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Shoulder riding videos

As from September 2007, all newly uploaded video clips are stored on this server and are accessible to all bonus members. The download speed and stability is now greatly improved.

Link to the video archive: Click here. If it says "Bad request." then you are not yet a bonus member.

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Upload new shoulder ride video clip to the archive:
Thank you for contributing to the archive. Tell everyone in the forum about your upload. If you have standard membership status, you will get bonus membership status once the file has been approved by an administrator. Please note that the upload may take some time depending on file size and your connection, so do not close this window until you see a confirmation that your file has been successfully uploaded. Maximum file size: 30 MB. Important: mention in the file name what kind of shoulder riding it is (wom, wow, 3high, etc).

Upload video clip to archive:

You can also upload via FTP here. There is no maximum file size restriction in this case. The video may be transferred to the video archive by the administrator later. To be able to upload, click and drag the file to the window. If it does not work, try with another browser or use an FTP client and enter the following URL in the address bar: