hi bbwcarrier. I am a rider and face sitter. Interested in carrying me ?

Indian rider here.Posting my pic.Ponies do contact



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Re: Fictional Story - The Heavy Shoulder Ride Hiking Rescue

Only interested in WOM. Also, not able to go to India

sunnynair80oo.com wrote:

Hi bbwcarrier. I am a rider and face sitter. Interested in carrying me ?



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Re: Fictional Story - The Heavy Shoulder Ride Hiking Rescue

sunnynair80oo.com wrote:

Hi bbwcarrier. I am a rider and face sitter. Interested in carrying me ?

This is not the place for arranging meetings. Please post in the "Travelling and meeting" forum. Thank you. /Nick, admin



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