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#1 2022-06-22 20:57:51

Gérard TAFIN
Male (67 ans), France
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Sitting and standing on shoulders

I’m registered for some time, but I didn’t dare to start.
I love to be lifted and worm by young women from 18/20 to 48/50 years : Sitting on their shoulders, sitting on the top of their heads, standing on their shoulders and much more rarely, standing on the top their skulls.
I especially like to sit, in third height on the shoulders, even  on the top the skull of a young woman, who herself is standing on the  shoulders  of a solid young carrier.
I Knowles that the love it when I am at the top, that they lift and carry me, always with pleasure, with a smile, benevolence without any judgment.
I can well on their shoulders and/or on their haeds, I am détested and I feel safe I find them beautiful, and even more seen from above when I stand on then shoulders.
Are there young women  whe would like to lift and carry me, sitting and standing, in second and third height.



#2 2022-06-23 10:19:03

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Re: Sitting and standing on shoulders

Welcome on board, Gérard !
Your search is rather unusual actually ... I wish you all success, and please tell us when you succeed !




#3 2022-06-27 02:58:17

Bonus member
Male (Almost 60 years old), South America
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Re: Sitting and standing on shoulders

30 years ago my female cousin, 10 years younger than me, rode many times on my shoulders.
A friend of mine was interested in her, I could tell he was in love, because she is taller than him, beautiful face, straight brown hair, cinnamon skin or brown skin, hourglass shape, wide hips and thick thighs, plus her generous breasts she still has.
Seeing them walk together, the difference in height is perceived, which increases when she wore her high heels, making him look like a dwarf before her.

One day they went to the pool with my parents and her mother, I didn't go and I know they swam together.
My friend told me in the water she was standing and he was behind her, he lowered himself under the water by crouching behind her, crawled to her, put his head between her thighs and stood up.
The sight of her must have been wonderful seeing her riding on top of her submissive's shoulders.

Then she wanted to get out of the pool but there were guys at the exit and she didn't want to get out of the pool near them, I guess she noticed those guys were staring at her.
She said to him: I want to get out of the pool but I don't want to walk near those guys.
He replied: You will step on my hand, jump, step on my hand and I will push you out.
She using her hands placed him facing the wall, he meekly was in the position she wanted and he offered her her right hand, she put her beautiful and delicate hands on his shoulders and she jumped.

She stepped on the hand he offered, his hand sinking instead of rising, and she stood on top of his shoulders.
Wonderful scene, he in the water and she out of the water stepping on his shoulders, to get out of it she stepped on his head using it as a step for stairs and out of the pool.

Previously she stepped on my head but not in this way, kneeling and prostrated before her I kissed her feet, then I offered her my head who was in the air and she stepped on me pressing my head against the ground, she majestic and victorious as a sign of triumph .
She told me: Stepping on you is special, stepping on your friend is stepping on the ground.

Another day she rode on my shoulders in a room, in one of the walls there is a door and a high up window, we went to the wall and she looked outside through the high up window, she commanded me: Stay here, outside there is several handsome boys I want to see.

To give her a better view of the boys she wanted to see to delight herself. To satisfy her I moved under her and she sat on my head.

Years later I met her who asked me: What about your friend? What about my pet? Hahahahahaha... Things have changed. Men are my pets. All men are my pets. Hahahahahaha...

(I think we have spoiled her).



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