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#1 2019-07-10 19:50:33

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Got shoulder ride from group member

Yesterday I finally met up with one of this forums members for a shoulder ride. I was craving a shoulder ride and specially a totem pole trench where I wear an overcoat on top. So I bought a cheap overcoat at goodwill for $15. It was the longest coat they had. Then we met up at a park that was equidistant from our respective locations. We went behind a baseball field and then started the riding. I climbed up on top of his shoulders with a boost from a fence and walked around like this. It felt so great getting a shoulder ride again. And then I put on the overcoat I brought and went on top of his shoulders again with it on. It felt so great to be able to do this. Awesome experience!



#2 2019-07-12 22:51:59

Male (66), England
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Re: Got shoulder ride from group member

Well done for meeting another member.Its so rare on this site that people actually meet.I bet you're looking forward to the next ride!




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