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"My Story" (mod.)

Story by Submissive111, Title:  „My Story“   
I thank you very much!
modified by Max

Ever since I was a child I have dreamed of carrying a master or a mistress on my shoulders. I don't know where this desire really came from, I got the first erotic feelings when I thought about it and I started to dream about it often.

As a teenager I was involved in the swimming department. During the summer holidays, a sports camp was organised every year. One of the exercises we did was the following: one boy sat on the shoulders of another and he started squatting. I always refused to sit on top, under any pretext, and I managed to get some boys to sit on my shoulders like a rider. I had the impression that they enjoyed it.

I don't know why, but maybe since then I have had an irresistible desire to feel a man or woman like a rider on my shoulders, love the weight and firm thighs next to my head. In my younger years, I managed to get girls riding on my shoulders several times, but it was still nothing more or less significant.

And a few years ago, thanks to the internet, I got a real craving and it started my transformation into a slave horse. On my social network page I posted a lot of pony games, pony rides and other material on the subject.

One day I received a message from a middle-aged woman who was also a fan of pony games and who was also actually looking for a horse. We started a correspondence and two weeks later we agreed to meet for the first time. We agreed to meet at my place, my home that is, as I live alone and have a spacious two-room flat.

The name of my future mistress was Elenar, a very beautiful name that also suited her well. I invited her to go into the kitchen, there I had prepared tea and cake for her, but I hardly ate anything myself. I just wanted to feel in her presence what it was like to be a horse. Somehow it didn't fit to eat tea and cake with her.

Then I asked Elena to go into the living room where I turned on the TV. She said that we should first check whether I was at all suitable as a riding horse for her, i.e. how strong I was. I immediately offered to give it a try! I knelt down and she then sat astride my shoulders. The condition was that I should hold out as long as possible. Of course I tried very hard to make a good impression on Elena. After a while, she didn't seem to pay any attention to me, but continued to watch TV in peace. Sometimes she did "channel crossing", sometimes she stayed with a programme for a while. As before, she paid no particular attention to me.

To be honest, I was even thrilled at first when her butt pressed on my neck, but after about 10 minutes my knees started to hurt terribly. Also, I guess Elena was getting used to sitting on me and rocking her legs. I started to sweat, but didn't give up! Finally Elena got off me, just said "Passed! Now you are my riding horse!" My new mistress Elena now sat down on the sofa confidently, relaxed, and no longer shy.

I knelt in front of her without another invitation, put her feet on my shoulders and tilted my face into her abdomen. Elena, wearing a short dress, now pressed my face a little against her panties. I thanked my new mistress once more, because of course every horse should have a rider. She graciously told me again that she was now my mistress and I was her horse slave.

Of course I gladly agreed again and with pleasure.

In this position, she sat on the couch and I knelt in front of her, it must have been about half an hour while she watched a film again. My mistress must have been aroused herself by this bizarre situation, because I began to feel her getting restless in her lap whenever I pressed my face a little harder on her panties. Then later she sat on my back and I carried her around the flat for some time, just like a real pony.

After this first getting to know each other, we parted, although I was insanely eager to continue. We arranged to meet one day, on the outskirts of the city, in the morning.

So the long-awaited day arrived for me! It was summery warm, although it was only the end of May. On the very outskirts of the city there was a little-visited park that was gradually turning into a forest. Elena had brought along blinkers and bridles, because she wanted me to look like a real horse. I crouched down and she put a harness over my head, put blinkers next to my eyes so that I could only see straight ahead, and then put another bridle in my mouth.

Elena took her time, obviously enjoying her dominance over me. Then she lifted first one foot over my shoulders, then the other. She put her feet behind my back to have a firm, secure seat on me.

My owner, with whom we had agreed that I would only address her in this way in the absence of humans, promised to make me a real horse, obedient to her slightest wishes.

Elena pulled on the bit and pressed her hips lightly against my neck. I understood that this was a sign for me to get up from my crouch and move. I only managed with difficulty, because my mistress must have weighed around 70 kg. But I got up and walked with her along the path through the park. Elena taught me to obey the slightest movements of her hips - to the left, to the right, to stand still - or to lean slightly forward so that the weight of her body would be transferred more to my neck. At the slightest inaccuracy, she slapped my face lightly with her palm.

After about 10-15 minutes, Elena ordered me to take her back to my place! I was quite exhausted though, swaying slightly under her weight and insanely thirsty to boot. My owner held a water bottle in her hand the whole time and kept taking a sip, but she wouldn't give me any - she said she would give her horse something to drink and feed her at home too.

With difficulty, however, I carried my mistress to my flat and went straight to the kitchen where, she then said, she would feed me.

Elena sat down on the edge of the table and motioned for me to kneel in front of her. Her legs wrapped around my neck and she pressed her already very wet lap against my mouth and said, "There's nothing better for feeding a horse." She held my nose with her hand at first, continuing to press herself roughly against my mouth ... after a short while she relaxed. After forcing me to swallow it all and cleaning it with my tongue, she said it was now time to let me drink too.

I was very happy that she would finally give me water, but it was not to be. Elena ordered me to open my mouth as wide as possible, put both hands behind my head and started to let her urine run into my mouth, telling me not to drop a single drop or she would punish me.

I took it all in spasmodic gulps, and at that moment she just laughed at me, knowing she had won!  My owner told me that she would now water and feed her horse regularly, because a good owner not only rides but also takes care of her horse.

Her urine was bitter and unpleasant at first, but I still forced myself to drink every drop. Over time, as my owner has been watering me like this regularly every day since then - sometimes several times - I even began to enjoy the process and learned to recognise from the taste of her urine what she had eaten and drunk before.

Elena told me that I was, after all, her slave, so I had to fulfil her every whim and desire. She told me that she would come the next day, in the evening, and she would then ride me in the park, and ride me until I collapsed.

The next day I could hardly wait for that moment! I knew I would be happy, looking forward to experiencing that feeling of a lady sitting on top of me, pressing herself firmly and confidently against my neck, forcing me to obey the slightest movements of her hips.

In the evening in the park, I went down on my knees at the first movement of her hand without asking further. Elena put blinders next to my eyes, put a bridle in my mouth and sat on my shoulders like a mistress. Then she gave me a sign to stand up and walk forward. My rider put her legs behind my back again, pressed my neck tightly against her and ordered me to walk forward at a trot. The feeling was simply magical - Elena's butt sitting on my shoulders bobbing slightly in time with my steps, her tense lap pressing on the back of my head.

After riding me for about 200 metres, Elena abruptly pulled on the reins, which were digging into my face, and ordered me to turn around and walk slowly. And so it went on and on until I was completely exhausted.

I begged for mercy, but my owner only wrapped her legs around my neck and told me that she wanted to ride me really hard now. We would keep increasing my load. We would go far into the forest to develop my stamina until I could carry her for hours, like a good slave horse.

After this training, I would carry Elena with the last of my strength to my flat, where she would again feed and water me in the already familiar way, directly in my mouth.

Then, as it was already late, I invited her to spend the night with me. She agreed and at the same time told me that she would sleep on my bed and I next to her on the floor. Of course I had to agree.

So my mistress lay down on the bed and ordered me to kneel beside it while she pulled her sweaty panties over my head. The wet spot was right over my mouth and nose, which was how I was to spend the whole night. Of course, I couldn't fall asleep in this position at first, but fatigue took its toll and my eyes just fell shut.

In the middle of the night I suddenly came to again when she called for me. Elena was lying on her side with one leg raised wide and her hand pointing to her lap. Immediately I climbed into bed, put my head where I wanted it, then she lowered the lifted leg and I was completely caught! Then came the blanket and it was dark. Her fragrant lap pressed against my mouth She rubbed lightly against me, taking her time - a lot of time, going on and on, pressing, maybe even falling asleep in the process.

I didn't dare move my mouth any further, even as she got wetter and wetter. So eventually we fell asleep together - she was lying on her side, my head was between her legs, and I felt her now soft, gentle lap against my lips

The next morning, after the now familiar procedure of emptying her bladder directly into my mouth, she went into the kitchen where she ate breakfast. While Elena ate, I sat down next to her and bowed my head, as this was now my natural posture in her presence.

My hostess asked me if I knew any boys or girls who were into ponyplay and wanted to ride out with a woman on their shoulders. I replied that I only knew one man, Igor, who I thought was interested in the subject.

I met Igor at the gym when he was doing squats with weights. More than once he told me he wanted to do squats while I sat on their shoulders. But I always refused, as I liked being down myself. He was about my stature, medium height and must have weighed around 90 kg as well.

The next day I told him, as if by chance, that there was a great opportunity to be ridden by a woman. He agreed immediately and came home with me, where Elena was already waiting for us.

When I entered the flat, I immediately knelt down in front of her and told Igor that she was my mistress and would train me like a real horse. Igor, after thinking for a while, also knelt in front of Elena and said that he wanted to try his hand at being a horse too. He stood up and Elena stood on a chair and sat on his shoulders with my help. The sight of Igor, the sight of Elena on her shoulders, Igor trying to hold her while his head was clutched by his rider's legs. All this excited me madly.

I immediately wanted to ask Elena to sit on my shoulders, but I curbed my selfishness and let Igor have his little portion of happiness - the feeling of carrying a mistress, a rider, on my shoulders Igor, to my surprise, couldn't stand it for more than 5 minutes, and I immediately put my head under my mistress's ass so that she could sit on now my shoulders without her feet touching the ground.

While I stood with Elena on my shoulders, Igor enthusiastically told me about his impressions. And so we exchanged our roles as horses several times for certainly more than an hour.

Finally Elena said it was time to finish the training and she wanted to feed her horses as a reward. The mistress ordered Igor to lie on his back on the bed so that his head hung off the edge of the bed and he could look at her. She pressed her lap against his mouth and told me to kneel behind her and stick my tongue into her anus.

For about 10 minutes this went on, in the hardest way possible, pressing her hand over Igor's nose and not letting him breathe while I licked her anus. Then Igor and I switched places and I got my share of the feeding.

After she had spoiled my throat too, Elena calmed down a bit, sat on my face and told me that from now on she would have two horses in her stable and that she would raise us to be real thoroughbreds.




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Re: "My Story" (mod.)

Personnally, I prefer the heterosexual way ... But this rewritten, actually "transposed" story, sounds somewhat masculine, it seems it retained too much of its male characteristics, which does not fit with a feminine approach  : In a word, to me, Elena acts too much like a male guy.

First, again it is a personal standpoint. And second, my judgement is necessarily impacted by my previous reading. If I had not read the original gay version, maybe I wouldn't think that way, and would congratulate Max for a great story !

But IT IS a great story ! Thanks Max to have delivered it in its hetero version !



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