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#1 2023-06-07 15:47:50

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My MoW Story

Hi. I like mow. One of my first experiences was at the age of 22 with my friend, about the same age, a tall and attractive girl. It was summer, we were walking and arguing about something, she lost the argument and I jokingly said that now she owes me a ride on her shoulders. To my surprise, she looked at me and said - ok. I think it was because she liked me and wanted to date me (she hinted at it a couple of times). When we got home, I reminded her of her promise. She was in a T-shirt and jeans, I was in shorts. She sat on the sofa, I sat on her shoulders, but she couldn't get up (I weighed about 77kg, she was 57-58). Then I decided to try another way. It was in the living room, I put two chairs opposite each other at a short distance, put her between the chairs, and I stood on the armrests so that she was under me and sat on top. It was the moment of truth-I was sitting astride her neck and was ready to jump off if she couldn't stand it, but she coped. Then I told her to move and she slowly carried me around the room. The ride lasted about two minutes, then she came to the sofa, bent down and I got off. We watched a little movie and she went home. I wanted to ride naked (all I had to do was take off my shorts), but I didn't dare to offer, although I think she wouldn't mind)



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Re: My MoW Story

Great story! I can share mine as well - mow. Year ago I was at my cousin's for Christmass. She's my age, lighter but definitely strong. We came a week before to help them prepare everything. One day I was sitting with her in her room, she has been cleaning her room. One moment she was cleaning something on the floor and she crouched down, I couldn't help myself and waste this oportunity so I sat on her shoulders playfully. I knew she wouldn't be mad because we often did silly things. She then, to my suprise, stood up with me sitting there, took a while to regain balance and tried to scare me with throwing me off. I was there for something like 2/3 mins but it was cool experience.



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