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The life of a pony boy

The life of a pony boy part 1-

Once upon a time, there was a poor woman named Maria who lived in a small village. She had to walk several miles every day to toil in the fields and work odd jobs to make ends meet. Every day, her feet would ache, and she longed for an easier mode of transportation.
One day, while wandering the marketplace, she noticed a young man being paraded around like an animal. He was stripped to the waist and bound by a thick rope around his neck, and he was being shown off to potential buyers. Maria felt pity for the young boy and learned that he was a ponyboy slave name ANDREW
Maria couldn't believe what she was hearing. She had heard of ponyboy slaves before, but she had never seen one up close. The owner, a stout woman with a stern face, noticed Maria's curious gaze and sauntered over to her.
"Interested, are we?" the owner said with a smile.
Maria shook her head bashfully. "No, no. I was just curious."
"You don't have to be shy. I know you work hard every day. Imagine how much easier your life would be if you had a ponyboy to carry you around?" the owner said.
Maria couldn't deny the appeal of such an offer, but she couldn't stomach the idea of owning a slave either. "I can't afford it, and I don't believe in owning another human being," she said.
"Ah, but think about it. He's a two-legged pony boy – very rare and very valuable. He can carry twice the weight of a regular pony boy. And since he only has two legs, he's much easier to control. You won't have to worry about him running away," the owner said.
Maria's heart sank at the thought of this poor young boy being treated as nothing more than a beast of burden. She turned to leave, but the owner called out to her.
"Wait! Before you go, why don't you take him for a test drive? It won't cost you anything," the owner said, gesturing towards the young pony boy.
Maria hesitated for a moment when the owner suggested she take the two-legged pony boy for a test drive. She wasn't sure it was right to ride him around like a horse, but her tired feet ached as if they were on fire, and the thought of a mode of transport that wouldn't hurt sounded like heaven.
“Go ahead and try it,” the owner encouraged her.
Maria chewed on her lip, then made a decision and agreed to test the boy out. She climbed on his back, feeling a twinge of guilt as she did so, and settled herself onto the soft, leather saddle on his shoulders.
“Are you sure he can handle my weight?” she asked the owner, and she felt an uncomfortable flush creep up her neck as she realized how insensitive the question was.
“You won't believe how strong he is,” the owner said dismissively.
As Maria set off on her ride, she noticed how smooth and effortless the boy's movements were. It was almost like riding on air. But as she went further, she realized that he needed constant prodding to keep going.
She started to get a little frustrated, and soon found herself issuing sharp kicks to his sides, which made him wince and whinny in pain. But strangely, Maria enjoyed the feeling of power she had over him. She started to whip him with a riding crop, relishing the way he would buck and jump under her.
She soon forgot all about her initial reservations and gave herself over to the thrill of riding a "pony boy". She became increasingly cruel and punishing, reveling in the way he would groan and whine every time she hit him.
For hours, she rode him through the fields and over the hills, never once resting or taking pity on the boy. She was so caught up in her own power and enjoyment that she barely noticed the boy's rising distress and exhaustion.
By the time they returned to the owner's stable, the boy was stumbling and panting heavily. But Maria was too elated by her experience to pay any attention. She dismounted the boy with a careless jerk and threw the reins at the owner.
As Maria handed over the reins, the owner stepped forward and started to sing the praises of the boy. He explained how useful he was in carrying heavy loads, how strong he was in the fields, and how loyal he could be to his owner.
"He may seem like an unusual creature," the owner said with a smile. "But he has a lot of useful qualities that can come in handy for the right person. He's strong, he's obedient, and he's always willing to serve."
Maria watched in horror as the owner of the pony boy commanded him to kneel down in front of her. She felt sick to her stomach as she realized what was about to happen.
The pony boy immediately obeyed his mistress's orders, kneeling down on all fours like an animal. The owner then turned to Maria and asked her to stand in front of the boy and show him her ass.
Maria felt her cheeks burn with shame as she did as she was told. She turned around slowly, feeling the eyes of both the owner and the pony boy on her. She felt exposed and vulnerable, and she wondered how she had gotten herself into such a situation.
The owner of the pony boy then instructed him to kiss Maria's ass and thank her for the ride. Maria could feel the pony boy's hot breath on her skin, and she shuddered with revulsion as he planted a kiss on her buttocks.
"Thank you, mistress, for allowing me to serve you," the pony boy said in a low, submissive voice.
As the pony boy continued to smell her ass, Maria couldn't help but feel a rush of pleasure. She had never felt so desired before, and the submissive behavior of the pony boy only added to her excitement.
"Thank you so much for this, I never knew how much I would enjoy having a pony boy like him," Maria said, turning to the owner with a grateful smile.
"I'm glad you're satisfied, Maria. He's a good slave, always eager to please his owner," the owner replied.
Maria couldn't help but feel a sense of pride at the fact that she now had her own personal slave. She had always been poor and struggling, but now she had something that could make her life easier and bring her pleasure.
Maria's mind started to race with the possibilities of owning her own personal slave on a long term basis. She knew the moral implications of owning another human being, but the thought of having a slave for her pleasure and convenience was too tantalizing to resist.
"Can I purchase him in installments?" Maria asked hesitantly.
The owner considered her question for a moment before nodding her head. "I suppose we could work something out. But keep in mind, buying a person is a serious matter. You'll have to adopt him officially and take full responsibility for him."
Maria's heart leaped with joy as she heard the owner's words. She could hardly believe that she was about to become the owner of her very own pony boy slave.
"I am ready to adopt him officially and take full responsibility for him," Maria said confidently.
The owner took out the necessary papers as Maria filled them out with a trembling hand. she could not resist the lure of having a personal slave at her disposal.
Once the paperwork was completed, the pony boy was officially adopted by Maria, and she became his legal guardian. But in reality, she just saw him as her slave and her pony boy.
As Maria grinned happily at the thought of having complete control over her new personal slave, the owner of the pony boy leaned in and whispered in her ear.
"Keep in mind, Maria, that in order to keep him well behaved and subservient, you must continue to torture him. The more brutally you treat him, the more obedient he will become. You must use him for your pleasure and never hesitate to make him suffer."
The owner continued, "You can even tie him up outside your house or in your backyard to keep him away from any trouble. This will ensure that he doesn't become a liability and you can continue to use him safely."
Maria nodded eagerly, already imagining what it would be like to have her own personal slave tied up in her yard. She couldn't wait to learn how to use him to her advantage and make him suffer for her pleasure.
"Thank you for your guidance," Maria said with a wicked smile. "I will make sure to use him as brutally as I can without any hesitation."
The pony boy winces in pain as Maria's sharp heel digs into his flesh, but he doesn't dare to complain. He kneels obediently, keeping his gaze lowered as Maria mounts him like a horse.
Once she's comfortably seated on his shoulder's saddle, Maria tugs at the reins she's attached to his bit gag. "Giddy up, motherfucker!" she commands with a hard kick, and the pony boy starts to move forward, his muscular body trembling under her weight.
As the pony boy walks, Maria continues to kick him and whip him with a riding crop, making sure he knows who's in charge. The pony boy stumbles a few times, but he's too afraid to slow down or stop, knowing that Maria will only punish him more.
Maria enjoys the power she has over her slave, and she leans forward to whispering in his ear. "You're nothing but a pathetic animal, you know that?" she says with a cruel smirk. "And you exist solely for my pleasure. So make sure you're doing a good job carrying me or I'll make you suffer even more."
The pony boy shudders at her words, but he keeps moving forward, panting and sweating as he tries to keep up with Maria's constant abuse.
As Maria rides on the pony boy's shoulder, her body jiggles with every step, making her luscious ass bounce just above the slave's back. He can feel the soft flesh of her thighs as they wrap tightly around his neck and shoulder, keeping her balanced.
The slave can't help but admire Maria's perfect body, with her beautiful curves and toned muscles. Her ample breasts, which are barely contained by her tight top, bounce up and down with each movement, making the pony boy feel even more humiliated.
But Maria doesn't care about his discomfort or humiliation. She only cares about her own pleasure and power. With each whip and kick, she feels her dominance over the slave grow stronger, and it only turns her on more.
Maria continues to ride the pony boy hard, her intense gaze fixed on him as she delivers blow after blow with the riding crop.
"You're nothing but a piece of dirt beneath my boot," she snarls, her voice low and menacing. "A pathetic excuse for a human being who exists solely to please me. And right now, you're failing miserably."
The slave winces as the crop lands on his already sore back, his breaths coming in short gasps as he struggles to remain standing. But Maria doesn't give him a moment's rest, raining down blows on him with precise, calculated force.
"You're lucky I even bother keeping you around," she continues, her voice cold as ice. "If it weren't for the fact that you amuse me with your pathetic attempts at obedience, I would have gotten rid of you a long time ago. But for now, you're mine to do with as I please."
Finally, after what felt like hours of cruel and punishing riding, Maria reached her home and ordered the pony boy to kneel down before her so she could climb off his shoulder.
He obeyed without hesitation, collapsing to his knees and bowing his head as Maria dismounted from his back. He could feel the cool air on his sweaty skin as she stepped over him, Tie him to a pole paying him no mind as she strode towards her front door.
Once inside, Maria kicked off her shoes and sat down on her couch, her heart racing with excitement. She could hear the pony boy outside, whimpering and panting as he struggled to remain standing.
Without a second thought, Maria got up from the couch and walked over to the door, opening it and stepping outside. The pony boy was still on his knees, his head bowed in submission.
After a few minutes
Maria dragged the pony boy inside her house and shut the door, making sure to lock it. She dragged his collar and led him to her bedroom while he was still crawling. When they arrived at the room, Maria commanded the pony boy to stop and stay on all fours as she went and changed.
She came back a few minutes later wearing a tight black dress that accented her curves and made her ass look irresistible. Maria walked towards the pony boy, who was still waiting patiently for her command.
"Get closer," she said, her voice commanding. The slave crawled closer and waited for his orders, his eyes never once leaving her beautiful behind.
Maria turned her back to him
and lifted her dress, exposing her perfect, glistening ass to the slave. She spread her cheeks as wide as possible and looked back at him.
"Lick it," she ordered. "I want your tongue deep inside me."
The pony boy eagerly dove his tongue back inside Maria's ass, eliciting a loud moan from her. She reached back and grabbed a handful of his hair, pulling his head back roughly.
"You think you're doing a good job, slave? You're nothing but a useless little tongue," she spat at him.
The pony boy, still licking away at her ass, flinched at her harsh words.
Maria pulled his head back further and leaned in close to his ear. "You know what you are, slave? You're a worthless piece of shit that's only good for cleaning my ass and serving me as I see fit."
She slapped him in the face hard, the sound echoing through the room. "So do a better job, or I'll make you regret ever crawling your pathetic ass in here."
The pony boy whimpered in pain, but that only seemed to fuel Maria's anger. She grabbed him by the collar and pulled him up to his feet, her face contorted with rage.
"You like that, don't you?" she asked, her voice dripping with venom. "You're nothing but a masochist who gets off on being abused."
She pushed him back onto his knees and spread her cheeks wide, laughing as he resumed his ass-licking duties. Maria took pleasure in seeing the agony and humiliation on his face as she slapped him over and over again.
"That's it, slave," she said, reaching down to slap him again. "Lick my ass like the worthless worm you are."
Maria continued to dominate the pony boy, instructing him on the proper techniques for licking her ass. She grabbed his head and forced it into her ass further, making him lick deeper and harder.
"Use your tongue like you mean it," she said, her voice full of contempt. "I want to feel it probing every inch of my tight little hole."
The pony boy obediently licked and prodded at her ass, trying to follow her instructions. But Maria was not easily satisfied.
"No, no, no," she said, shaking her head. "You're doing it all wrong."
Maria grabbed the pony boy by the hair and pulled him up to his knees. "Let me show you how it's done," she said, leaning back and spreading her ass cheeks wide open.
With that, she pushed his face into her ass, forcing him to inhale deeply. He could smell her musky scent, and it made him feel dizzy with desire. Maria's tongue snaked out, tracing circles around his lips before plunging deep inside his mouth.
"Pay attention to what I'm doing," she said, still licking and exploring his mouth. "This is how you lick my ass...like you can't get enough of it."
The pony boy did his best to follow her lead, but he was still a bit clumsy. Maria pushed him back and looked down at him, her expression cold and unforgiving.
"You really are useless, aren't you?" she said, reaching down to slap him across the face. "But don't worry, I'll teach you. It's my job to make you into a good little ass-licker."
She pushed him back down and resumed her position, spreading her cheeks open once again. "Now, let's try this again," she said, looking back at him with a challenging grin.
The pony boy eagerly dove his tongue back into her ass, exploring every inch of her tight little hole. Maria moaned in pleasure, and he felt a sudden surge of pride. He was making his mistress happy, and that was all that mattered.
"That's it, slave," she said, her voice full of pleasure. "You're starting to get the hang of it."
As he continued to lick and probe at her ass, Maria continued to give him instructions, telling him what she liked and what she didn't. He hung on her every word, desperate to please her in every way possible.
Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Maria pulled away, a smirk on her lips. "Not bad," she said, nodding in approval. "But there's still a lot of work to be done. We'll have to keep working on this, won't we?"
The pony boy nodded eagerly, knowing that he was now fully under her control. .
After she gets relaxed by ass licking
Maria approached the pony boy with purpose and determination. She could hardly contain her excitement at the thought of having her own personal slave to use and abuse. The pony boy stared up at her with fear and trepidation, knowing that his fate was sealed.
Maria grabbed him roughly by the arm and started to drag him towards the backyard. The pony boy stumbled and fell several times, but Maria didn't hesitate to whip him mercilessly with the riding crop until he got up and kept walking.
As they reached the backyard, Maria found the nearest pole and tied the pony boy to it. She stepped back to admire her work, enjoying the sight of her new slave struggling against his restraints.
"You are my property now," Maria declared, looking down at the pony boy with a fierce glare. "You are nothing more than a horse to me, and you will remain tied up out here at all times. You are not human, and as such, you are not allowed inside my house."
The pony boy hung his head in shame, already feeling the weight of his new life.
Maria turned back to the pony boy, a cruel smile on her lips. She knew that the only way to train her new slave was through pain and humiliation. She walked up to him and turned around, exposing her buttocks to him.
"Kiss my ass, pony boy," she said, her voice cold and commanding.
The pony boy hesitated for a moment, then leaned forward and pressed his lips against her buttocks. Maria could feel his hot breath on her skin as he kissed her.
"From now on, it's your duty to kiss my buttocks as a hello kiss and a goodbye kiss. You will do it every time I come and go," she declared.
The pony boy nodded his head in compliance. He knew that he had no choice but to obey his mistress's every command, no matter how degrading or humiliating it may be.
Maria continued to stare down at him, enjoying the feeling of power and control she had over him. She knew that she would never tire of the power rush she got from owning a personal slave.
"From now on, you will refer to me as Mistress Maria. You are not allowed to speak unless I give you permission to do so. Is that clear, pony boy?" she asked, her voice cold and menacing.
The pony boy nodded his head hesitantly. He knew that his new life was not going to be an easy one, but he had no choice but to obey Maria's every command.
"Good. Now, I want you to kiss my ass again, but this time, I want you to do it properly. I want you to show me just how much you worship your new mistress," Maria said, her voice dripping with sadistic pleasure.
The pony boy leaned forward once again and kissed her buttocks with more eagerness this time. Maria closed her eyes, savoring the feeling of his lips on her skin. She knew that she was going to enjoy every minute of being a slave owner, and she had no intention of stopping anytime soon.
Maria turned and walked back towards the house, leaving the pony boy tied up outside. She couldn't help but smile to herself, feeling a sense of power and control over her new slave.

The end



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Re: The life of a pony boy

The life of a pony boy part -2

Maria strutted around the house in her tight-fitting red dress, admiring herself in the mirror. She couldn't believe how much her life had changed since purchasing the pony boy. Her days were no longer filled with hard labor and long walks, but instead, they were filled with pleasure and leisure.
Maria's body had also undergone a transformation. She had always been a bit curvy, but now she felt more toned and muscular. The constant riding of the pony boy had given her a great workout and toned her body in all the right places. Her big round ass was now firmer and even more irresistible, and her ample breasts bounced with every step, making her feel more womanly and powerful at the same time.
As Maria admired herself in the mirror, she couldn't help but feel proud of her new body shape. Her once soft body was now toned and defined, with a small waist and curvy hips. Maria's butt was perky and round, drawing attention to her sexy silhouette.

Her legs were also more toned and muscular, with well-defined calves and thighs. Maria knew that she owed her new body shape to the constant workout she got from riding the pony boy. Each ride was an intense workout that not only gave her pleasure but also helped her build stronger muscles.

Maria's breasts were also more prominent and firm, creating the perfect hourglass figure. She enjoyed the way they bounced and swayed with each step, and the way they drew attention to her sexy curves.

But Maria knew that her new body shape wasn't just about looking good; it was about feeling confident and powerful. She knew that she had worked hard to achieve this body, and it gave her a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Maria continued to strut around the house, admiring her new body shape. She felt more feminine and sexy, and she knew that she had the power to attract anyone she desired. Maria knew that her new body shape was a symbol of her strength and independence, and she embraced it fully.

For Maria, owning the pony boy was not just about the pleasure it brought her; it was also about the power and confidence it gave her. And even though she had released the pony boy from his restraints, she knew that she would never forget the lessons she had learned about herself and her body.
Maria walked up to her pony boy and stood beside him. She lifted one of his thighs and placed it between her legs, using it for support as she swung her other leg over his back.
With a sudden motion, Maria dropped herself onto her pony boy's shoulders. She let out a little squeal of excitement as she settled into the saddle, her legs wrapping tightly around his muscular frame.
"Stand up," she commanded.
As the pony boy rose to his full height, Maria felt a surge of pleasure through her body. She was in control, and she knew it.
Maria adjusted her position on his shoulders, moving her hips and ass to find the most comfortable spot on the saddle. She could feel the muscles in her legs and core working hard to maintain her balance, and she reveled in the feeling of strength and power that this gave her.
As she rode her pony boy, Maria lifted her feet and placed them on the stirrups. This small adjustment made a world of difference, as the stirrups gave her even more control over her pony boy's movements. With each step, she could feel the power of his muscles and the strength of his body.
Maria sat comfortably on her pony boy's shoulder, reveling in her power over him. She felt a sense of pleasure and satisfaction as she looked down at his muscular form beneath her. Her legs were wrapped tightly around his body, her feet resting comfortably on the stirrups.

Maria's body looked stunning in this position. Her tight red dress hugged her curves, emphasizing her toned legs and small waist. Her big, round ass was perfectly placed on her pony boy's shoulders, .
Maria's long hair flowed behind her, adding to the erotic scene of dominance and control. Her boobs were firm and perky, accentuating her hourglass figure and making her feel even more feminine and powerful."
Maria grabbed the reins attached to the bit inside her pony boy's mouth with one hand, while holding a wooden stick with the other. As she rode, she used the reins to guide his movements and the stick to keep him in line.

She kicked his sides lightly with her heels, urging him to move faster. The pony boy responded instantly, his muscles rippling beneath her as he moved forward with increasing speed and grace.
Maria was brutal in her treatment of her pony boy. She struck him repeatedly with the stick, leaving angry red welts on his back and shoulders. She kicked him in the sides with her heels, urging him to move faster, even when he was clearly exhausted.

Maria made no attempt to hide her cruelty towards her pony boy. She reveled in the power she had over him, knowing that he would do anything she commanded, no matter how brutal or cruel.
Maria put her entire weight on the stirrups and kicked with even more force. The pony boy's body jolted with each impact, his muscles straining under the weight of the saddle and rider.
The pony boy galloped faster, desperate to please Maria and show off his strength. Maria's ass and boobs bounced on him with each step, intensifying her pleasure and dominance.

As she rode the pony boy, Maria felt her body connect with his. She felt the raw power in his muscles, and the heat that radiated from his skin. She was no longer a mere human, but a force of nature riding a magnificent beast.
Maria smirked as she guided her pony boy through the busy streets, his strong muscles rippling beneath her. She had decided to visit her friend's house today, and what better way to make an entrance than on the back of her obedient pony boy.

People on the street stared in awe as Maria rode past them, her long hair blowing in the wind. She enjoyed the attention, relishing in the fact that they knew she was in control.

After a few more blocks, Maria finally arrived at her friend's house. She dismounted the pony boy, patting his head as a reward for his hard work.

Her friend was waiting outside, mouth agape in shock at the sight of Maria on top of her pony boy. Maria simply laughed and pulled her friend closer, giving her a playful hug.

"Meet my new toy," she said, gesturing to the pony boy. "He does whatever I command."

Her friend couldn't believe it. She had heard of people owning pony boys before, but she had never actually seen one in person.

Maria walked over to her pony boy, grabbing the reins and pulling him towards her. She whispered something into his ear, causing him to lower his head and kiss her ass.

Her friend's eyes widened in disbelief, but Maria simply smiled and shrugged.
Maria chuckled as she watched the look of shock on her friend's face. She knew that her ownership of the pony boy was not for everyone, but she couldn't help but feel a sense of pride and power over him.

"He's a well-trained pony boy," she explained to her friend. "And he knows to obey my every command."

Maria's friend looked at the pony boy with a mix of curiosity and apprehension. She had never seen anything like this before, and wasn't sure how to react.

As if sensing her discomfort, Maria walked over to her friend and placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry," she said. "He's harmless and won't do anything unless I command him to."

Maria stepped back towards the pony boy and flicked the reins in her hand, causing him to move forward and nuzzle up against her.

With one smooth movement, Maria turned around and bent over slightly, positioning her ass right in front of the pony boy's face.

"Go on," she commanded, looking at the pony boy. "Kiss my ass."

The pony boy complied immediately, pushing his nose onto Maria's ass and giving her a few soft kisses. Maria giggled at the feeling, but also enjoyed the fact that she was in complete control.

Her friend stood back and watched, still unsure of what to make of the situation. But as she watched Maria take control of the pony boy and use him to meet her desires, she couldn't help but be fascinated.

" You try to commend" Maria asked her friend while giving her the reinsMaria handed the reins to her friend, who looked at them hesitantly. She had never done anything like this before, and wasn't sure if she wanted to try.

"Come on," Maria encouraged her. "It's fun! Just give him a little tug, and he'll do whatever you want."

Hesitantly, her friend took the reins in her hands and gave them a small tug. The pony boy responded immediately, moving forward and nuzzling up against her.

Her friend was surprised at how responsive the pony boy was to her commands. She pulled on the reins again, causing him to take a step forward. She giggled with delight, feeling a sense of power and control over the pony boy.

Maria watched with amusement, as her friend began to relax and enjoy herself. She knew that her friend had been apprehensive at first, but now she was starting to see the appeal of owning a pony boy.
As her friend continued to experiment with commanding the pony boy, Maria decided to take things up a notch. She turned around, bent over slightly and positioned her ass right in front of the pony boy.

"Watch this," she said to her friend, as she commanded the pony boy to kiss her ass.

The pony boy obeyed obediently, pushing his nose onto Maria's ass and giving her a few soft kisses. Maria moaned with pleasure, loving the sensation of the pony boy's warm breath on her skin.

Her friend watched with a mix of shock and fascination, still getting used to the idea of commanding a pony boy.

"Do you want to try?" Maria asked her.

Her friend hesitated, but then nodded her head. She stepped forward, positioning herself behind Maria and commanding the pony boy to kiss her ass.

To her surprise, the pony boy obeyed instantly, moving his nose to her behind and giving her a few soft kisses just like he had done with Maria. Her friend giggled with delight, loving the feeling of power and control that came with owning the pony boy.

Maria watched with a smile on her face, happy to see her friend enjoying herself. She knew that owning a pony boy could be a thrilling and empowering experience, and she was glad that she could share that experience with her friend.
Feeling satisfied with the pony boy's performance, Maria decided to tie up his reins to a nearby tree. She gave him a pat on the head, reassuring him that she would be back soon.

Maria and her friend entered the house, chatting excitedly about their experience with the pony boy. Maria couldn't help but feel a sense of empowerment as she shared her ownership of the pony boy with her friend. She knew that not everyone would understand the appeal, but at that moment, she didn't care.

As they sat down in the living room, Maria's mind wandered back to the pony boy. She wondered how he was doing, and if he was getting restless from being tied up.
Maria leaned back on the couch, feeling a sense of pride and contentment. She turned to her friend and said, "Don't worry about the pony boy. He's an animal, a beast of burden. He's meant to endure this kind of thing."

Her friend looked at her , she agreed with Maria's way of thinking. Maria didn't care. As far as she was concerned, the pony boy was her property, and she could do whatever she wanted with him.
As Maria sat on the couch with her friend, the pony boy was outside, tied up in the scorching heat. His back was sticky with sweat, and his breathing was ragged as he struggled to stay upright.

He had been outside for hours, his thirst growing with every passing minute. He had no shade in which to seek refuge, and his muscles ached from the strain of being tied up for so long.
As the pony boy struggled to endure the heat and thirst, he also had to bear the excruciating pain of his shoulder. He had been carrying the saddle and Maria's weight all day long, and now his shoulder throbbed with agony.

He tried to shake off the pain, knowing that any sign of weakness would be met with further punishment. But despite his efforts, the pain continued to worsen, becoming almost unbearable.

The weight of the saddle and Maria's body had rubbed against his skin, creating raw, painful wounds that made it almost impossible to move. Every step he took sent a searing pain down his shoulder, making it difficult to stay upright.

All the while, Maria remained inside, oblivious to the suffering of her pony boy. She sipped on a cold drink and chatted with her friend, taking pleasure in the power she wielded over the helpless creature outside.
As the days wore on, the pony boy suffered even more at the hands of his cruel mistress. Whip marks covered his back, making it almost impossible for him to move without feeling a sharp pain. Maria had used the whip on him repeatedly, punishing him for every small mistake he made.

His face was also covered in slap marks, the result of Maria's cruel and violent outbursts. She would hit him across the face whenever she felt displeased with his behavior, leaving him with red welts that would sometimes even draw blood.

As if that weren't enough, Maria had also started to use other methods of torture on the poor pony boy. She would tie him up in uncomfortable positions for hours on end, causing his muscles to cramp and ache. She would deprive him of food and water, leaving him weak and barely able to stand. Sometimes she would even make him run until he collapsed from exhaustion, his lungs burning with every breath.

The story of pony boy
The pony boy's name was Andrew, and he had once lived a normal life with his family. However, one day, his own sister had sold him into slavery to pay off her debts. Andrew had been horrified and devastated, but there was nothing he could do about it. He was now a two-legged pony boy slave, bound by a thick rope around his neck, and being shown off to potential buyers.

Over the next few months, Andrew was subjected to brutal training, which would turn him into a perfect pony boy. He learned how to be obedient, loyal, and strong. He had to learn to carry heavy loads, plow fields, and trot for hours on end. He was trained to respond to various commands, and if he disobeyed, he was swiftly punished.

One of the most difficult parts of Andrew's training was learning how to carry riders on his shoulders. The training was intense, and Andrew was whipped and kicked repeatedly until he got it right. He had to learn how to balance the weight of the rider on his shoulders and walk smoothly at the same time.
As Andrew progressed through his training, his owners began to teach him how to carry different types of women on his shoulders. They wanted him to be able to carry any kind of woman, from the smallest and lightest to the heaviest and largest. This required a lot of skill and practice.

At first, Andrew was only trained to carry small, light women. He would practice with his owners, who would sit on his shoulders and guide him through the motions. They taught him how to lift them up onto his shoulders without causing injury, how to balance their weight, and how to move smoothly and gracefully.

Once Andrew was proficient at carrying light women on his shoulders, his owners began to increase his training. They introduced him to heavier and more challenging riders, including women who were taller and larger. Andrew had to learn to adjust his balance and movements for each new rider, making sure to carry them comfortably and securely.

The training process was difficult and often painful for Andrew. He was whipped, kicked, and prodded until he got everything perfect. Sometimes he would feel like giving up - the pain and exhaustion were just too much. But he knew he had to keep going for the sake of his owners.
As Andrew's training progressed, his owners decided to take his training to the next level. They wanted him to learn how to carry women with a saddle and stirrup, as well as a bit in his mouth connected to reins. It was a more advanced form of pony boy training, and it required even more skill and practice.

The first step was to fit Andrew with a saddle and stirrup. It was a strange feeling for him to have something strapped to his back, but he quickly adapted. His owners then introduced a bit into his mouth and connected it to reins, which they would use to guide him. Andrew found it uncomfortable to have the bit in his mouth, but he knew he had to get used to it if he wanted to become a successful pony boy.

To make the training even more challenging, Andrew's owners blindfolded him. This meant that he had to rely solely on their guidance to move around, making it even more difficult for him to adjust his balance and movements for different riders.

Andrew's training with the saddle, stirrup, bit, and blindfold was intense. His owners would ride him hard, whipping him and prodding him to make sure he followed their every command. It was painful and exhausting, but Andrew knew he had to push through and master this new skill.
As Andrew's training with the blindfold continued, it became increasingly difficult for him to anticipate the weight of the women he was carrying. He had no idea who was going to ride him, whether it would be a heavy woman or a light one. This made it even more challenging for him to adjust his balance and movements each time he carried a new rider.

There were times when Andrew would feel the weight of a heavy woman on his shoulders without any warning. He could feel his legs trembling under the strain, but he knew he had to keep going. His owners would whip and prod him to keep moving forward, no matter how difficult it was for him.

On other occasions, Andrew would carry a light woman and find it to be a breeze. He welcomed those moments of rest, knowing that they would be short-lived. He knew that his owners would soon introduce heavier riders to continue his training, and he always had to be ready.

The blindfold made it even more difficult for Andrew to please his owners. He had to rely solely on their commands, trusting that they would guide him in the right direction. He had to be more alert and attentive, listening for even the slightest whisper from his owners to adjust his movements accordingly.

Despite the challenges, Andrew persevered. He became a master at carrying women of all sizes and weight through his training. He learned to adjust his balance and movements with ease, no matter who he was carrying. Andrew had become a true master of pony boy training.

Over time, Andrew's owners began to take off his blindfold, allowing him to see who was riding him. He felt a sense of relief knowing who was on his shoulders and could anticipate the weight and movements of each rider.
As Andrew's pony boy training came to a close, his owners decided to send him to a new type of training - women's ass licking training. They had been pleased with his performance as a pony boy and believed he would do well in this new role.

At first, Andrew was unsure of what to expect. He had never done anything like this before. However, he was determined to do well and please his owners. The training consisted of learning how to eat a woman's ass and give her pleasure in that way.
Andrew's training started with a demonstration by one of his owners. She instructed Andrew to carefully observe her technique while she sat naked on a chair, her back to him. His owner then guided Andrew on how to stroke and touch her ass while using his tongue to lick and pleasure her. She instructed him on the precise movement of his tongue back and forth in a circular motion to stimulate her pleasure spot.

Over the next few weeks, Andrew's training progressed, and he learned how to use different parts of his mouth, lips, and tongue to please the women he would serve. He learned how to alternate between gentle and intense strokes and how to move his tongue in sync with the woman's breathing patterns, increasing her pleasure with each touch.

As Andrew became more skilled in ass licking, his owners started to introduce him to more advanced techniques, such as rimming and analingus. He learned to use his tongue to probe deep into the woman's anus, bringing her to the brink of climax.
As Andrew continued his training in ass licking, his owners made sure that he was well-versed in every type of woman's ass and preferences. They arranged for him to experience serving a variety of clients with different body types, ass sizes, and preferences in pleasure. This helped Andrew to develop a broader range of skills and adapt his techniques to suit every individual client.

However, not every woman whom Andrew served was pleased with his performance. Some women had preferences for more aggressive and rough forms of pleasure. This was especially evident in kinkier clients who enjoyed slapping and even spanking while being licked.

At first, Andrew was hesitant and even uncomfortable with such forms of pleasure, but his owners insisted that he learn how to accommodate every client's request to perfection. Thus, they made sure he was trained to handle different forms of discipline and punishment while still serving the women's pleasure.

During one training session, a kinky client asked for a rough form of ass licking. The woman wanted Andrew to lick her ass as hard as he could while getting slapped on his face. Andrew was hesitant, but his owners insisted that he comply with the client's request.

As Andrew began to lick the woman's ass, she kept slapping him hard on his face. It was hard for Andrew to concentrate as he faced the punishment, but he knew that he had to perform to the best of his ability. He continued to move his tongue in the best possible rhythm, making sure to provide the woman with the pleasure she desired.

Despite the slaps to his face, Andrew remained focused on his task and managed to please the client in every way possible. His performance pleased his owners, who praised him for his hard work and dedication to his training.
As Andrew continued his training, his owners were determined to make him the best ass licking slave that they had ever seen. They wanted him to excel in every aspect of pleasure-giving, and so they put him through rigorous training that involved learning to lick every type of ass crack, suck every type of ass hole, and even kiss every type of buttocks.

Andrew learned to adapt his techniques to suit every individual client, regardless of their age, ethnicity, or body type. He had to learn to be sensitive to the needs and preferences of each client, working to stimulate every part of their buttocks in the right way to produce maximum pleasure.

As he progressed in his training, Andrew was exposed to different types of anatomy. His owners made sure he had in-depth knowledge about every type of ass he could encounter, from young, toned bottoms to mature, full-figured cheeks, and everything in between. Andrew became an expert at navigating his way through every type of shape and size.
As Andrew reached the pinnacle of his ass licking training, his owners realized that they had to broaden his skills and expand his services to remain competitive in the industry. They decided to send him to an elite body massage training program to complement his ass licking skills.

The body massage training was just as rigorous as his ass licking training, involving intense sessions on anatomy, physiology, and hands-on techniques. Andrew learned to use his hands to soothe muscles, release tension, and provide a full-body massage experience that could leave any woman feeling satisfied.

He learned the different types of oils, creams, and lotions to use and how to apply them to heat up and intensify the pleasure of his clients. He also learned the different massage techniques, ranging from Swedish to deep tissue to sensual massages.

Andrew's ass licking background gave him an added advantage in his new training. He had a better understanding of the body and its erogenous zones, which helped him take his massage experience to a whole new level. He knew how to combine his massage techniques with his knowledge of the client's buttocks' sensitive spots, providing a unique experience to every client.
Andrew's owners wanted him to go above and beyond with his massage skills. They realized that pleasing a woman involved not just massaging her back or buttocks but also providing attention to her breasts, feet, and other sensitive areas. Therefore, they arranged for Andrew to undergo boob and ass massage, foot worship, and kissing feet training.

During these training sessions, Andrew learned how to provide specialized massages that involved addressing a woman's assets. He learned how to massage breasts to leave his clients feeling relaxed and pleasured. He learned how to use his tongue and lips to please a woman's nipples, driving them to a higher level of ecstasy.

Next, Andrew was trained to use his mouth to kiss and lick his client's feet, an activity that many women often enjoyed. Andrew quickly became adept at this, and women loved being rubbed by the gentle stroke of Andrew's mouth on their feet.

Finally, Andrew went on to master the art of ass massage, learning how to provide an erotic massage to the buttocks to release tension and arousal. He learned how to stimulate the G-spot and other sensitive areas of his client's body, bringing them into a state of arousal.
After months of intense training, Andrew was finally ready to be sold. His owners put him up for sale, and there was no shortage of potential buyers interested in purchasing him.

One day, a young woman from a nearby village came to Andrew's owner's house. She was looking for a pony boy to help her with work on her farm. She had heard about Andrew's reputation for being a well-trained and obedient pony boy.
she decided to take a chance and asked to take Andrew for a test drive.

Andrew's owners agreed, and Andrew was led out to the yard. The young woman climbed onto his shoulders, and Andrew began to walk around, giving her a ride.

To her surprise, Andrew was gentle and obedient, moving smoothly and gracefully with her on his shoulders. She could feel his muscles rippling under her, but she never felt uncomfortable or unsafe. It was clear that Andrew had been well-trained and well-cared for.
After the ride, the young woman couldn't help but notice how well-maintained Andrew was. She saw that he was well-groomed, and his coat shone with good health. She knew that this was because of the exceptional care and treatment that Andrew's owners had provided him.

The young woman was curious about another aspect of Andrew's training, his ass licking technique. She had heard about his reputation as a master of pleasure, and she wanted to experience it for herself.

"Can I test out his ass licking technique?" she asked Andrew's owners.

They nodded in agreement, and Andrew was led to the training room for another demonstration.

As she took off her clothes, Andrew's owners explained to the young woman how he had been trained to give pleasure in every way possible. They showed her the different oils and creams that Andrew would use, explaining how each one could heighten the pleasure that she would experience.

Andrew lowered his head, his tongue slipping out of his mouth as he began his work. The young woman gasped at the sensation, feeling a wave of pleasure wash over her entire body.
As Andrew's talented tongue started to stroke the young woman's ass, she felt her body start to tingle with a deep sensuous sensation. She could feel Andrew expertly using his tongue to glide around her ass crack with astonishing ease.

The young woman was amazed at the way that Andrew was able to manipulate his tongue to stimulate the sensitive skin of her buttocks. His skilled licking and his gentle kisses were a work of art, and she was amazed that she was able to feel so much pleasure in such a short time.

As Andrew continued his work, he started to focus more on her ass hole, using his tongue to probe deep inside her, and sucking it. The young woman was impressed by this, as she had never experienced anything like it before.
The sensations that Andrew was giving the young woman were so intense that she could feel herself losing control. She knew that she was on the verge of a truly powerful climax, but she wasn't quite ready to let go yet.

As Andrew continued to work his magic with his tongue, the young woman finally had to pull him away and turn to his owners.

"I'm truly impressed with Andrew's ass licking technique. He's a true master of pleasure. I've never felt anything like that before." She said, trying to catch her breath.

"I have to ask, would it be possible for me to buy him?"

Andrew's owners exchanged a look before nodding in agreement.

"We'd be happy to sell him to you. We can see that he's found a true match in you, and we're confident he'll be well taken care off at your farm."
The young woman was thrilled to have the opportunity to purchase Andrew, but when she heard the initial price that his owners were asking for, her jaw nearly dropped.

The price was higher than what she had anticipated, and she knew that it was going to be a bit of a challenge to negotiate a price that was within her budget.

"I think the price is a bit high," she said, cautiously.

"We understand that, but Andrew is a highly trained and skilled pleasure slave. He's worth every penny of it." One of the owners replied.
The young woman took a moment to think. She knew that Andrew's price was high, but she also knew that he was worth every penny. The question was how to negotiate a better deal.

She decided to try her luck and made a counteroffer. "I understand that Andrew is a highly skilled pleasure slave, but I'm afraid the price is still too high for me. How about I pay half the price now, and the other half in installments?"

The owners looked hesitant. "That's a bit of a risk for us. What if you can't pay the rest of the money?"

The young woman thought for a moment. "I can offer something else. I have a few prized horses on my farm. How about I offer one of them as part of the payment?"

The owners seemed to think that over for a moment before nodding in agreement. "We'll accept that deal," the owner said, reaching out a hand to shake.

The young woman shook hands confidently and handed over half of the payment. She was thrilled she was able to negotiate a deal and secure Andrew's services. She knew that there was no other pleasure slave like him.
As she took Andrew back to her farm, she knew that he was going to be a valuable asset. She couldn't wait to explore all of his many talents And she knew that it was a worthy investment for her happiness and satisfaction.
As the young woman continued to use Andrew's services, she couldn't help but notice how her body had started to change.

Her curves had become more pronounced, and her butt had grown larger and rounder. She knew that it was because of all the pleasure that Andrew had given her.

She was proud of her body and flaunted it whenever she could. She had started wearing tighter clothes to show off her figure, and she could always feel the eyes of the men in the small village on her.
When they reached home the same day evening the young woman decided to take Andrew out for a walk through the village. She rode him bareback, wearing a short skirt and low-cut top that showed off her curves. She held onto his reins, pulling him in different directions.

As they walked through the village, the young woman noticed that many people were staring at her. She could feel their eyes on her body, as if they were admiring her curves. It made her feel powerful and in control.

However, there were a few people who seemed uneasy at the sight of her riding Andrew. Some shook their heads in disapproval, while others muttered something under their breath.

The young woman didn't care. She knew that Andrew was her property, to do with as she pleased. And she enjoyed the feeling of being in control, of having people stare at her with envy.
As the young woman walked through the village on Andrew's bareback, she couldn't resist but use her newly acquired Whip on him. She twitched it against his back, causing him to bounce a little, giving him a more significant stimulation. As he continued walking, she giggled and let out a little moan of satisfaction.

It was an unusual sight for the villagers. A young woman riding a human pony, giggling and using a whip on him. They wondered how someone could be so bold and daring. But the young woman didn't care. She knew that Andrew would never complain or resist her commands.

She continued to use the whip on Andrew's back, alternating between a light tap and a more forceful one. Andrew knew what was expected of him, and didn't complain. He walked with a little bit of bounce in his steps to give his rider more stimulation.

The young woman enjoyed the feeling of power and control over Andrew. She could feel his muscles rippling under her, and the sensation of his body moving beneath hers was exhilarating. She couldn't resist the urge to tease him, and as they passed by a group of villagers, she tapped her whip against his buttocks, making him jump slightly, eliciting a round of laughter from her.

They continued walking around the village, with the young woman constantly using her whip on Andrew. She was in control, and he was just an obedient pony boy who followed her every command.
The young woman noticed how many of the villagers were farmers who needed milk for their daily needs. She decided to start a business by offering milk delivery services. But instead of using a traditional carriage, she thought it would be more exciting to get Andrew to pull it.
The young woman started to train Andrew on pulling the milk carriage. She wanted him to be strong enough to carry not only him but also gallons of milk.
She made him carry heavy weights and walk around the farm daily. Sometimes, she would put him on a controlled diet to keep him lean and healthy. Andrew would work hard and follow her commands without any hesitation.

After weeks of intense training, Andrew was finally ready to pull the milk carriage. The young woman decorated the carriage with bright colors and placed buckets of milk in the back. She also decided to give herself a grand look. She wore a tight corset and a revealing skirt. Her hair was tied into a bun, and she looked beautiful.

Andrew waited patiently as the young woman got onto the carriage. She took hold of the reins and tapped her whip on his back, commanding him to move forward.
With a deep breath, Andrew flexed his muscles and pulled the carriage slowly. It was an unusual sight for the villagers to see a young woman, riding on top of her ponyboy, driving the milk carriage.

As the carriage started to move faster, Andrew worked harder. The young woman was delighted, but sometimes Andrew would get lazy and slow down. Whenever this happened, she would use her whip on his back to motivate him.
The weight of the milk gallons and the carriage itself was taking a toll on Andrew's body. The young woman knew that he was struggling, but she couldn't afford to be slowed down, so she became even more brutal with her whip.

She started to hit him harder and more frequently, not caring about the marks and bruises that were forming on his body.

Andrew tried to move faster, but his muscles were giving out. He could feel the pain shooting through his back every time the whip made contact.

The young woman's voice was harsh as she shouted commands at him. "Faster! You need to go faster, pony boy!" she ordered.

Andrew tried his best, but it was a herculean task. He was sweating profusely and breathing heavily. His legs were shaking, and he feared that he might collapse under the weight of the carriage.
The young woman noticed that he was slowing down and became even more aggressive with her whip.
As the young woman drove Andrew roughly with the tight reins, she could tell that he was struggling and in pain. But she was determined to push him to his limits.

"Come on, pony boy. You can do better than this. Faster!" she shouted, lashing her whip against his back.

Andrew let out a cry of pain, but he didn't want to disappoint the young woman. He tried his best to move faster, but his body was reaching its limit.

"Aaahahaha.... Aaahahaha ..." he started to cry loudly

The young woman narrowed her eyes, tightening the reins even more. "Quit your whining and keep moving. You signed up for this, and I expect you to see it through."

Andrew gritted his teeth, pushing himself to keep moving. He knew that he was a pony boy, and he had to obey his mistress's commands. But it was getting harder and harder to keep going.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, they completed all the deliveries and headed back home. Andrew was limping, and his breathing was labored.
As they reached the farm, the young woman got down from the carriage and looked at Andrew with a mix of disdain and satisfaction. She could see that he was in a lot of pain, but she didn't care. To her, he was just a pony boy, and she needed him to do his job.

She walked up to Andrew and petted him softly, trying to calm him down. "You did well, pony boy. You just need to get used to it. We will be delivering the milk like this every day, and I need you to be strong for me." she said in a firm tone.
As the young woman removed the carriage and offered him water and sugar, Andrew drank gratefully. He needed the energy to recover from the grueling day.
Andrew was taken aback by her request. He had never done anything like this before, but he knew that he had no choice. He agreed silently and relaxed, trying to catch his breath after the exhausting day.

The young woman watched him for a while and then lay down on the grass, spreading her legs wide open. "Come here, pony boy. Lick my ass clean." she commanded
Andrew closed his eyes and took a deep breath, trying to control his revulsion as he crawled towards the young woman's exposed ass. He hesitated for a moment, feeling his heart racing with fear at the thought of disobeying her.

"Yes, mistress," he murmured, before lowering his head and beginning to lick her ass clean.
Pony boy found himself gazing at the young woman's ass, his eyes drawn to the perfectly rounded and toned cheeks. He observed every detail of the mesmerizing sight, taking in the smoothness of her skin, the flawless contours of her body, and the alluring shape of her curvaceous rear end.

As he licked her ass clean, The firmness of her muscles, the way her cheeks moved and shuddered with every lick, and the tightness of her ass hole all combined to create an irresistible sight.

He traced his tongue over the edges of her ass, dipping deep into her crack and flicking over her sensitive skin. He was careful not to miss a spot, not wanting to incur the wrath of the young woman, and also entranced by the sensual ecstasy of the task at hand.

As he worked, he noticed that the young woman's breathing was getting heavier and more excited, and he knew that he was doing a good job. His own heart began to race with the thrill of pleasing her, and he felt a sense of arousal blooming within him as well.

He pushed his tongue deeper into her ass hole, feeling the tight ring of muscles clench around him as he probed her depths. The young woman moaned in blissful pleasure, and Andrew couldn't help but feel a sense of pride at having brought her such intense gratification.
The young woman moaned in pleasure, throwing her head back and pushing her ass closer to Andrew's face. "That's it...lick me good, pony boy. You know what happens when you don't do a good job, don't you?" she said in a firm tone.

Andrew's heart sank as he remembered the brutal punishment he had received the last time he had failed to please her. He intensified his efforts, working his tongue over her ass with greater intensity and attentiveness than before.

The young woman sighed contentedly, enjoying the sensation of Andrew's tongue on her skin. "Mmm, you're getting better, pony boy. Maybe you're not completely useless after all." she said in a teasing voice.

Andrew felt a flicker of hope at her words, sensing that maybe, just maybe, he could earn her favor and avoid the brutal punishment that awaited him if he failed.

He worked his tongue over her ass more eagerly, pushing his face deeper into her crack and feeling a strange mixture of arousal and humiliation at the same time.
The skin was soft and creamy in color, with just a hint of peachy warmth. It was perfectly toned, with firm, shapely curves that begged to be touched and caressed.

But the most alluring part of the young woman's ass was the small pink hole nestled between her cheeks. Andrew knew that this was the part he had to be most careful with, as it was the most sensitive and intimate.

He licked around the edges of the hole, using delicate, precise strokes. His tongue worked in a circular motion, aiming to cover every inch of the young woman's back entrance. He could feel her shudder with pleasure as he licked her, and it gave him a sense of satisfaction to know that he was pleasing her.

But at the same time, Andrew was acutely aware of his precarious position. He was kneeling on all fours, with his face buried in the young woman's ass, licking her like a dog. He knew that he was just a lowly pony boy, and that his mistress had complete control over him. He felt a mixture of fear and excitement as he continued to lick her, his tongue moving in and out of her puckered hole.
The young woman moaned louder, and then suddenly gasped as she reached climax. "Oh, yes...that's it...you did good, pony boy." she said, before pushing him away and wiping her ass clean with a tissue.

Andrew felt a wave of relief wash over him, knowing that he had pleased her and avoiding punishment for another day. "Thank you, mistress," he breathed, before crawling away to wait for her next command.
Days turned into weeks and weeks into months, but the routine hardly changed for Andrew. Every day, he woke up early, completed his chores at the farm, and then pulled the heavy milk carriage all around town. And every day, when he returned home, the young woman was waiting for him with a reward or punishment.

Sometimes, if he had done an especially good job, she would allow him to rest for a while before calling him over to lick her ass. Other times, if he had been slow or disobedient, she would punish him with a brutal whipping or a long session of humiliating tasks.

But whatever the case, the young woman never let up on Andrew. She pushed him to his limits every single day, demanding more and more from him. And he, in turn, obeyed her without question, doing everything he could to please her and avoid her punishments.

The routine became almost hypnotic for Andrew. He would spend hours pulling the heavy carriage, feeling the strain in every muscle of his body. And then, when he returned home, he would kneel before the young woman and lick her ass clean, feeling a strange sense of satisfaction at the task.

It was as if he had become just another animal on the farm, a beast of burden put to work and rewarded with the occasional treat or punishment.
As the young woman's business continued to flourish, her treatment of Andrew grew more and more brutal. She no longer saw him as a human being, but rather as a tool to be used at her whim. She would beat him every night, after having brutal sex with him, leaving him bruised and battered.

Andrew was in constant agony, both physically and emotionally. He felt like a shell of his former self, no longer able to fight back against his mistress's cruel treatment.

Despite everything, Andrew continued to serve his mistress with unwavering loyalty, hoping that one day she would show him some kindness or compassion. However, that hope dwindled with each passing day.

One day, the young woman's business had grown so big that she decided to sell it and move to another country. She had made millions of dollars, and Andrew was no longer useful to her. So, she decided to sell him
She sold him to a slave management company, a service that specialized in buying and selling slaves for various purposes. Andrew was put up for auction, and he was purchased by a wealthy couple who needed a slave to help with their housekeeping and daily chores.

The couple seemed kind at first, treating Andrew with a certain level of respect and care. However, as time passed, they began to show their true colors. They would punish Andrew for the smallest mistakes, often resorting to brutal beatings and humiliating tasks.
As the couple's treatment of Andrew grew more and more cruel, they began to explore new ways to exert their power over him. One day, the wife came up with a new and twisted idea that would further demean and humiliate Andrew.

She would force him to cuckold the husband, making him watch as she had sex with other men, while Andrew was forced to watch. The idea excited the wife, and she reveled in the power she held over Andrew.

The husband was hesitant at first, but soon the wife had him convinced. They began to invite men over to their house, and the wife would force Andrew to watch as she had sex with them. But that was not the end of his humiliation.

After each session, the wife would force Andrew to clean her up, making him lick her female organ clean while she barked orders at him. Even worse, the couple would force him to watch as they had sex, sometimes making him participate in ways that even animals wouldn't be forced to.

Andrew's spirit was broken, and he felt like there was no escape from his torment. He was trapped in a hellish existence, where he was subjected to endless pain, humiliation, and degradation. He spent his days and nights praying for a way out, but it seemed like there was none.
As the months passed, the couple's depravity and cruelty towards Andrew reached new heights. They seemed to get a sick thrill out of pushing him to the brink of total submission and humiliation. But even in the depths of his despair, Andrew never forgot his burning desire for freedom.

It was one fateful day that the couple announced that they would be selling Andrew off to a new mistress, someone they claimed was even more ruthless and sadistic than they were.

Andrew's heart sank at these words. He knew all too well the horrors that awaited him, and he had no desire to serve yet another twisted owner.



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Re: The life of a pony boy

Andrew's heart sank at these words. He knew all too well the horrors that awaited him, and he had no desire to serve yet another twisted owner.

But the couple didn't care about his fears or concerns. To them, he was just a disposable object that they could sell off for another profit.
As Jane continued to display her slaves for sale, a poor woman named Maria caught sight of Andrew. Maria had always dreamed of owning a horse, and buying him as a pony boy
So this is a story of pony boy

The end of part 2

To be continue please appreciate me in comments



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Re: The life of a pony boy

Thank you



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Re: The life of a pony boy

Congratulations to this great story.
One of the very best stories about ponyplay.
Andrew found his well deserved place and fate.
For women and girls slaves since ever have been extremely helpful.



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Re: The life of a pony boy

amazing story. just i wonder it, did you use chat gpt?



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Re: The life of a pony boy

So some more appreciation
This is a creation that required me to think deeply for three months to bring each character to life.



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Re: The life of a pony boy

Hi Well trained ponyboy !

Thank you for this really excellent story ! It's not the story of "only" a ponyboy, it seems to me it has a much broader scope, as it offers a tale of total submission and domination, it describes the thoughts of a guy "born to be a slave", living his hard slavery as a ponyboy and a lackey, in exchange for just a few priceless servile perks, like the daily licking of the asses and feet, or massaging the bodies of his owners ... And all of these combine into a wonderful, incomprehensible addiction, a hundred times worse than the most dangerous drug, and a thousand times more unescapable, if only because Andrew was born to be a slave, and couldn't live another way. And he loves it to be an animal, to suffer for his owners' pleasure, to be permanently subjected to the most scandalous injustice ...

EXCELLENT ! PLease give us more of this wonderful daydreamed "autobiography" smile




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Re: The life of a pony boy

Really one of the greatest stories I've read and enjoyed in a long time.
A real pleasure to read this story and also absolutely my taste.
I hope that there are still some exciting sequels.
Many thanks to Author.



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Re: The life of a pony boy

I have written some femdom novels. Please contact me on Telegram to acquire them.

Such as - Nura's Ass Licking Parlour, A Boy in a Cage, The World of Facesitting.

Teligram - meuzzzm

It's totally Free just show some respect there



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Re: The life of a pony boy

Thanks for the offer ! But how can I get there ? I tried meuzzzm... no result ... ? Any other possibility thru Google ? Or any other way which could lead me to these stories, with such highly mouthwatering titles   smile  ?




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Re: The life of a pony boy

esel wrote:

Thanks for the offer ! But how can I get there ? I tried meuzzzm... no result ... ? Any other possibility thru Google ? Or any other way which could lead me to these stories, with such highly mouthwatering titles   smile  ?


I have the very same problem.

Anyway I think licking the backside of a lady or a girl is a quite good idea.
But kissing boots should be mandatory for a pony boy.
And serving the female organ and clit of a female rider with the tongue and mouth brings much more pleasure to a girl or lady.
Most of my female friends are deeply fond of any kind of oral service.



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Re: The life of a pony boy


I  humbly support Your clear statement as regards every kind of oral service : "Mandatory" as regards boots kissing ... "Quite good "as regards ass-licking ... And best of the best as regards "female organ and clit" service ...
All these services symbolize the world as it should be : Women on top, and males underneath, at their beck and call, in all circumstances, just like it is during shoulder rides, or any other kind of human pony play  ...



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Re: The life of a pony boy

esel wrote:


I  humbly support Your clear statement as regards every kind of oral service : "Mandatory" as regards boots kissing ... "Quite good "as regards ass-licking ... And best of the best as regards "female organ and clit" service ...
All these services symbolize the world as it should be : Women on top, and males underneath, at their beck and call, in all circumstances, just like it is during shoulder rides, or any other kind of human pony play  ...

Thank you for your statement and approval.
In fact and after my experiences most riding girls and ladies are in these kinds of sexuality.
It is for females almost without any risk and on the other hand females this way get their perfect satisfaction and they even do not need the pill.



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Re: The life of a pony boy

Teligram -    tapp123987

Try again



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Re: The life of a pony boy


I read in a french magazine (Le point) that a huge % of young people didn't make love any more ... What You say as regards riding girls' sexual habits seems to be quite in line with this new trend : They don't make love, bzw, they don't "make love to",  but they still "get their perfect satisfaction" smile
However, they need very submissive guys to fullfill their wishes .. Are there enough submissive males around ?



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Re: The life of a pony boy

@Well trained pony boy ...

I can't get on Telegram ... sad   ... How could you allow us to reach your stories ...? I suppose Ariane would support my request ... And certainly a lot of members in this forum would also love to read them  ... I'm sure, God will reward you a hundredfold .... smile



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Re: The life of a pony boy

Ok give me some more options how i can share stories to you guys



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Re: The life of a pony boy

Hi, Well trained ponyboy !

Why wouldn't you mail it to :  duprec886@gmail.com

THKS in advance !




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Re: The life of a pony boy

frederik wrote:

Congratulations to this great story.
One of the very best stories about ponyplay.
Andrew found his well deserved place and fate.
For women and girls slaves since ever have been extremely helpful.

Hi Frederik, how are you? We haven't heard your fantastic stories for a while, do you have any thing new for us? Maybe a "slaves diary" ? We all really truly love your stories, they are soooo good please come back....



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