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#1 2023-11-15 00:14:46

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First Real Shoulder Ride experience

Me (male/24) and this woman 5'2, BBW and early 20's are going to meet on Thursday for some lifting.  I am assuming she about almost 200lbs while I am fairly strong 230 lbs. She goes to raves a lot and I have been searching to carry someone or even be carried if they are strong enough. So we met on tinder and I just was being silly and like who's gonna carry who at the rave. She said she would do her best and I mentioned we should do a little carrying session and she was very interested. She after a lot of talk we are going to have a session on Thursday. I hope this can become a permanent thing and I hope I get dominated into carrying her a long time and I lowkey hope I get carried too. I will update this thread on Thursday. Wish me luck!!!!

Also Y'all are free to share your experiences too!! (also if there is any woman in southern California that wants to be carried or wants to carry me, email me)



#2 2023-11-15 03:37:54

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Re: First Real Shoulder Ride experience




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