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Question to our ladies. The real F/m riding story!

Have you any idea, how difficult it is to write a sequel to a real-life story. That is why 'Ride of My Life', which recalled my recent experience of being ridden by a black leather pants-wearing cosplayer girl with a super sexy body, will have to wait. But to satisfy the popular demand I will update you. She came to Warsaw last week but the weather was poor and we just didn't make it. That's life! I am not giving up. Until the next time! But I can tell you another short story which happened 2 years ago.

The story:

She is a successful single woman and my old friend; We went out sometimes. To the mall or to the movies. Bet there was never any love interest between us, AFAIK. She is a big-time dog enthusiast. Not an old maiden with 100 dogs crawling all over the house. She is a respected figure and an authority among the pedigree dog owners community, and one time somehow she ended up putting a shock collar on my neck and made me wear it the whole evening in public while she was using the controller. It was all done in the tongue-in-cheek manner. But she would use it on me several more times and she confessed she is into bondage and domination. But she hasn't got any experience in the field. That was a shocking (pun not intended) discovery top me. I decided to take this opportunity to make her my rider, so I advertised the idea. She mentioned she'd like to see whether or not I'd be strong enough to lift her. So we went to her land; a nice place in the woods, where she would ride me piggyback style. Still afraid to try a shoulder ride. I did really well. Until that point it seemed like a dream come true. But alas that was our last meeting so far becouse then covid happened and she's been sending me mixed signals ever since. She'd like to meet me but has a bit of depression and is busy.

QUESTION to our Ladies:
Mrs Ourdrey, and Miss Arianeriding;

I suspect that the lockdown gave my friend some time to reconsider our relationship and she became afraid of the personal implications created by the fact that she is dominating me and the eroticosm of it all; I don't know how to proceed to dispel her fears. We have known each other since our youth; perhaps we know each other too well and I am not sure what to do now. Should we meet as friends? Should I take her to the movies or a restaurant? Be friendly, and outgoing without any mention of collars, rides or female domination so that she knows we're still friends and we can play when she is ready but no pressure???

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