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The boarding School

The Boarding School
by Caballito and Max

The school year was slowly coming to an end. Ms. Muller (actually her name was Dr. Beate Muller-Schmalbach, ) an athletic young lady in her mid-30s, was deputy director, so she had made an impressive career at a young age. She taught English, geography and was also a physical education teacher. Although she had access to all other young men in her position, she had been riding Tobias exclusively for several months, and with great pleasure. Since the beginning of spring she had often challenged him quite a bit. She liked to ride him with a sporting ambition, just as it corresponded to her nature. She was just very curious about the energy in her strong, young riding horse.

In the meantime she knew him very well and had a secure feeling that she could always get new top performances out of him when riding. She was aware that she often pushed him to his performance limit when riding, and then even went a little beyond that. So she continued to increase his performance, but only to the extent that he was able to reasonably stand on his feet with his attractive rider in the saddle. She hardly ever climbed into the shoulder saddle without a riding crop, often ( and gladly! ) she rode Tobias with spurs, which could always get a bit more performance out of him under hard use.

Ms. Muller knew and respected the limits of her current two-legged favorite horse, because if Tobias had collapsed under her, she would have been disappointed with her quality as an enthusiastic rider. He had really held up very well during all these strenuous exercises, simply gave everything, even when his mistress kept challenging him while riding and was sometimes quite rough with him.

Tobias had long been completely devoted to her, she knew that for sure. He worshiped her like a goddess incarnate! That he didn't worship her on his knees was really everything! It was therefore always easy for her to reward her zealous servant, to make him happy. When she sat on his shoulders, she almost always wore riding boots, which stood in the stirrups at the side. She's always liked going to school a little early. Tobias was then allowed to take off these boots while she sat at the desk and made some notes for the upcoming lessons. She had a slight tendency to sweaty feet, Mrs. Muller knew this of course and she felt a little uncomfortable at times. With her boot jack, however, she needed to find out about it don't worry, because this fresh sweat had a delicious scent for him, Tobias couldn't even imagine anything nicer. That's why he always slowly slipped off her riding boots, bent his face over the slightly damp stockings and slowly and happily inhaled this wonderful aroma through his nose. These were just wonderful moments for him every morning, which he enjoyed very much. Mrs. Müller gave him this time of devotion as well, and didn't pay any more attention to him!

When he had taken off both boots and stockings, he kissed each foot with his eyes closed, touched her instep and toes with his lips. Then he carefully varnished her toenails and slipped her heels over her feet, which she later wore to enter the classroom. He kept looking longingly at her crotch, because sometimes, when he was a particularly well-behaved riding horse and had carried his goddess back to her apartment in the late afternoon, she gave him her panties, which she had worn during the day, or at least let him on them intensively once smell. Then he was released and found himself again the next morning already saddled and bridled, kneeling and handing the whip to his rider, leaning forward a little so that she could mount comfortably.

Mrs. Muller had decided to keep Tobias as a riding slave at least for the beginning of the coming school year. He was a really very resilient fellow, also knew her body very well, knew how and where he could give her pleasure when she asked for it. But Tobias also knew that his goddess always had the whip within reach when his enthusiasm should flag. He made her very happy with his devotion, and it would be a pity if she left him at the free disposal of the teaching staff after these months. As a manager, she always had first access to all newcomers, but this handsome Tobias somehow did it to her. His devotion was quite remarkable! Of course she didn't know what new interesting young men would come up in a few weeks, but initially she wanted to keep him and use him accordingly!

This is my first contribution then, dear Caballito! I think everything is open and you can now determine the course!
I am curious to see what happens now!



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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (2)
by Caballito and Max

Mistress Beate Muller-Schmalbach is highly intelligent and she knows men look up to her, many times domineering men have crawled up to her and kissed her feet at a single sign from her.

This year Tobias is her horse, but he is not her only one, she also rides other teachers and students but Tobias is her favorite; every year she changes her horse like someone who changes her breeches.
Horses there are many; but horses like Tobias there are few, if not just one.

To get to be a legal age and his mistress's public horse, being ridden in the streets from her house to school, from school to her house, and from places to places where she wished; Tobias processed and achieved his emancipation, with the consent of his parents and the signature of the judge.

The journeys are not short, and the stamina of her horses has a limit. For this reason she has several horses per trip, Tobias' dad being one of them, the jealous Tobias being the main horse.
When she rides another horse, she controls Tobias's jealousy with a single command: "lick the soles of my boots!", and he obeys her.

Every beginning of the month, after spending a few days at home. From her house to school and from school to her house the trip lasts half an hour, for this reason she goes with 2 bridled and saddled horses, she rides one of her horses while the other follows her to be later ridden by her.
She starts riding Tobias and ends up riding Tobias, so she has arrived and come into the school or her house riding on Tobias's shoulders.

Every morning at school, she rides him to her office, so she dismounts, she unsaddles and she unbridles him, and in human mode Tobías kisses her feet while she does her last work before the day. Finally, with a kick she sends him to his classroom.

During her day she ignores him and, at the end, he timidly knocks on her door waiting for permission to enter. She replies "Come in!" or later!".
When the command is "Later!", it means she is busy and Tobias's jealousy arises because he thinks someone is being dominated by her Mistress, and he is right, because in there a father or a student is being tamed by she.

Many times he saw a man walk out on two feet, bridled, saddled, dominated and ridden by his Mistress.
- What are you waiting for slave! Come in, put on your saddle and bridle and follow me! He always obeys her, he enters her office, he bridles himself and saddles himself and when he leaves her office he gives her the reins, she spurs the thighs of her occasional horse and they go to the door of the boarding school. Tobias can't go out because he's in boarding school.
The occasional horse is the school principal, a dad, or a legal age student.

The deputy principal also teaches class when a teacher is absent.
Male students beg the physical education teacher to be absent, so she orders them to do strenuous physical exercises, after which they fall happily exhausted.

For a legal age student or dad to be a lady teacher's horse, the student must have high grades and be in the top fifth, Tobias is the valedictorian, if he isn't he and his dad would not be Mistress Beate Muller's horse -Schmalbach.
The prize for the best student and his dad is to be Mistress Beate Muller-Schmalbach's horse. If a girl is the best student, the prize horse is her dad.

At teachers meetings Mistress Beate Muller-Schmalbach rides on top of the school principal's shoulders while some lady teachers ride on male teachers' shoulders (a small percentage of lady teachers are riders, they ride daddy, they ride male teacher and they ride age legal male student, the rest of the lady teachers are not riders; instead, horses are all male teachers, they are mom's horses, they are lady teacher's horses and they are lady student's horses).

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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (3)
by Caballito and Max

The last grade students have an end-of-year trip, they walk through tourist places being accompanied by the vice principal (Mistress Beate Muller-Schmalbach), some teachers and some parents.

Mrs. Beate Muller-Schmalbach doesn't walk, she rides on the shoulders of a male teacher, a dad, and a male student. Lady teacher, mom and lady student also ride on masculine shoulders.

It is the golden opportunity for a male student to get closer to his best friend's mom.
- Madam, for years I have been admiring you, you are very beautiful.
- Thanks boy.
- The journey is very long and you can get tired.
- Like everyone, boy, like everyone.
- You are impeccably dressed, in this blouse, tight jodhpurs and riding boots.
- Only the horse would be missing.
He kneels before her.
- I am your horse.
- Young guy?
He kisses her boots.
- I am of legal age to be your horse, please use me, I have bridles and a saddle in my backpack.
- But, the math teacher also offered himself to be my horse.
- You can ride the horses you want, I'm just one of them.
- Now I see the math teacher being ridden by a nice lady student, put my spurs on my boots, then I'll bridle you, I'll saddle you and I'll ride you.
Said and done, the mother rode her son's best friend.

The mom and the lady student who rides the male math teacher now ride together.
- My classmate is a good horse, just like my horse.
- I know, it's the first time I ride it.
- I've been riding him for a long time, just like the math teacher.
-Every month my son comes home from boarding school and his best friend, my horse, visits us frequently.
-He told us a lot about you, how beautiful you are, and he was not wrong. Your son was jealous but they settled differences, your son accepts his best friend is one of your horses.
- One of my herd horses.
- That's how it is.
- You also have your herd.
- I don't have as many horses as you, but yes, I also have my herd of horses.

- We have horse students and horse teachers.
- We also have horse dads, lady language teacher is riding a dad. That's how they are, they start carrying their children and end up being ridden by lady teachers, mothers who are not their wives, and lady students who are not their daughters.
- All our horses are saddled and bridled.
- We use spurs and riding crop. Look how torn my horse's pants and thighs are, and look at your horse's.
- I did it without thinking, automatically.
- It is natural, our horses accept our punishment.
-My son, is he also a horse?
- Of course! All men are our horses.
The horse you are riding now, without a bridle and without a saddle, he carries your son on his shoulders.
- Hahahahahaha... Why?
-Because you are your son's mother, your son is the Goddess's son.
- Goddess?
- Yes, you are your horse's Goddess, for him you are on an altar to adore you.

- Stop, let your horses rest, Mistress Beate Muller-Schmalbach exclaimed.

They dismounted and tied their horses to the trees. Then they walked a bit.
- The deputy director.
- Yes, what about her?
- She knows how to ride.
-The boys at the boarding school dream of being ridden by her, but she is strict and only the best students and her parents can be ridden by her. She always has a favorite horse and this year it was Tobias. Next year she will have another favorite horse.
- Where is Tobias?
- Tobias is not here because he is my junior.
- Will she change her favorite horse next year?
-We don't know, she might choose a new one or continue to be Tobias in his last year.
- Is Tobias a good student?
-He is one of the best, if he wasn't he wouldn't be Mistress Beate Muller-Schmalbach's horse.



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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (4)
by Caballito and Max

Planning the annual trip was something that always gave Mrs. Müller-Schmalenbach a special treat. It is meant to be a reward and a conclusion to a successful school year. Not only the good students should have fun, the parents and the teaching staff have also earned such a day through their commitment. It was important to put together a particularly well-balanced group, everyone should look back on this day later with fondness.

As always, it should be a day trip. The ladies could dress up nicely, hiking shoes were not necessary, because every lady, young or old, had enough male horses at her disposal. As a minimum, 3 porters per female rider were provided, so that less sporty men also got their money's worth.

Tobias would probably have gone mad with jealousy at this event if he had seen his goddess laughing and laughing on other male horses all day. She didn't want to do this to him, had given him stockings and panties as a substitute, which she had been wearing... he could "play" with them and get drunk on that delicious scent all day long.

The group should be fairly balanced, that was very important! The men were all saddled and bridled, had snaffles and bridles, with stirrups hanging down the sides that could easily be adjusted in length. Of course, the female riders all had riding crops, and if they wanted, they could also use spurs. Since most of the women wore very elegant shoes that didn't really fit the spurs, they were attached to the stirrups. So the men could easily be driven by their riders.

- Their male colleagues were all porters and could be ridden by their female colleagues, but also by female students or mothers

- The female students could ride on a father (not their own! ), but also on a male teacher. Some young ladies had already happily decided to ride the two math teachers and the chemistry teacher really "hard", letting him gallop under their butt!

- The mothers could also ride on a father (not on their own husbands!), but also on a male teachers. Some also chose one of the "pretty" students and took him into their little "flock".

In the run-up to the excursion, Mrs Muller-Schmalenbach had once again taken the pupils aside who were allowed to participate because of their good performance. She had already noticed last year that some of the women riders were a little too careful, almost reckless, with the whip. She had taught the young ladies how to ride two-legged horses in physical education ... and she said so very, very clearly!

If they sat on young, strong fellow pupils, it was still possible to a certain extent, and the crack of the whip could be heard again and again, much to their delight. But when a young rider sat on the shoulders of one of the fathers, who was perhaps more than twice her age, it didn't work at all. If the stallion became tired and lazy after a while and annoyed other female riders with his slow trot, then she expected that these riding horses would also be brought back to a good pace with whip and spurs, because that is what they have these "aids" for after all. These men also had a right to be ridden well and strictly ... besides, they would particularly like it if a young female rider also dealt with them energetically and did not tolerate every weakness!

There was only one exception in the group: it was the gay music teacher! He was a small man, not even 160 cm tall, always in a good mood, who was respected by everyone as a "freak". He always brought his own riding slave, a real muscular man with Asian features, probably about 2 meters tall. He had no trouble carrying his rather slender rider for several hours. Although he was very obedient, his master had kept him on tight reins, even his hands were tied behind his back, leaving his flanks exposed. You already knew this couple from other excursions, you also knew that the "sympathetic music teacher" could be very energetic in the saddle, with the riding crop, but also with the spurs was merciless! But the two had been together for a long time, it seems that they both liked it!

It was for all special honor to be part of this group! Of course it was every man's dream to be ridden by Mrs. Müller-Schmalenbach! She knew this, so she changed her horses frequently, to the delight of many. Nevertheless, it was of course not possible for her to ride on all the students, fathers and colleagues. But if you wanted, you could – after a short bow and a request – touch her boots with your hands, but also with your lips. During the day "the divine" sometimes changed to very elegant, open shoes or sometimes even stood barefoot in the stirrups. Of course, that was something very special for all gentlemen, whether young or old! Then the desire for a kiss was particularly great.

So why was Mrs. Müller-Schmalenbach so popular? Why did every man dream of being ridden by her, at least smelling the leather of her boots or kissing her feet?

Of course she looked fantastic, had a charismatic appearance and was an excellent rider! In the saddle she never showed any particular consideration for her horses, it was not in her nature and she would not have enjoyed sportive riding, but she always had the whip at hand. With the spurs, she would rather give more than too little, but often responded to the preferences of her riding horses.

Tobias, for example, was enthusiastic about her muscular thighs and liked to feel the movement of her muscles. After she was sitting in the shoulder saddle, he was allowed to put his strong hand there and feel the warmth. Another horse loved the shiny leather of her riding boots, he too was allowed to touch them. Ms. Muller-Schmalenbach knew that she had particularly beautiful feet, in elegant shoes they looked wonderful for many men, even when she was standing in the stirrups with them. Some men she even rode barefoot, without shoes. So they could always take a quick look at their feet and enjoy them.

She was happy to meet the longings, the dreams of her riding slaves a little bit. As an experienced rider, she knew very well: this also increases the performance of the man!

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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (5)
by Caballito and Max

The boarding school is hierarchical, orderly and well organized, the 11 grades are grouped into levels of 3 grades and the higher grades of 2 grades.
1st grade, 1st level
2nd grade, 1st level
3rd grade, 1st level
4th grade, 2nd level
5th grade, 2nd level
6th grade, 2nd level
7th grade, 3rd level
8th grade, 3rd level
9th grade, 3rd level
10th grade, 4th level
11th grade, 4th level

The nearly 15 hectares have large rooms for classrooms, dining rooms, recreation centers, sports fields.

Each level is relatively separated from the others, so it is difficult for students of lower levels to know what happens to students of the last level; It is not secrecy, it is reserve.

At the front of the boarding school there is a social area where parents can share opinions with teachers, other parents and students.
There are also sections where there are reserved meetings in which:
- kneeling male teachers, dads and male students apologize to moms and lady students, kiss the lady's feet and footwear, she steps on their heads;
-Kneeling male students and dads apologize to lady teachers and kiss her feet and footgear, she steps on their heads.

- There is a main auditorium where general parent meetings are held, chaired by the director and with the participation of teachers.
- There are also small auditoriums where classroom meetings of parents are held, chaired by a teacher.
- There are also medium sized auditoriums where parent level meetings are held, chaired by the level deputy director and teacher participation.

Lady Beate Muller-Schmalbach is vice principal of the fourth level, which corresponds to grades 10 and 11, daddies look forward to attending the next monthly meeting with Lady Beate Muller-Schmalbach to admire and submit to her.
There are always desperate parents who do not wait for the monthly meeting with Lady Beate Muller-Schmalbach and try to have a meeting with her, it is an almost impossible mission because they must first have meetings with her jealous subordinate teachers to convince them to give him the appointment with her.

First to third level students go home weekly on weekends, but fourth level students go home once a month, allowing parental visits to students and teachers when students are not at home.

Moms (they are from 30 to 50 years old) wear a blouse or top, jodhpurs, boots, the clothing of dads does not matter.

When the mother is beautiful of her she bridles, she saddles and she goes inside the boarding school riding on her husband's shoulders.
When the mother is not beautiful, she goes inside the boarding school walking along with her husband.
- Hi friend.
- Hello.
- You are not riding your husband, why?
- All men are horses.
- They are for you but not for me. Look at my husband kissing your boots.
- I am accustomed kneeling men devoutly kiss my boots.
She commanded him up, she bridled him, she saddled him and she rode him.
- Ride my husband while I ride yours.
She follows beautiful mom's instructions.

Along the way they meet beautiful mom's beautiful daughter riding a male math teacher, beautiful mom's son being ridden by beautiful lady literature teacher and non-beautiful mom's son walking with them.
- Hi mom.
- Hello daughter, I see you are riding your bridled and saddled math teacher.
-Yes, I ride him and my lady literature teacher rides my brother, and his friend walks with us, son of the lady who rides my dad.
The son of the not beautiful mother kneeling kisses the boots of the beautiful mother. She commands him to get up, hers obeys her, she saddles him, she bridles him and she rides him.
-Your foal is docile and he obeys you.
-He confessed to me: since he remembers he dreamed about being my horse ridden by me.
-He saw you riding my dad and his.
- To have merits, he began by being your horse ridden by you and being ridden by your brother.
The 4 ladies talk about the Literature course.

Once the conversation is over, the beautiful lady Literature teacher rides another father and leaves.

The beautiful mom's daughter rode her brother and the math teacher was carried by the not beautiful mom's wife.
The 3 ladies and the teacher talked about the math course.

So it was with the rest of the courses.



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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (6)
by Caballito and Max

The annual trip, wonderful event, parents, male teachers and male students physically and spiritually prepare themselves to be ridden by beautiful ladies.

Mrs. Müller-Schmalenbach is in charge of preparing the horses. On the weekends in which fourth-year students remain boarders, formal visits by parents are on Saturday mornings, during which they can talk with teachers about their children's performance. in studies.

But on Saturday afternoons another type of meeting of parents, teachers and students of legal age begins to take place, which ends on Sunday afternoon.
In the main courtyard, parents of all cycles are waiting together with students of legal age.

The majestic moms are wearing riding gear, the most beautiful ones have their boots kissed and they ride on the shoulders of their husbands and also they ride on dads who are not their husbands and also they ride on top of legal age students.

Two beautiful moms riding on manly shoulders talk to each other.
- My daughter is in first cycle.
- My son is in his last year.
-My husband and I enrolled my daughter here because we knew that she would be treated like a princess, we presented the documentation and on the day of the interview they made us go to the waiting room. The school director arrived, he presented himself saddled, on all fours he dragged himself before me, he kissed my boots and gave me his bridles and riding crop, my husband and I gave each other a complicit look. He begged me to ride him on top of his horizontal back, I agreed. I sat on top of the saddle and stepped into the stirrups.
"Ma'am, we have reviewed your file and the boarding school has decided to accept your daughter. You and your daughter have at your disposal teachers, students, parents and, of course, me"
"At my disposal?"
"Yes because you are a Goddess"
"In 2 years I enroll my son"
"He will be welcome here and he will have teachers and I at his disposal because he is the son of a Goddess"
"He will he be a demigod or a hero?"
"Open your mouth, slave!"
He obeyed me, I put a bit in his mouth, I bridled him and I drove him using reins.

- The school principal said the same thing when my son entered the boarding school.
- Did he comply?
-Yes, but he didn't tell me that over the years he would voluntarily be at the disposal of lady teachers, lady students and mothers.
- This is life. Where is your son?
-He is under your buttocks and thighs, you are riding him.
-He is a good horse.

- Shall I tell you a joke?
- Go ahead!
- Here goes this...
Young Lady: “I.,m very worried. My husband thinks he is a horse.”
Psychiatrist: “I,m sure I can cure him fully, but this will cost you a lot of money.”
Young Lady: “Money is no consideration. He has already made twenty lakhs (2 million) in races.”
Psychiatrist: “In that case, young lady, I would suggest you to let him remain a horse.”
- In my case, my husband is my horse.
- Mine is too.
- Where is your husband?
-He is being ridden by Mrs. Müller-Schmalenbach.
- Who is she?
-She is the deputy director of the last cycle, physical education teacher and she is our instructor on weekends.
- For the annual trip?
- Yes, men are our horses and she doesn't like any rider to fall, so from this weekend she will train the human horses and we can accompany her as riders.
- I see lady students riding male teachers, male students and dads.
- It's true, horses are also of legal age.

Mrs. Müller-Schmalenbach approached them riding on top of one of the parents.
- Good afternoon, I see a new mom talking to one of my moms.
- Good afternoon.
- I see you integrated soon, you are an expert rider.
- Thank you.
- We will have an annual trip and for this reason every weekend we train the human horses to provide us with comfortable and pleasant riding on the shoulders of men. I invite you to be part of the riders.
- Thank you very much, I will participate.



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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (7)
by Caballito and Max

Two ladies ride side by side!

“Now comes the most beautiful stretch of the whole tour! I remember that from last year! A real nature experience!”

"Yes, really very nice! It's just a bit exhausting, constantly up and down it goes. But that doesn't bother us, you hardly notice it. Our little horses will do the walking for us, hahaha!”

The student Anna and the music teacher Mrs. Morten rode side by side, obviously in the best of moods. Both had chosen 3 riding slaves for their small herd. Mrs. Morton had chosen the caretaker, the elderly father of her best student, and a strong student from her own class. She was now sitting on his shoulders too, the reins firmly in hand.

Anna sat in the saddle on the shoulders of her maths teacher, whom she had never liked very much, not only because she considered the subject superfluous. She had two more horses on the two reins, about 3 meters long, namely a prospective, still quite young teacher, who was doing his internship at this boarding school and was later to teach history. Then another classmate who had just joined her class 3 weeks ago and was still a bit shy.

Everything had gone well so far, the first two stallions had been ridden by both women for some time, so now it was off to the mountain trail. Therefore they had changed the horses shortly before, which most of the other riders had done as well. It was also reasonable that fresh forces were mobilized before this scenically most interesting but strenuous path. However, not all riders only wanted to ride the strongest stallion in their group, there were other considerations too!

Ms. Morten, for example, was annoyed with her student several times and often had to admonish him in class, but he always caused her problems. It was time to let him feel her power in a different way, and nothing was more effective than when his teacher is riding him, he has to carry her on a really challenging course. That would make him a good student, because she had no intention of being particularly considerate of him! With short but powerful kicks with the spurs and her short riding crop, she would teach him obedience, even if his strength was slowly fading.

Anne had also carefully chosen the maths teacher for this difficult part of the route, probably with a certain amount of anticipation. He had made remarks about her in class that she didn't like, and about some other young ladies who didn't like math. Also, she had the feeling that he wasn't quite aware of his position towards the young ladies, towards all ladies. Although she had already felt his hands and his lips on her feet a few times, she still clearly felt his inner resistance. Today Anne had the welcome opportunity to put some things in his thinking in order. The riding crop was hooked to the saddle and dangled menacingly in his field of vision. Immediately after mounting, after changing horses, she made it clear to him with a few light kicks in the flanks how she would ride him.

In the meantime the leadership of the group had changed and of all people the gay music teacher in the saddle of his slave bull set the pace. The slight man was not only an energetic rider, he also wanted to show everyone how well he controlled this power pack. He had deliberately only taken this one slave with him, he had been sitting loosely and relaxed on his shoulders the whole time. If you took a closer look at his riding slave, you could already see a certain exhaustion in his steps. His back was wet with sweat and his rider repeatedly pressed his spurs into his flanks, even if it wasn't necessary, because he didn't want to give in, even in this difficult terrain, and kept the pace high.

Mrs. Muller-Schmalenbach, who changed her horse quite often in order to make as many men as possible happy, moved - always joking and laughing - in the rear third of the group. Men, including fathers, students and even male colleagues, asked for a kiss ... whether it was her elegant, black riding boots, the very erotic pumps or her beautiful, bare feet. This divine woman almost always agreed! But now, in this very difficult, partly steep terrain, she was now also challenged as a rider! She was riding the biology teacher, who was very motivated, but actually not suitable as a riding horse for this path. Mrs. Muller-Schmalenbach did not want to change. First of all she gave him a strong blow with the whip, but still set a higher speed. Then the spurs came and her stallion ran faster, whether he wanted to or not! She saw no reason to be particularly careful with him, because whoever begged her to be ridden by her just once, like her colleague, was ridden, and rightly so!



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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (8)
by Caballito and Max

In this horseback ride, about student Anne Marie Ostenbach and the music teacher Mrs. Morten, who are joined by Chistina (a young mom riding her son's student best friend, she riding a dad who isn't her husband, and she riding the physics teacher), each lady rides 3 human horses from her herd or 3 slaves to ride (riding slaves), this does not mean the male/female ratio is 3/1 (3 males for each female), because in reality it is almost 1/1 (1 man per woman), because there are also ladies walking with men.

Why is this happening?
Because Goddesses ride, women walk.

- We're on a nice walk.
- Pleasant for us who are riding horses who are men turned into horses who are ridden by us.
- It is also nice for our horses who have the privilege of being ridden by us.
- They are our horses because they want to be ours.
- We also want to ride and we have chosen these horses from our herds.

The horses drool because they are biting the bits placed by their riders to tie bridles on their heads.
The riders grabbing the reins of their 3 slaves or horses, comfortably seated on top of saddles driving their horses with reins, spurs and whip.
- The Goddesses agree to ride 3 slaves or horses from our herds, the rest of the horses or men can be ridden by a non-Goddess woman or mortal woman.
- Even if another man needs it, for example we have cardiac patients.
  - Mrs. Muller-Schmalenbach is generous because she is riding all those who have no rider.
-She's nice, I like her.



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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (9)
By Max and caballito

Men who know the secret of the boarding school want to be part of it, either as a teacher or as a student's dad.

The competition to be a male teacher at the boarding school is hotly contested, many applicants and 1 chosen. The best applicant becomes the boarding school's male teacher.

As detailed before, each year is a grade, being 11 grades in 4 levels, the first 3 levels are 3 grades and the 4th. level is 2 grades.


Consequently, male teachers of all grades are ridden by students' moms, they are ridden by lady students, and they are ridden by lady teachers.

Dads make an effort for their children to enter the boarding school, if they succeed they will be ridden by lady teachers, lady students (their daughters or not) and mothers (their wives or not).

Male students are ridden by lady students, once they are legal age they get ridden in public by lady teachers, moms and legal age lady students.


Similarly, lady teachers ride daddies, they ride male teachers and they ride in public legal age male students.

Moms ride male teachers, dads (their husbands or not) and legal age male students (their sons or not).

Lady students ride male teachers, dads (hers or not) and male students.


The educational service in the boarding school is not cheap, if parents cannot fully pay for the service, they do it in another way:
- Beautiful mom riding school principal, dads, legal age male students in public, and male teachers (if mom isn't beautiful she doesn't ride), or
- Dad being ridden by lady teachers, moms and lady students.

Beautiful mom rides on visiting days, she wears high-heeled knee-high leather boots (white, black, brown, etc.), jodhpurs or jeans or tight leather pants, long or short, highlighting her thighs, buttocks and chains (various colors), blouse or top, long or short, highlighting her narrow waist and generous breasts (various colors), her beautiful neck and face, her well-groomed hair and cowgirl hat.

Kneeling before her and kissing her boots, her husband wears a brown jumpsuit (equine horse's most common color).
- A new riding session, all for our children.
- You have fun riding, instead I am ridden by women whose I do not wish to be ridden by them.
- Do you think I ride men who I like to ride? It is indifferent to me because, for me, a horse is a horse. Our children are doing well in their studies, for this reason I will ride and you will be ridden until our youngest child is promoted. They are knocking, open the door.

Her husband opens the door and immediately the school principal goes inside her crawling like a worm towards her beautiful mom's feet, he kisses her boots and she steps on his head.
He is lying face down before her, she stands on top of him and she walks all over him, her boots' heels digging into his skin, she laughs and dances.

A male student crawls at her feet, he kisses her boots.
- Raise your face boy.
He obeys her looking up. She looks down at him, she smiles, she lights a cigarette and she begins to smoke.
- I know you boy, you are a good student, you are a rich man's son.
- Yes Mistress.
- Did I give you permission to speak?
- No Mistress, sorry Mistress.
  She smoked deeply with pleasure.
- Open your mouth.
He obeys her, she throws cigarette's ashes into his mouth.
- What are you waiting for to swallow the ashes? Swallow now!
He obeys her by swallowing the ash and reopens his mouth to be used by her again.
She continued to smoke, pouring the ashes into his mouth, and he swallows the ashes. She puts out the cigarette on his tongue and puts the butt in his mouth, he swallows the butt.
-You are a good ashtray just like your dad, he is my slave and animal, even before his wife, your mom.

Meanwhile, her husband is humiliated by a student lady who wears high-heeled white leather knee-high boots, jean shorts highlighting her pretty legs, and crop top highlighting her narrow waist and youthful breasts.
- Good slave, you kiss my boots and you are my animal like your sons.

The ladies saddle their horses, they ride their horses.
- You are a very pretty girl.
- Thank you very much, I understand your husband and you because for years my parents do the same as you, they continue to do it, my dad is ridden by other women and my mother rides other men, now I am of legal age and I ride just like my mom, for this reason I will be gentle riding your husband.
- On the contrary! Punish him hard!
- Because?
- Because after a long time I see him happy being dominated and ridden by a woman who is not me.



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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (10)

By Max and Caballito

The Goddesses riding their horses comfortably seated on the saddle, both command their horses to open their mouths, men obey Goddesses.

Goddesses insert cold bit into their horses' mouths, their horses bite the bit and drool while Goddesses tie bridles on their heads. Then Goddesses insert the reins and drive their horses using them.

They ride through the streets heading to the boarding school.
- Do you ride with your mother?
- Of course! We are mother and daughter riding together.
- How many years has your mother been riding in the boarding school?
- Since I entered the boarding school, she has ridden male teachers, fathers and male students for 10 years, likewise my father is ridden by lady teachers, mothers and lady students. I always see you riding at boarding school because your eldest son is in my class and he is one of my herd horses.
- I'm glad my son is your horse.
- Thank you.

In this they find the mother's eldest son being ridden by a beautiful lady teacher.
- Hello.
- Your son looked for me expressly to be ridden by me.
- I know, you drive him crazy.
- Not only your son, all my students are my horses.
- I know.

- Do you ride in the hospital too?
- Yes, my husband is ridden by lady patients, lady patients' relatives, lady nurses, lady doctors and other ladies. I ride male patients, male patients' relatives, male doctors, male nurses, etc.
- Any interesting experience?

- Yes, one night a forty-year-old patient came bridled and saddled very badly being ridden by his dominant twenty-eight-year-old wife, I was riding the male nurse and I grabbed the reins from my saddled husband and we approached her.
. Good night.
. Are you the patient's daughter?
. I am his wife, she answered smiling.
. Your husband is sick, if you wish you can ride this horse (offering my husband) and I call another horse to be ridden by your husband.
. My husband is my horse and I will ride him until he is seen by a doctor.
. I understand, but your husband can't walk anymore, if you want my horse can carry your husband while you continue on top of the 2.
. A tower?
. Yes, a tower.
- I agree.
-Please, command your horse to open his legs.
She commanded and he obeyed.

I disinserted my husband's bit, he crawled on his knees towards her, he kissed her boots, she commanded him to stop, he obeyed her, "Open your mouth!", he obeyed her, she grabbed my husband's reins, " Carry my horse!", he obeyed her.
My husband entered the hospital carrying her husband while her husband was being ridden by her. They were the domineering Goddess grabbing the reins of 2 horses, her saddle (her husband) and the horse (my husband), she is on top of 2 men at the same time.
My husband stood in front of a stretcher and knelt down, "Go lower!" she commanded my husband, he obeyed her and got on his knees and elbows, the patient leaned on the stretcher, "very good, horse, as you promised I rode you to your stretcher", she dismounted and tied the reins of the 2 horses to the stretcher, then she walked stretching.

I watched her and understood her Power, small at 163 cm. (5'6"), medium straight hair, cinnamon brown skin, beautiful face, medium firm breasts, narrow waist, wide hips, nice buttocks and thick thighs.
He lay on his back looking at the sky on the stretcher, she went to the stretcher and saw my husband in the same place where she left him, "I know you're dying to kiss my boots, kiss them!", my husband obeyed her, while She both walked up to her husband, leaned in and smiled at him, then she kissed her husband's mouth while my husband continued to kiss her boots, then she stepped on my husband's head as she French kissed her husband. What a humiliating scene!
She stopped stepping on my husband's head, first he kissed the boot she stepped on him and then the other boot. "On all fours!" He obeyed her.
She stood on top of my husband's horizontal back, she got on the stretcher riding on her husband's belly, she was sucking a lollipop.

The doctor arrived.
. Ma'am, you can't...
. I can not what?
. Come back with your bridles and saddle! He obeyed her.
She sat on top of her husband, her feet to the side of the table, she found my husband where she left him, she stepped on his back. The eager doctor came crawling in, she crossed her legs and pointed to his boots, he kissed her boots, she bridled and rode him, on top of him she made him bite the bit and she bridled him, she grabbed his reins and she disinserted the morsel from him.
. Now you can tend to my husband while I ride you.

In this, her first cousin arrived, he kissed her boots asking for forgiveness.
. You are my horse since we were children, I can't be mad at you.
. You are spectacular! You ride to the doctor every time you're in the hospital.



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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (11)

By Max and Caballito

Her first cousin said:
Every time you go to an outpatient clinic, to be attended to or accompany a patient (your husband, your nephew), the doctor kneels before you and kisses your feet, then you ride on his shoulders while he attends to the patient, when he says goodbye he returns to kiss your feet and you step on his head.

The dark-skinned Goddess chatted with me and we exchanged phone numbers.
She told me friends of her husband call her: Lady Captain.
. Why do they call you that?
. Maybe it's because I have the gift of command.
. Your husband is docile, you tamed him well.
. Yes, he is kissing your boots with your first cousin.
. Go kiss your wife's boots! She commanded giving my husband a kick. He obeyed her.

The doctor finished treating Diosa skin brown's husband, ordered hospitalization.
. Are you done doctor?
. Yes, I'm done taking care of your husband.
She reinserted the morsel into the doctor's mouth. "You stop being a doctor for as long as I want, now you are my horse", the doctor whinnied with joy.
They took the husband to his hospital bed, the doctor leaned over the patient's bed, she dismounted the doctor and rode on top of her husband's belly, she lay on top of him, she kissed him and sat up, he opened his mouth and she he poured saliva into his mouth, "you don't have the strength to go to the bathroom, for now be content with my saliva, later you can drink my golden liquid."
She rode back to the doctor and put the sole of her boot over her husband's face, he kissed and licked the sole, then she left the hospital followed by her first cousin.
Minutes later she called me on the phone: "your doctor collapsed, I left him lying in such a place, send for him." I sent my husband and a technician to pick him up, they brought him on a stretcher.

The next day she called me, we agreed to meet at her house.
I arrived riding to my husband being accompanied by my eldest son, when we arrived from her her boots were being kissed.
. They are my first cousin and my uncle, my mother's brother, I have been riding them since I can remember.
I sat in an armchair in front of her, her cousin and her uncle kissed my boots while my husband and her son kissed her boots, then we went to the hospital riding our boot kissers.
In the hospital her kneeling husband kissed her boots and she stepped on his head.
. You're still weak, I'll keep riding my other horses.

They called an emergency, a pregnant wife is about to give birth at home, I rode on top of the male obstetrician and inserted the bit into him, my husband went for the wheels http://equus.la.coocan.jp/illst_whld01.htm (New Window) http: //equus.la.coocan.jp/illst_whld02.htm the wheels in front of him, he bent placing his back horizontal, the Petite Dark Skin Goddess saddled him, rode and bridled, then we went to the house of the parturient.
I disinserted the obstetrician's bite, he is attending her.

Petite Diosa's cousin arrived with other wheels http://equus.la.coocan.jp/illst_whld02.htm (New Window) she unhorsed my husband and she rode hers bridled and saddled her first cousin and I rode my husband's horizontal spine leaving the obstetrician free.
. As in the old days you are horizontal back like an equine horse while I ride you, before you were on all fours on your hands and knees, now you are legs stretched out and with wheels.
I will have been 5 and you 7, you on all fours and I riding my horse with a horizontal back, so I have also ridden your father up to now, and since then I have also ridden on your father's shoulders.
I remember riding on your horizontal back and my mother riding the horizontal back of your bridled and saddled father.
Now your wife dominates you, and you run away to be dominated by me.

The obstetrician finished the care and said "We must take her to the hospital, we will use a wheel cart http://equus.la.coocan.jp/illst_tarsan02.htm (New Window) and she will ride me because I know how to be a pregnant women's horse.
The dark-skinned Goddess's horse left the wheels being ridden on all fours by his Owner, I put a saddle on top of the horizontal back of the obstetrician who was next to the woman using the wheels, the husband (who with my husband stared at the Goddess brown skin) helped his wife ride to the obstetrician.
Then, a bridled and saddled technician arrived bringing another 2 wheels http://equus.la.coocan.jp/illst_tarsan03.htm (New Window) and I rode him.
I ordered the husband of the parturient to go to the free wheels and he obeyed me.
"He likes you" I said to the Brown Skin Goddess pointing at the dad, she understood the message, unmounted her cousin, saddled the new dad, she rode him and she bridled him.
"He also likes you" I said to her pointing to my husband, "he is my horse, I ride him and everyone who I want rides him", then to his cousin "my cousin, ride him", he obeyed her.
On the way to the hospital we educated the new dad, "You must be your wife's horse as now you are Goddess's horse".

When the obstetrician arrived, he continued to be ridden by a parturient "Did you like riding to the obstetrician?", "I loved it." She was hospitalized and the Goddess commanded her cousin to dismount my husband and get on all fours, he obeyed her, she dismounted the new dad and rode her cousin on all fours. The new dad left the wheels and the Goddess commanded her cousin to use her wheels keeping his back horizontal, he obeyed her. She withdrew riding to him.

I accompanied the new dad to the waiting room, he kissed my boots.
In this the Goddess arrived riding her husband's horizontal back "These wheels are practical and useful", "That's right, lady captain." laughs.




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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (12)

By Max and Caballito

Lady teacher, lady student, and mom continued to ride.
- Wheels for our human horse to move on its stretched legs and supported arms having his horizontal back like equine horses?
- Horizontal back like the human horse on all fours on his hands and knees.
- It is more humiliating for our animal, because it would move like a beast, on 4 legs.
- It's exciting.
- Yeah.
- Yes, but impractical in the current circumstances, because we are moving through rough terrain where wheels do not work.
- In addition, the wheels are used only in strictly necessary cases such as pregnant mothers, the injured, people in severe pain, the disabled, etc.
- The landscape is beautiful.
- That's how it is.


-I know the Lady Captain, she has dominated her husband and others who are her dogs. She calls them her 2-legged dogs.
- She dominates them because they want to be dominated by her.

- The lady captain visited her husband every day he was hospitalized during visiting hours, from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m., she rode her relative to her husband's hospital room where he kissed her boots and is ridden by her.
At 7:30 p.m., riding her relative she rides away from her to visit other patients, including the mother whose husband she rode.

The patient's husband kisses her boots, meanwhile the patient said to the Goddess her husband bought her riding attire and she will leave the hospital riding hers.
The Goddess taught the new Mistress how to saddle, ride, bridle and drive her horse.

Both patients left the hospital the same day, the female patient is riding her husband and the male patient is being ridden by his wife.


- What do you say about your actions as hostess of the boarding school?
- I arrive at the boarding school riding the male student and my husband is ridden by the lady student, our horses arrived tired and we dismounted them.
There are various actions, depending on who is the teacher and who is the student, I'll explain later but I'll tell you that on visitor's day I ride dads, male teachers and male students.
- The same as us, added the lady teacher and the lady student.
- I end up tired from so much riding, my husband ends up tired from being ridden so much.



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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (13)

By Max and Caballito

Mother's Day

In many countries Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, the boarding school joins in the festivities and holds a ceremony inviting students' mothers.

Upon arrival at the gate of the boarding school, students' mothers have at their disposal human horses who are:
- Dads who, in order to pay for their children's education, are ridden by mothers, lady teachers and lady students.
- Other parents who voluntarily participate.
- Male students.
- Male teachers.
- Male guests.
Lady students wearing riding attire are riding bridled and saddled human horses who are wearing furry costume and horse mask, these ladies invite moms and lady guests to ride human horses when they arrive.

Ladys ride on the shoulders of human horses to the ballroom where the agape is celebrated.



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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (14)

By Max and Caballito

We have read that only men are used as horses or riding slaves, that only women ride. There was one exception at the school, this was the gay music teacher, who had his own slave who was saddled and on whose shoulders the teacher sat on the annual excursion. Now how did this come about?

At the time he was studying, you either had to have rich parents or someone who - for whatever reason - would take over the running costs and also support the student during the training. In our case, this was a nice, older, music-loving married couple. They were happy when he performed well and spent a day with them at intervals of a few weeks and then played the piano for them after coffee.

On one of his visits it was that time again, he wanted to sit down at the piano keyboard, but the bench wasn't where it usually was. "The seat is at the carpenter's, it urgently needed to be repainted, but we have another seat for you!" At a signal, a muscular man, probably 2 meters tall, entered the music room somewhat shyly and got on all fours at a signal and thus took over the function of the bench. Bruno, that was the name of our prospective music teacher, hesitated a little longer, but then without hesitation took a seat on the offered back.

To his surprise, the human seat didn't move a millimeter under his weight, it was actually extremely comfortable to sit on him. So Bruno played Mozart, Chopin, Rachmaininow, everything that came to mind. He then switched to light music, playing boogie woogie, jazz and even singing along. He had almost forgotten the time, had played for a long time, the couple was absolutely delighted with his game ... his lively bench bravely stayed in its position, even when he moved to the beat like a savage in the intoxication of the music, although that must have been very exhausting for him was.

The couple was full of enthusiasm, then with a smile made Bruno the offer to give him the slave he had been sitting on the whole time as a reward after completing his studies: “He is very obedient, doesn’t need much and you can come with me do anything you want for him and he's yours! It will serve you very well and I am sure you will enjoy it very much!”

So that's how Bruno came to his slave, on whose shoulders he sat on the annual outing! Before Bruno received this gorgeous fellow as a gift from his patrons, he had ridden four-legged horses a few times and had even had riding lessons as a youth. But that turned out to be too expensive, and besides, he could never have afforded his own horse anyway. But now that he had received a slave as a gift, he quickly realized how helpful these lessons were. He was also able to ride him "properly", because he was only allowed to show the horses the whip in class, and he often hit his slave's sweating fur with it, and he liked that! Even with the spurs he didn't have to hold back! Should his two-legged friend run faster or if he got a little tired after a while, a few powerful kicks with the spurs in the flanks quickly brought him back up to speed. He was a really robust fellow who could take a beating!

Bruno actually rode him every day, because in the mornings he went to school in the saddle, in the evenings he rode him back, like a little more sporty, because he loved the fast trot and above all the canter! His condition, which wasn't bad at the beginning, had continued to improve through regular training, so that he was now an extremely good riding horse, which some female colleagues envied him very much.

When Bruno realized that he could really do whatever he wanted with his slave, he naturally had other ideas that suited his erotic tendencies very well. This was also a complete success, his slave obeyed Bruno's orders, apparently not even reluctantly. He spoiled him very sensitively and when it came to the finale, lips, tongue and the whole mouth were busy, he didn't turn aside in shame, but gave everything to make the finale pleasant.

Even if Bruno was occasionally in a bad mood and treated him a little roughly, it never occurred to him to resist or even flee. This treatment actually suited his nature, his inclinations. He was always happy when he had to get ready for a ride, put on his bridle and saddle and was soon able to feel his rider. He often had a premonition of how he would be ridden, and in what mood Bruno would climb into the saddle.

This was just a brief recap of how the gay music teacher got to his riding slave.



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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (15)

By Max and Caballito

Right, the male music teacher rides his own human horse.

Rich families can afford the cost of boarding school education.

Parents who cannot afford the cost go to the boarding school to be hosts and hostesses.
In this group the beautiful and spectacular moms are hostesses (riders) who dominate and ride male teachers, rich dads, male students and male guests; On the other hand, the dads are hosts (horses) who are ridden by lady teachers, mothers, lady students and lady guests.

In the celebration for Mother's Day, the boarding school recruited all the hosts (non-rich dads, male students, male teachers, rich dads, former male students, fathers of former students, former male teachers, and male guests), who came to 7:00 a.m., wearing a café overall outfit, they waited in a lounge.
At 7:30 a.m. Dr. Beate Muller-Schmalbach appeared riding bridled and saddled Tobias's shoulders, the Mighty Vice Principal dressed in a brown cowboy hat, plaid blouse, brown jacket, blue jean shorts and high-heeled brown leather knee-high boots.
- Wow! The lucky Tobias.
Lady Muller commanded:
- You arrived before the appointment's time, which shows your commitment to the boarding school and your desire for the celebration of Mother's Day to be successful. I congratulate you for it.
I commanded you not to eat or drink because you will not occupy the bathrooms during the ceremony because you will be at the service of mothers, lady teachers, lady students and lady guests.
We have from 1 hour to 1 hour and a half for lady students to bridle and saddle you, we will call you and you will present yourself before your Young Mistresses

As they were called, on all fours they approached the lady students dressed as cowgirls, the ladies put bits in the horses' mouths, ladies bridled horses, ladies saddled horses, ladies blindfolded horses, ladies put equine horse heads on human horses' heads, then ladies tied the reins in a hoop on the wall.



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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School ( 16 )
By Max and Caballito

"At 7:30 a.m., Dr. Beate Müller-Schmalbach, the mighty headmistress with a brown cowboy hat, checked blouse, brown jacket, blue denim shorts and high-heeled brown, knee-high leather boots, rode and saddled on Tobias' shoulders.
- wow! Happy Tobias.”

We should take a closer look at the most spectacular rider in the group: that was undoubtedly Dr. Beate Müller-Schmalbach!

Of course, Tobias was happy when he received the short but clear command from his mistress early in the morning: “Get ready! After breakfast we start!”

These few words were enough to unleash enormous feelings in the young, strong man! How lucky he was that he was allowed to serve her! How much he had missed this wonderful woman, longed to finally carry her on his shoulders again! It was almost like an addiction! He therefore hastened to follow the instructions of his goddess.

First he put the saddle on his shoulders and fastened it to his upper body with the appropriate straps. He only tightened everything by hand, because his rider would definitely tighten the straps again until the saddle lay securely on his shoulders. He latched the stirrups on to the side, which could then be easily adjusted to the leg length of his rider. Ms. Müller-Schmalbach would also do this herself as soon as she was in the saddle. He knew that today she would probably ride him with spurs on her boots. So she would adjust the length of the stirrups so that she could hit the pain-sensitive lower rib cage well. Tobias knew that, and this idea sent a cold shiver down his spine, it was a mixture of bliss, desire, but also fear.

Now he pushed the bridle into his mouth. It was a thin steel pin covered with a tough leather. This bridle was fixed behind the head and he tightened this strap himself. Here, too, his rider would certainly lend a hand and increase the pretension. The bridle was slightly wider than his mouth, so he could fasten the reins on either side and then throw them backwards over the saddle. Now he was basically saddled and bridled, ready for the upcoming ride.

He wore sneakers and shorts. His goddess had given no orders. whether he should wear a t-shirt. Tobias guessed that she wanted to impress the audience with her toned, muscular riding slave, so he shouldn't wear any other clothes. His guess was correct, as it soon turned out.

Despite the anticipation, Tobias knew of course that his rider had no scruples about riding him hard and without consideration, that she had no understanding when his strength waned a little over time. In addition, she hardly spoke to him while riding, at best she used short words like "Hop!", "Faster!" "Brrr!", "Go!" and something like that. It would never have occurred to her to say: "There is a left turn over there!" or "Run a little faster!". For the equestrian commands she only used her riding crop, the reins and of course the very effective spurs! She didn't want to "talk" to her two-legged horse, he had to follow her orders, and she had the riding utensils for that.

Otherwise, when she used Tobias in other ways, when he was responsible for the lust in her body, then she would tell him what he had to do, and if he did one thing particularly well and she, with his dedication, with his endless zeal, If he was satisfied, then she did talk to him, if not much. However, this was not necessary when riding, as there were other options. In a corresponding mood, it could also be that she used the whip a little more intensely than was necessary with her willing riding slave. For her, that was simply part of sportive riding, and Tobias was also a robust fellow who could take a lot. Sometimes she even got the impression that he liked it when she was mean to him.

The motto for today's ride was "Cowgirl on horseback"! The ladies on horseback were all dressed appropriately, and there were also enough male horses. Everyone was happy that they had come together. The male teachers and students as well as the fathers were looking forward to serving as riding horses, of course all hoping for a wonderful female rider. However, they had no influence on this.

The mothers, female teachers and students were also happy. You could also change stallions from time to time, all riders had this freedom.

The effect of Dr. Beate Müller-Schmalbach on the audience was as she expected! All men envied Tobias that he was allowed to carry this divine woman in the saddle, sitting so relaxed on his shoulders. All women, no matter how old, envied the attractive rider that she rode such a wonderful stallion, because Tobias was a handsome fellow too!



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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School ( 17 )
By Max and Caballito

An untrained human horse might refuse to be ridden by a certain lady because he doesn't like being ridden by her, perhaps because she is unattractive, she is not sexy, or he dislikes her.

At the beginning of their training, the male human horses pretended to choose their female riders, these male horses were teachers, parents and students.
But, the strict hand of Dr. Beate Müller-Schmalbach made the rebellious human horses accept their fate and be ridden by people who wish to ride them.
Thus, unattractive ladies were able to ride male human horses who had previously rejected them.

In the same way, many ladies tried to prevent certain human horses from being ridden by other lady riders.
For example, jealous wives who pretended their husbands are not ridden by other female riders, be they moms, teachers and students. Also jealous daughters who wanted their parents not to be ridden by other female riders, be they students, mothers and teachers. Likewise, overprotective moms who pretended to be their sons (students) are not ridden by other female riders, be they teachers, students, and moms.
Dr. Beate Müller-Schmalbach solved this with a little speech: When men are ridden by us, they stop being human and become our animals, so your husband is not your husband, your dad is not your dad, and your son is not your son, because he is a horse while he is being ridden by a lady.

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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School ( 18 )
By Max and Caballito

Men do not stop being men, for this reason men will always pretend to be horses who are ridden by the beautiful ladies who attract men.

For this reason, in a first stage any man will pretend to be ridden by the woman he likes and he will try to choose his rider.

When you start being a horse, you are first a horse in your dreams, you fantasize about being ridden by your aunt (your mom's sister or your dad's sister), being ridden by your sister, being ridden by your lady cousin, even being ridden by your mom. You also fantasize about being ridden by your lady teacher, being ridden by your lady classmate, being ridden by your classmate's mom, being ridden by your classmate's aunt, being ridden by sister and lady cousin of your classmate. Finally, you also dreamed of being ridden by lady friends from all of the above (being ridden by your mother's lady friend, being ridden by your dad's lady co-worker, etc.).
If you noticed, in this first stage you choose your rider, you never wanted to be ridden by a woman you didn't like.
This happens when you don't have an owner.

But, if a woman takes your will, if a woman takes possession of you, she will ride you and make you be ridden by people she wants.

One of those dangerous women is deputy director Dr. Beate Müller-Schmalbach, who owns or co-owns the boarding school's men (students, teachers, dads, administrators, assistants, and so on).
Tobias and the other men are her property, she rides them if she wants and she makes other people ride her human horses if she wants.
Tobías knows this very well because many times she caused him to be ridden by another person, even being ridden by a man.

Well, I got ahead of the story.
In a first stage, men (human horses) choose women who will ride them.
Then, men are possessed by their owners who ride them exclusively (only your lady owner will ride you).
Later she will allow you to be ridden by another woman whom you accept because you like the other woman (your owner still respects your decision).
Finally, your decision does not matter because your lady owner will make you be ridden by women who are not attractive to you, even you will be ridden by men because your lady owner decided so. At this (extreme) level you are just her animal.

The men at the boarding school (teachers, students, dads, etc.) are Dr. Beate Müller-Schmalbach's horses and most of her are at her extreme level because their will is subservient to her will.

In conclusion, the men of the boarding school do not stop being men (they fantasize about being ridden by beautiful ladies) but their wills are subservient to the will of Dr. Beate Müller-Schmalbach and her horses are ridden by whoever she wants (woman or man).



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Re: The boarding School

What you have written, dear Caballito, I can underline without reservation! I am curious to see how the story will develop. I'll check in occasionally during my holiday to see what's new.



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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School ( 19 )
By Max and Caballito

She is a 29 year old Goddess walking on earth, 160 cm. (5'3"), 51 kg. (110 lbs), slim beautiful brunette with medium breasts, hourglass shape, wide hips and wonderful legs.

She is the guardian of her nephew (son of her male cousin), she lets the boarding school's director kiss her feet and boots, and she rides him on his back and shoulders to get a scholarship for her nephew.

The director kisses her feet, and the director is her horse who is ridden by her. Not only the director kisses her feet and is her horse, the other males of the boarding school have the same fate (dads, teachers, students, administrators, service personnel, guests, owners, etc.).

Her male cousin does not have enough money to pay the cost of the boy's education, he found out about the payment with services but he did not have time to provide these services either, so he visited her with his son.

She was wearing a white crop top and jean shorts, showing off her arms, waist, belly button, hourglass shape, thick thighs, beautiful knees, fantastic calves, ankles and bare feet, all brown skin.

She receives them with a wide smile, her male cousin kneels down and kisses her feet with his son.
- Since our childhood you are my slave and you kiss my feet, your son is also my slave like you.
- The place of all men is kneeling before you kissing your feet.
- I feel the passion you give when you kiss my feet.
- When I started to be your foot-kissing slave, my dad was with me.
- I remember, my uncle kissed one of my feet and you kissed my other foot, the same you are doing with my nephew.
- Barks! Barks! Barks!
- Hahahahaha, like those times when you and your dad barked because you are my dogs, I put dog collars around your necks, I grabbed your leashes and went for a walk through the streets while you barking followed me crawling on all fours, my mom and my aunt (your mom and your dad's wife) laughed and participated in the game, your dad and you also kissed the feet of my mom and your mom.
- Because of you.
- We also put bridles and a saddle on your dad and you.
- I remember, my aunt and my mom rode my dad and you rode me.
- At first we rode your dad on his back on all fours and on his shoulders, we only rode you on all fours.
- My dad and I would rather be ridden by your mom than by my mom.
- Mother!

Her mom walks over.
- Tell me, daughter.
- Be careful, you can step on them.
- I didn't realize they were here because they are the ground before you, plus they would love me to step on them.

Now the nephews kiss the feet of their aunts (the cousin of the Goddess kisses the feet of the mother of the Goddess, and the son of the cousin of the Goddess kisses the feet of the Goddess).
The foot-kissers are then bridled, saddled, and ridden by the Goddess whose feet they kissed.

- What did you want to talk to me about?
- Oops, when I'm your horse I forget everything.
- Lie on your back on the back of my equine horse.
He obeyed her



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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (20)
By Max and Caballito

It is wonderful to admire an aunt riding her nephew, whether he is her sister's son, her brother's son or her cousin's son.

Our first real or imaginary riders are our relatives: sister and lady cousin (riding their dad, uncle, brother, cousin), aunt and mom (riding her husband, brother-in-law, nephew, son ).
Also the first horses we meet are our relatives: brother and male cousin (being ridden by his sister, lady cousin, aunt, mom), dad and uncle (being ridden by his wife, sister-in-law, niece, daughter).
The grandmother also participates by riding her son-in-law, her son and grandson; and, the grandfather is ridden by his daughter-in-law, his daughter and granddaughter.
Lucky is he who is ridden by his sister-in-law, whether she is his wife's sister or his brother's wife.

Little by little our universe of lady riders and masculine horses is increasing: neighbors and friends of our relatives.

But a real explosion happens at school and boarding school, where we also meet other lady riders: classmate (riding male teacher, assistant, administrative, director, classmate, her dad, another dad), teacher, assistant, administrative and director (riding male coworker, student, student's dad), classmates' moms (riding male teacher, administrative assistant, director, student -her son or not-, dad -her husband or not-).
We also know other male horses: classmate (he is ridden by lady teacher, assistant, administrative, director, classmate, his mother, another mother), teacher, assistant, administrative and director (being ridden by lady coworker, student , student's mom), classmates' dads (being ridden by a lady teacher, administrative assistant, director, student -his son or not-, mom -his wife or not-).
Returning to the narration about the Goddess, 29 years old, 160 cm. (5'3"), 51 kg. (110 lbs), slim beautiful brunette with medium breasts, hourglass shape, wide hips and wonderful legs, she was wearing a white crop top and jean shorts, showing off her arms, waist, belly button, hourglass shape, thick thighs, beautiful knees, fantastic calves, ankles and bare feet, all brown skin.
Her mom was near her wearing similar clothing.

Then, her male cousin arrived with his nephew, the 2 males crawled towards her and kissed her feet, a father and a son kissing her feet, she placed the sole of her foot on top of their heads as a sign of victory, dominance and property, because everything under her feet is hers.
- Kissing my feet my slaves recognize I am their Mistress, and they know their rightful place is under my feet.

Then, the Goddess's mom arrives, the Goddess's cousin crawls up to the Goddess's mom and kisses her feet, while the cousin's son continues to kiss the Goddess's feet.
- You're a foot kisser like your father.

The neighbors pass greeting the Goddess and her mother, they perceive the visitors kissing the Goddess's feet and her mother:
- They are kissing the feet of our lady neighbors.
- It's usual, mom and daughter are beautiful and deserve to have their feet kissed. It only matters to see and admire the Goddesses, because their foot kissers are just dust under their feet.
In hiding, several neighbors spy on them touching themselves.

At a certain point, the Goddess and the Goddess's mom stand on top of the heads and backs of their foot kissers.
- I said it, their foot kissers are just dust under their feet's soles!

There were 2 aunts, each aunt has a nephew kissing her feet.
- They are good foot kissers and we have rewarded them by walking all over them.
- Your cousin is my foot kisser and my mat since before you were born.
- And your horse?
- He is also my horse, ridden by me, since before you were born. Since before, his dad is my foot kisser, my rug, my horse, my dog.
- My cousin is also my dog, all men are my pets.

The Goddess's mother came down from her mat.
-He Take the keys, go to my house and bring dog collars, leashes, saddles, bridles and reins for you and your son, also bring a riding whip and boots for your lady cousin and mine.
He obeyed her.
- Mom, what are you doing stepping on the ground? Come and let's both walk all over my human mat.
-He is not strong like your cousin.
-He's doing his best under my feet.

The Goddess's cousin arrived, he put the things on the ground and lay down on the ground, the Goddess and the Goddess's mom stood over him, walking all over him.

The Goddess commanded her nephew:
- Put yourself like the dog who you are.
He obeyed her, crawling on her hands and knees, barking and panting.
- Get on your back! He obeyed her barking and panting, she put her foot on top of her belly.
- Good boy! She came back to stand on top of her cousin.
- Bark!
- Gasp!
- On 2 legs! On his knees, he stood up on his hind legs imitating a canine dog.
- Greet hand with a paw!
- Shake hands with the other paw!
- Asleep!
- Awake!

Then she took a stick and threw it.
- Bring it!
On all fours he went to the stick, took it in his mouth and brought it to her owner, handing the stick into her hand. She stroked his head.
- Good boy!
Several times she threw the stick and he returned the stick to her hand.
- Good boy, you deserve to be my dog.
Her dog was before her, she stood up and stroked his head, she squatted down and stroked his face.
- You are my cute little animal and as a reward I put a dog collar around your neck, you are going to walk and stand behind me.
She put a dog collar on him, she grabbed his leash and walked being followed by her dog.

The Goddess's mother did the same with the Goddess's cousin.

Finally, both women bridled, saddled, and rode their animals.



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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (21)
By Max & Caballito

Both males crawling on all fours, being ridden and dominated by their aunts, while the Goddesses were comfortably seated atop the saddles placed on the backs of their submissive animals.

At the end of the ride, the human horses unbridled and unsaddled, the male cousin, kissing the lady cousin's feet, asked her to talk to her.
- It's okay, recently you were in animal mode being ridden by my mom, you'll understand animals don't speak and you were an animal at the service of my mom.
- I understand, my Mistress.

They were both near an equine horse, under her command the male cousin lies on his back on the equine's back, she puts the saddle on her cousin's chest, she saddles both animals, she bridles the equine, and she goes to her house.
She returns dressed in riding attire, she steps in a stirrup and rides the equine, her male cousin stares at her and admires her as she dominates the other animal. She doesn't look at him.
- How is the witch?
- My wife is fine.
-She dominates you and has you under her feet, she steps on you.
- You are also above me, above your husband and above all the males who know you.
- All men are my animals, all of them are my pets.

She caresses the face of her cousin, just as she caresses the face of her equine horse.
- Who do you want me to dominate and control?
- In the boarding school ...
- Dominate the teachers? Easy, because when I was a student they kissed my feet and I had them as dogs and horses.
- My son must study at the boarding school.
- You are right because the boarding school students graduate well prepared and the cost in the boarding school is expensive. I studied there because my mom allowed the school principal to kiss her feet and her footwear, he is addicted to boots, and my mom was her jockey.
-Not only the school director, she chose who she allows to kiss her boots and be horses ridden by her.
-The witch can allow other men to kiss her boots and she can ride them.
- But...
- Jealousy? She can dominate them if she wants, just like she dominates you. Don't be selfish because she can have her herd of human horses.

She took her cell phone and called her cousin's wife.
- Hello?
- Hello, your husband is with me.
- I allowed him to visit you.
-What did he come for?
- We want our son to study at the boarding school, but the pension is very high.
- True, the cost is very high.
- You received a scholarship. I wanted him to find out the requirements.
- You really don't know anything?
- Nothing of what?
- In the boarding school the men are submissive dogs and ladies' horses, all the men, school director, teachers, assistants, administrative, service personnel, students, all are our horses. Your husband knows it.
- I didn't know! Damn bastard! If I had known it myself, I would have gone to tame the school principal.
- Your husband must be a horse in the boarding school.
- My horse can be used by other ladies if my son studies at the boarding school.
- When are we going to the boarding school to talk?
- Tomorrow!



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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (22)
By Max & Caballito

The next day the Goddess and her cousin's wife met at the gate of the boarding school.

The Goddess is brown skin, 160 cm. (5'3"), 51 kg. (110 lbs), slim beautiful brunette with medium breasts, hourglass shape, wide hips, beautiful buttocks and wonderful legs. Her sister-in-law is lighter skin, 165 cm (5'5" ), 56 kg. (122 lbs.), medium build, large breasts, pear shape, wide hips, large buttocks and wide legs.
The Goddess wore a brown jockey hat, a brown and white flowered crop top highlighting her navel and a narrow waist, short white leggings, white socks up to the middle of her calves and brown ankle boots. Her cousin's wife wore a white cowboy hat, white skinny blouse, tight white jodhpurs, and high-heeled, knee-high black boots.

The Goddess's cousin's wife arrived before the agreed time, she waited sitting on top of her husband, sitting on top of her husband's back while her prostrate father-in-law kissed her boots. The males were collared and she grabbed her human dogs' leashes.
The Goddess arrived in time with her jealous husband and her brother-in-law, she grabbed her human dogs' leashes as she walked like a model with these collared males crawling on all fours. Arriving near her cousin's wife she sat on her husband's back while her brother-in-law kissed her boots.
- Did you come to get a place for your son or did you come to walk your puppies and ride?
- Both, dear. You overshadowed me showing off your narrow waist like a wasp's waist.
-Hahahaha, each one of us shows off her charms. Get up and go!

The Goddess and her sister-in-law walked together impressively grabbing the leashes of their dogs who followed them on all fours.
The Goddess's husband and the Goddess's cousin crawling on all fours looked at each other and threatened each other snarling and showing their teeth.
- "Stop or I muzzle you both!" Strictly said the Goddess aloud.
Both dogs obeyed the Goddess and kissed the Goddess's boots as a sign of obedience and submission. She stepped on their heads.
- "You have dominated your husband and you have controlled my husband." stated the Goddess's cousin.
- Why?
- Both blindly obeyed you, they kissed your boots and you trampled them.
- My husband kissed your feet, shoes and boots and you walked all over him.
- You consented.
- If you complain to me about your husband, he kisses my feet, he is my carpet and he is my pet since before he meets you.
- I'm not claiming you.

There was a queue of parents waiting standing, husbands and wives standing accompanied by a host with a backpack, who waited standing for those who could come to visit the boarding school, this host is a disciplined and intelligent senior student of the boarding school, who is the host as an award for his outstanding studies.
Seeing the Goddess and the Goddess's cousin's wife approaching, the host crossed himself and knelt, then dropped to all fours and crept towards the Ladies.
Another host crawling hastily on all fours came up behind him. Both hosts on all fours stood before the Ladies.
- I have an appointment, my name is Nessa.
- Yes, Mistress, the director of the boarding school notified us. Could you allow us to kiss your boots?
- Permission granted.

Both hosts kissed the Ladies' boots with passion and respect, 3 times each boot, then the hosts took their bridles and saddles from their packs and handed them over to the Ladies.
The Goddess bridled and saddled her host.
- "I don't know how to bridle or saddle". Said the Goddesses's cousin's wife.
- "You have to learn, here you will do it permanently while your children study here." The Goddess bridled and saddled the host of her cousin's wife.
The Goddess and the Goddess's cousin's wife grabbed the leashes of her 2 dogs and the reins of her host, the Goddess pulled the reins of her kneeling host close to her face.
- You are my horse, you are my animal, there is nothing human in you because you are only a beast of burden. You are subservient to me.
he neighed.
She walked around him and she stood behind him, she pushed her host's head down so she would ride him more comfortably.
She haughtily looked at the parents who stared at the entire event since she came walking with her 2 puppies.
She inserted the leashes of her 2 dogs and the reins of her horse into her fitted bracelet, then she wore brown leather gloves.
- Did you like the show? If you want more, enroll your children in boarding school.
She rode on her host's shoulders, he stood up as she rode him.
- You can kiss my boots before I command my horse to move forward.
Some crawling on their knees, others crawling on all fours, the parents approached to kiss the boots and lick the boots' soles of the Goddess and the Goddess's wife.
- Giddy Up!
Under her command, the host ridden by the Lady went into the boarding school. Each Lady rides her horse and is followed by her 2 dogs.



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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (23)
By Max & Caballito

Once inside the boarding school, a beautiful lady student riding a man 60 years older than her, approached them driving her horse using reins.
- I am.
- Please come with me.
Both ladies rode together.
- Who is your horse?
-He is the grandfather of two of our scholars, he provides his services to pay for the education of his grandson and his granddaughter.
- What about the parents of the scholars?
- My horse's daughter-in-law is a rider here, and my horse's son is a horse here. Also, my horse's granddaughter is a rider here, and my horse's grandson is a horse here. The riders receive a good salary here, my horse's daughter-in-law has her comforts, she is well dressed and groomed and drives a luxury car.

Along the way they meet other rider-horse couples.
- The first time I went inside out here, the boarding director waited, he crawled at my mom's feet and kissed her boots, she stepped on his head, then she bridled him, saddled him and rode him, then we went inside, my Mom riding the director and I riding my dad.
- This is how the school director receives all the new mothers?
- No, only A-1, that is, beautiful women with a good body. The director couldn't meet you outside because he's in a session with deputy director Dr. Beate Müller-Schmalbach.
-How is it in the case of male students' mothers A-1?
- It's the same, the director is their horse.

At this they met Dr. Beate Müller-Schmalbach who was riding the director who wore a horse mask on top of his head.
- Hello
- Hello Nessa, forgive the director because it is his time to be my horse, in compensation now you are riding Tobias who is my favorite horse.
-Tobías is very comfortable and he performs well, you have him very well trained.
- What brings you here?
- I brought my cousin and my cousin's wife, they want their son to receive a scholarship here.
- You received a scholarship here, and you know the conditions: 1. the mother or another female relative is a good rider, and 2. the father or another male relative is a good horse. And your mom was a good rider here, much sought after by all the men, and when you grew up you were one of our best riders.
- Thank you.
- Let's see your recommendations!

Upon arrival, they saw the Goddess's cousin's wife continue to ride on top of the kneeling host, her husband, her father-in-law, and the Goddess's husband on all fours around her. She tossed a stick and yelled "Fetch", the 3 males crawling on all fours quickly went to the stick and the first one grabbed it with his snout and came back to return it to her hand.
- Who tamed these 3 dogs?
- My mom and I did. We trained my cousin and uncle many years ago, I tamed my husband when I met him.
- Congratulations! Your cousin's wife is not at your level, but she has class, I could rate her as A1- but she is A1, her husband is well trained and they have my approval. Did you bring your bathing suits?
- Enjoy the pool while my horse gets ready.

They went to the changing rooms, the Goddess came out first wearing a white bikini which highlights her brown skin, the males crawled towards her kissing her brown feet.
- We are alone and no one sees us, you are my animals and animals don't wear clothes. Get undressed!
The males obeyed the Goddess.
The student lady came out wearing a bikini, her feet were also kissed.
The cousin's wife came out wearing a one-piece swimsuit, her husband and her father-in-law stopped kissing the feet of the Goddess to kiss the feet of the cousin's wife, the Goddess and the Goddess's cousin's wife stood on top of their husbands walking all over them.
- Your husband must rest to be evaluated.
- Okay.

The Goddess leaned down, grabbed the hair of the naked Tobias who was kissing her ankles.
- Your Mistress and Owner allowed me to use you
The Goddess rode Tobias, the female student rode the old man 50 years older than her and the cousin's wife rode her father-in-law.
At this came Dr. Beate Müller-Schmalbach wearing a bathing suit riding the director naked.
They all went into the water.
-Tobias always touches himself when I ride him and he sees me riding others, he will jerk off at his first opportunity.
-He's not the only one, I catch my husband jerking off after he visits his cousin.
-He has always jerked off because of my mom and me.
- The director is the great jerk off.
- Girls. Did you notice our conversation is about the wank?
- Yeah. Ha ha ha
- Everyone here is of legal age, including students who are also of legal age.
- Sexuality is not taboo.
-It made me laugh to see Tobias's goose erect, and I saw him wanting to strangle his goose.
- Yes Hahahaha.
- In conclusion, we are all adults here and we are acting according to the rules.

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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (24)
By Max and Caballito

- Well, now we will do what we came to do. Nessa, your cousin and his wife passed the first tests, only the final test remains: your cousin will be ridden by me and your cousin's wife will ride the director. Said Dr. Beate Muller-Schmalbach.

Dr. Dr. Beate Muller-Schmalbach dismounted the director and the Goddess's cousin's wife dismounted her father-in-law, the ladies exited the pool.
Inside the pool remained the Goddess riding Tobias and the young student lady riding the old man. The Goddess called her husband, so in the water without being ridden were the uncle and the husband of the Goddess.
- Let the old man rest, ride one of my horses. Said the Goddess to the young lady student.
The young student lady rode to Goddess' husband.
The Goddess rode her uncle.

In the last test the deputy director Dr. Beate Muller-Schmalbach on top of the Goddess's cousin and the Goddess's cousin's wife on top of the director.
The horse kissed the feet of its rider.
The rider stepped on the head of her horse.
The rider bridled, saddled, and rode her horse.

The final conversation.
- Nessa, I'll speak first, said deputy director Dr. Beate Muller-Schmalbach, your cousin is a good horse because you trained him well for years, he is approved.
-Now I will speak, said the director, your cousin's wife made me feel I was his horse, she is super approved. Your nephew has a scholarship to study at the boarding school and his parents will come here, his mother will be a horse rider and his father will be a horse for the lady riders.
- Congratulations! You did it because it is very difficult to get a scholarship at this boarding school, it is an average of 9 paying students for each scholarship student. And wealthy parents pay for the education of scholarship students. Most of the scholarship students are girls.

Enrollment is before the start of classes, and parents of scholarship recipients must support this.
At dawn the mothers of the scholarship holders are picked up by the boarding school buses, they travel comfortably seated, while the fathers of the scholarship holders are transported in trucks while they travel standing up like livestock.

Moms wear riding dress: hat, blouse or body-hugging top highlighting their breasts, slim-waisted moms wear crop tops highlighting their breasts and slim waist, all moms wear tight-fitting jodhpurs, highlighting their hips, buttocks and legs, and, high heels knee high boots.
They are beautifully made up highlighting their eyes, blush and lips.

Dads wear polo shirts, sports pants and sneakers, they wait on their knees, the moms arrive, bridle, saddle and ride the dads.
Each mom has 3 dads at her disposal.

The wealthy parents arrive to be received by a scholarship mom riding a scholarship dad with 2 scholarship dads without a rider. The wealthy dad always begs to be ridden by the intern's mom, she bridles him, saddles him and rides him while the wealthy mom rides one of the intern's dads.

They enter the boarding school, administrative employees receive them being ridden by a mother of scholarship recipients wealthy dads enroll their son and establish the amount allocated for the education of scholarship students, wealthy dad always gives more than the minimum required.
When leaving the boarding school, the wealthy mother dismounts her horse and the scholarship mother changes horses, dismounting the wealthy father, she disbridles him and he kisses her boots.

The scholarship moms are the most beautiful.

The boarding school has 22 classrooms with 22 students each, with a total of 484 students and 484 pairs of parents, of whom 44 are scholarship holders.
In other words, there are 44 beautiful mothers of scholarship students.
These 44 riders ride the men of the boarding school: director, teachers, dads, students, administrators and assistants.
Other ladies ride with them: teachers, other mothers, students, administrators and assistants.
Let's not forget the 44 horses who are parents of scholarship students, they don't choose their riders.

Before the start of the school year, parents are invited to spend a weekend at the boarding school.
The boarding school set up student bedrooms and classrooms for parents to sleep.

Students who graduated the previous years arrived at 6:00 p.m. On Friday night, ladies dressed in riding attire (highlighting jodhpurs and high-heeled thigh-high boots), they did their makeup and groomed well.
The parents of the scholarship students arrived at 7:00 p.m. on Friday night, ladies dressed in riding attire, put on makeup and spruce-ups.
Lady ex-students and mothers of scholarship holders at 8:00 got together, then they bridled and saddled male ex-students and fathers of scholarship holders.
Parents of payers arrived from 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Friday night, the newcomer dad was ridden by a lady ex-student or a scholarship mom, and the newcomer mom rode a male ex-student or a scholarship dad.

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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (25)
By Max and Caballito

Before being ridden, the newly arrived dad is bridled and saddled by a lady ex-student or by the mother of a scholar and then is ridden by her. His wife rides the horse offered by the lady who rides her husband.

The riding went from the gate of the boarding school to the spacious meeting room of the boarding school, being 200 meters of riding that was enjoyed by moms and lady alumni and was exciting for dads and male alumni.

Upon arrival, the newly arrived mom sits at a table to talk with her friends and the newly arrived dad has been ridden by his rider and was once again ridden to the gate.

Thus, the wealthy newcomers dads are horses ridden by moms of scholarship holders and lady ex-students.

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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (26)
By Max and Caballito

Initially, the father or the male guardian was the only one who achieved the scholarship for his children by serving as one of the boarding school's ladies' horses.

Years ago, in an assembly of wealthy parents, they decided to give a quota of 10% to scholarship students, which increased the payment of 10% in the educational pension (monthly payment). "Nothing is free in this life," they argued, and they decided the scholarship student's father of services to the school or the paying parents.

"If they are ridden by our older daughters from home to the boarding school and from the boarding school to home?" said one of the fathers and continued: "When our daughters are and were little, we carried them and we have carried them. It is easy for us when they are little but, as the years go by, our daughters get bigger, taller and heavier and it is more difficult for us to be ridden by them."

"It is true, our daughters are carried by us when they are little, but when they grow up and reach age, they stop being carried and they start riding, meanwhile we stop carrying them and start being ridden by them." "True, my wife rides me when I walk on the street and other places like the mall, she rides comfortably on my shoulders. "It's true, many times I saw you bridled, saddled and ridden by her, while she drives you using spurs, whip and reins. I even heard you neighing happily. I even saw her riding on top of other guys. She wears nice gloves and boots." "They are the other horses in her herd, and she has good taste in clothing."

"We can carry our little daughters, scholarship students' dads could be ridden by our older daughters whom we cannot carry because our older daughters ride and their weight", "How old should our daughters be to ride scholarship students 'dads?". "Legal age!".

"That is to say, while our daughters are younger we will carry them from home to the boarding school and from the boarding school to home, once they reach the age our daughters will ride scholarship students' dads." "That way we won't have more shoulder pain or back pain." "This would be Monday mornings, when our daughters go from home to boarding school, and Friday afternoons, when our daughters go home from boarding school." "It's true".

"What about our sons?" "They walk, and when they are of age they are ridden by our daughters and wives, and by ladies teachers."

"Scholarship students' dads would be ridden by our daughters on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons. What about the other days?" "Only the students are hospitalized, teachers live in their homes." "Good point, scholarship students' dads can be ridden by teacher ladies every day."

"Hey, scholarship students' dads can also be ridden by your wife, she likes to ride on the backs and she likes to ride on the shoulders." "Only if she wishes, she will ride them, because she rides the guy she wants."

"So, scholarship students' dads will be ridden by older student ladies, teacher ladies and student's moms and student's ladies tutors, including aunts, cousins and other relatives."

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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (27)
By Max and Caballito

Being a boarding school ladies' horse was one of the options for scholarship students' dads, the other options were and are to be security personnel, janitors, maintenance personnel, drivers, etc.

Scholarship students' moms also participated as hostesses, drivers, etc.

Scholarship students' mom and dad had to choose what service they would provide at the boarding school, most moms chose to be hostesses and all dads chose to be horses.

In the boarding school there are 11 grades, each grade has 2 classrooms, making a total of 22 classrooms, and each classroom has 22 students, 11 female students and 11 male students per classroom, totaling 484 students, 440 paying students and 44 scholarship students. 50% ladies and 50% men.

Student ladies who ride are from the upper 2 grades (seniors), 4 classrooms of 11 student ladies are a total of 44 lady riders, and scholarship students 'dads are 44, so each student lady has her assigned horse.

Once a month at Monday morning, the assigned dad goes to the house of the student lady, she bridles him, saddles him and rides him on his shoulders to the boarding school
Once a month Friday afternoon, the assigned dad goes to boarding school, lady student bridles him, saddles him and rides him on his shoulders to her house.

The horse's wife is the hostess, she rides the female student's dad who rides her husband.

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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (28)
By Max and Caballito

Blessed is the rich dad who has a daughter in 10th grade. u 11th grade because he is a hostess's horse.

He kisses the hostess's boots while the hostess's husband kisses his daughter's boots.
Kneeling, he receives the caresses of his rider, he opens his mouth before her and she introduces a cold bite into his mouth, he bites into it, while she ties the bridles on his head. Meanwhile, his daughter bridles his rider's husband.
Then, his rider puts a saddle on top of him, it is a spectacularly designed saddle as this is used for his rider to ride on his shoulders and she to ride on his back, the rider ties the saddle on his body. Meanwhile, his daughter saddles his female jockey's husband.
Finally she rides him comfortably on top of the saddle and stepping in the stirrups, once on top of him she inserts the reins into his bridle and she drives him with spurs, reins and whip. Meanwhile, his daughter rides to his jockey's husband.

Both riders go out together.
On Monday mornings, upon arriving at the boarding school, the rich man's daughter disinserts her horse's bit, she dismounts, her horse on its knees kisses her boots, she gives her horse's reins to her horse's wife, and she goes Inside the boarding school to study, while the rich man continues to be ridden by his hostess.
The hostess's husband kisses the boots of his rider who is his wife's horse's daughter, and then he kisses his wife's boots.
On Mondays the hostess has 2 horses: her husband and her husband's rider's dad.

On Friday afternoons, when they arrive at the rich man's house, the rich man's daughter dismounts and disinserts her horse's bit, her horse kisses her boots, the rich man's daughter gives the reins of her horse to her horse's wife.

The horse kisses his wife's boots, she reinserts the bit and she rides her 2 horses: her husband and a rich dad. She rides them in turns to her house.
At her house she disinserts the horses' bits of hers and they kiss her boots, a slave to a boot.

The hostess uniform is: cowgirl hat, white blouse, black leather jacket, tight blue jeans and high-heeled black leather knee-high boots.

She commands her husband to stay at home, hers obeys her.

She showers, she gets dressed (leather jacket, short dress with slit, stockings and high-heeled footwear), she combs her hair, she puts on her makeup and she goes out.
The rich man is dazzled, she is gorgeous, her legs are unbelievably perfect and her hands and feet are beautiful, he crawls before her and kisses her feet, she steps on his head.
She pulls the reins from him, she inserts a bite into his mouth, she remounts him and they go out to the invitation.

Sometimes they are meetings of the rich man's company, he is envied because he is ridden by a beautiful rider.
Her subordinates kneel before him, they don't kneel for him because they kneel to her because of her, to kiss her feet.
The boss and the subordinates throw themselves on the ground, so she walks on top of them.
At a wedding, she bridles, saddles and rides the groom encouraging the bride to ride him.

At other times she dresses casually, leather jacket, blouse, jodhpurs, leather pants, jeans, skirt, shorts, high-heeled footgear such as boots.
They go to the movies, she watches the movie and he kisses her feet and footgear, she caresses his head like someone caressing a pet, she feeds him out of her mouth.
They go to dinner, she sits in a chair eating her plate at the table while he kisses her feet and her footwear on all fours, from time to time she gives him crumbs under the table, like rice or pieces of meat or vegetables she throws on the ground and he eats directly without using his hands, she steps on his head he stays calm.
They go to family gatherings and she humiliates him.



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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (29)
By Max and Caballito

A few years later the rules of the game changed.

In order to apply for a scholarship vacancy for their children, several parents appointed beautiful ladies guardians of minors to represent them, so this beautiful lady was/is a rider from the boarding school, they did this because they could not compete against a beautiful mother (for this reason Nessa's cousin asked her to be his son's guardian, but she encouraged her cousin's wife to try to apply as a rider and she did).

Just as there are lady guardian riders, there are also male guardian horses.

The 44 horses continue to be ridden by the 44 lady senior students (of the upper 2 years), all of legal age. But, the 44 lady riders' daddies are no longer official horses of the 44 mommies or lady tutor riders.

At first paying students' fathers paid an additional 10% in favor of the scholarship students, but there were those who wanted to pay more to be horses of scholarship students' mothers or lady tutors.

It was established that whoever wants to be a horse pays an additional 50%, many parents paid and with this difference the salary was paid to the lady riders.

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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (30)
By Max and Caballito

The male math teacher was chatting with the male chemistry teacher.
- Before we were the horses in the boarding school, we were ridden by our lady teachers colleagues, by lady students and by moms.
- True, but then came the system for granting student scholarships; and with it the parents of the scholarship students competing with us.
- Yes, the 44 dads being official horses, both inside and outside the boarding school.
They are 44 senior-grades-lady-students's horses.
- Well, actually, not all of them are parents because the scholarship students' tutors also participated as riding horses.

- Right after that same year, 44 wonderful scholarship students' moms and lady tutors came to the boarding school to ride human horses.
- These majestic ladies arrived overwhelming to ride us having us under them.

- These ladies ride the dads of student ladies who rode their husbands or fellow tutors.
- About 10th grade students. and 11th grade students. They go from home to the boarding school (Monday) and from the boarding school to their homes (Friday) once a month
- On the weekends when the senior students stay at the boarding school, these beautiful ladies go to the boarding school to break in and ride the male senior students who on their knees kiss these female feet and female boots.
These foals are eager to be broken in and ridden by these ladies who are close in age to their moms or aunts; What's more, there are 4 male scholarship senior students watching their mom or female tutor breaking in and riding a male senior student.

- These weekends are also the meetings of teachers with parents.
Male teachers and dads kiss moms and lady students' feet and footwear, and they are ridden by moms and lady students.
Meanwhile, dads and male students kiss lady teachers' feet and footgear, and are ridden by lady teachers.

Before the start of the teachers-parents meeting, the lady teachers, wearing a hat, top, jeans and high-heeled black knee-high boots, arrive riding bridled and saddled scholarship students' fathers or male tutors.
Bridled and saddled male teachers arrive being ridden by scholarship students' moms or lady tutors. Ladies dress riding attire.

In the wide courtyard of the boarding school, mothers, lady tutors and lady teachers chat, then the riders dismount.
Mom or lady tutor rides dad or male tutor of a student in charge of her, mostly there is lady tutor riding dad, such is the case of 29-year-old Nessa riding on top of her cousin.
Nessa thought, "About 15 years ago in boarding school I was a student, the dads and my uncle (my current horse's dad) crawled at my feet, kissed my boots and I stepped on them and rode them, while my male classmates they crawled at my mom's feet, kissed her boots, she stepped on them and rode them."
Upon arriving at the stable, she thought: "In this stable, my mom and I tied the reins of my teachers, classmates, and parents who waited meekly for us and we arrived and untied them. During the week my teachers and classmates were my horses."
She went into the stable and 44 foals neighed happily, neatly they kissed her boots, high-heeled boots were stepping on the stirrups of her horse's saddle.
Dr. Beate Muller-Schmalbach rode up to the director of the boarding school:
- Hi Nessa.
- Hi, Beate.
- Arriving early as always.
"That's right, my cousin must go serve his lady student rider." For 11 years he will be a boarding school horse.
- This is the attitude! 11 years you will be a boarding school rider, I entrust Tobías to you because I trust you.
Tobias licked the soles and high heels of Nessa's boots as she continued to ride her cousin.
Nessa brought her cousin to her knees, so she bridled, saddled, and rode Tobias, and she dispatched her cousin to her lady student rider.

Nessa rode out on top of Tobias, he dressed in a white polo shirt, blue sports pants, white sneakers, a saddle, and a bridle whose reins are grabbed by Nessa, who dominates him using reins, spurs, and a whip. For her part, Nessa wears a beige hat, a black crop top, beige jodhpurs, and high-heeled black knee-high boots.
The horse has a smooth, relaxing trot, she is having fun.

On his way out, he found a 65 year old man being ridden by his beautiful, well preserved and well cared for wife, she is 50 years old, the math teacher came out too, he kissed the boots of Nessa and the 50 year old lady, Nessa controlled , bridled, saddled and rode the math teacher, the 50 year old lady rode Tobias, she is like 33 to 35 years older than him, Nessa rode the lady's husband, he is 35 years older than her.
- Your husband is very tame.
-He is super submissive, I did everything to him, I even cheated on him many times.
- Is he a cuckold?
- That's how he is.
Nessa gave the reins of the math teacher to the 50-year-old lady.
- Are your children inside the boarding school?
- That's right, the children must wait from Friday to Saturday until their parents arrive to pick them up. I have a son and a daughter, my son is old enough to be ridden.
Nessa riding the dad went to the lady's children, she bridled, saddled and rode the lady's son while the lady's daughter rode her dad.
Seeing her riding the boy, Tobias became jealous but he remembered he is being ridden by an exquisite 50-year-old lady and her jealousy went away.
- Hi Mom.
- Hello daughter.
- Tobias is the personal horse of the deputy director of the senior grades.
- Oh! No wonder he is tame.

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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (31)
By Max and Caballito

Upon returning to where the majestic 50-year-old Lady was, Nessa chatted with her.
- By the way, my name is Lightning.
- Nice to meet you, Nessa here.
- I see you surprised, the children you picked up are actually my grandchildren, the boy is my daughter's son, and the girl is my son's daughter. Their parents are not here because right now my daughter and daughter-in-law are riding at the boarding school, and my son and son-in-law are being ridden at the boarding school.
- Your grandson is a good mount.
-Yes, he is a good horse, his female cousin has always ridden him. Likewise, my daughter rides my son.
- So, your son is your daughter's horse.
-Within my family, he is also his wife's horse, his niece's horse and my horse.
Likewise, my son-in-law is his wife's horse (my daughter's), his daughter's horse and my horse.
- Wait, can you say it another way?
- Ha ha ha
Inside my house my horses are: my husband, my son and my son-in-law.
My daughter's horses are: her father, her brother and her husband, as well as her brothers-in-law, her husband's brothers.
My daughter-in-law's horse is her husband. She is allowed to ride the other horses but they don't feel like horses when they are ridden by her.
- Feeling themselves to be someone's horse?
- Right now my grandson feels he is your horse, and the math teacher feels he is my horse.
- I understand. There's a lot of difference between riding and being carried.
- In the same way, it is not the same to be ridden and to carry.
- In one case the one who is under us is a horse, and in the other case the one who is under our weights is a man.
- The horse is an animal, the man is human.



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Re: The boarding School

he Boarding School (32)
By Max and Caballito

- When we are comfortably seated on someone's shoulders or back, whether bareback or on a saddle, whether using reins or not, whether using spurs or not, whether using a riding whip or not;
If he feels he is our horse we are riding him, but if he does not feel he is our horse he is carrying us.
- Men carry other people, horses are ridden by us.
- In my house, my husband carried my son and my grandson, but my husband is being ridden by my granddaughter, my daughter, my daughter-in-law and me, even my mother rode my husband.

In this, the 45-year-old Language teacher lady arrived riding on the shoulders of a male student and being followed by 1 student's father and 3 former male students, in total 5 saddled and bridled human horses at her disposal.
- Isn't it true only the dads and tutors of the scholarship students are horses?
- It's true, the student's dad I ride is one of the most generous paying dads, just like the dad whose reins I grab. Our most submissive horses are the paying dads, this does not detract from scholarship students' dads who are animals below our weights.
- Actually, in the boarding school there are more than 40 human horses.
- True, our horses are also paying students' dads and tutors, as well as other men: teachers, students, ex-students, assistants, administrators.



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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School ( 33 )
By Max and Caballito

Of course, the male riding horses also have secret wishes, dreams and sometimes even longings, because one must not forget: riding a human horse always creates a certain erotic tension, both for the female rider and for the two-legged wearer!

The older men dreams of being ridden by a young, beautiful student, one with long legs and a firm butt. She shouldn't be afraid, she shouldn't have any great respect for riding such a man, she shouldn't even worry about whether he is able, whether his strength is enough, to carry her over a longer period of time. She has supported her boots in stirrups, which extend lengthwise to the lower rib cage, to the pain-sensitive flanks of the two-legged creature. Here she always has a good opportunity to motivate him with short, sometimes quite violent kicks and to give him new strength. Because, of course, she rides her stallion with spurs, which can be very helpful and useful, especially for older wearers.

Of course, this rider also has a good, supple leather whip to drive the stallion on. A good hit on damp, sweaty skin makes a wonderful sound, then puts a proud smile on her face and another big bead of fear on her riding slave's forehead! It is therefore also important that this rider sits in the saddle "of course", that she is entitled to sit there and that she does not have unnecessary thoughts that only take the fun out of riding. She is now a goddess and only her desires and inclinations matter!

A horse has no choice over its rider! He has no rights, has to carry the woman who wants to mount on his shoulders! He even has to be grateful and, of course, kiss her boots and thank her with a few nice words before she climbs into the shoulder saddle. This definitely makes a good impression on the lady, then she will definitely ride him "well".

The students, of course all of age, naturally all dream of being taught by Dr. Müller-Schmalenbach to be ridden! Some have had the good fortune to tell each other true miracles that she achieves in the saddle, how she creates erotic tension and drives her young, male horse to top performance again and again. She is by no means "squeamish", uses spurs and whip with full force, often riding ruthlessly when her spirits are high! But she always has a sure feeling for what her stallion can really achieve ... and it is her whole ambition to reach this limit! The riding slave suffers, but he suffers with joy, yes, he suffers with lust!

But there were other teachers, even some mothers, who mastered this game, although not as perfectly as Dr. Müller-Schmalenbach. These female riders were of course well known in school circles, there was whispering, everyone put themselves in a good position when one of these ladies appeared and it was obvious that she wanted to ride out and was looking for a horse.

But the students were of course forbidden to become active themselves, even to speak to one of these attractive ladies and ask her to ride. Like the fathers, they too had to accept any female who wanted to climb into the saddle. Then they also had to do their best, even if the "erotic tension" was perhaps not so pronounced. These Amazons, too, usually had spurs on their heels and a good riding crop, and it was not wise to annoy these ladies by a poor performance!

But the bottom line is that every student, every father, has often got the “rider of his dreams”, even if not always and at all times.

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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School ( 34 )
By Max and Caballito

Indeed, in the boarding school there are those who ride on guys' backs or those who ride on guys' shoulders, these riders are all the ladies: deputy director Dr. Müller-Schmalenbach, teachers, administrators, assistants, mothers and students.

In the boarding school there are those who are ridden on their backs or those who are ridden on their shoulders, these riders are all males, affectionately or strictly called horses: director, assistant directors, teachers, administrators, assistants, fathers and students.

There are exceptions:

1. All the horses are ridden by the ladies, all the ladies ride the horse they choose;
but in order to be ridden by a lady of legal age, the horse must also be of legal age.
This restriction does not apply to ladies, whatever their age, they ride the horse they want.

I give you examples, we can see in the streets and squares dad carrying his daughter and uncle carrying his niece without age restrictions, this lady can be of any age, most of the time dad and uncle carry their underage daughter and underage niece on his shoulders;
but, we have never seen a minor son or a minor nephew being ridden by their mother or aunt.
Just as it happens in public places, it happens in boarding school.

2. The ladies ride the horse they choose, the horse has no choice:
except for fathers who pay for their children's education, they can say "no" or even choose their rider.

Horses are categorized into 4 levels:

Level A Horses. Fathers of scholarship students, legal age scholarship students, teachers, administrators and assistants. They are ridden by any lady who wants to ride them.

Level B Horses. Fathers of paying students who only paid 10% in favor of scholarship students and their legal age male children. They can refuse to be ridden by some lady without giving any reason. If he wishes, a Level B horse can be treated as a Level A horse.
A legal age male student of this Level cannot say "no" to Dr. Müller-Schmalenbach, nor to a teaching lady, nor to an administrative lady, nor to an assistant lady, nor to a student lady.

Level C Horses. Fathers of paying students who paid more than 10% in favor of scholarship students and their legal age male children. They can refuse to be ridden by a lady without giving reasons and they can choose the lady who rides them (whoever pays more has priority in the choice; for example, if a rider - vice-director Dr. Müller-Schmalenbach, teacher, administrative , auxiliary, mother or student- is sought by 2 or more Level C horses, the one who has paid the most in favor of the scholarship students will be chosen).
In particular, I doubt a Level C horse would want to be treated as a Level A horse or a Level B horse.
A legal age male student of this level cannot say "no" to Dr. Müller-Schmalenbach or a lady professor.

Level D Horses. Underage, they can only be ridden by underage riders if the riders want.

As we said before, education in the boarding school is 11 grades or years grouped into 4 levels, with Dr. Müller-Schmalenbach being the deputy director of the highest level, where all the students are of legal age.
In this Fourth Level are Dr. Müller-Schmalenbach and her horses, as well as the other riders.



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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School ( 34 )
By Max and Caballito

5 years ago the scholarship program began at the boarding school.
At first, paying parents of the boarding school decided that the fathers or male tutors of scholarship students should be human horses ridden by female students of the 2 upper years, by lady teachers, by mothers and by other ladies of the boarding school.

This did not last long because 2 years later Nessa began to study in the first grade of the boarding school, her mother dominated the director, the male teachers, the fathers and other men at the boarding school.
She bridled them, saddled them, and she rode them.
Some of her horses were the paying fathers who suggested and approved the fathers of the scholarship students to be horses in the boarding school. Now these paying daddies are Nessa's mom's horses.

A paying daddy was going to Nessa's mom's house, he crept up to her, he kissed her boots, while he was kneeling before her she bridles him, she saddles him and she rides him.

After Nessa's mom, other moms of scholarship students began to ride the paying dads, and the paying dads agreed:
- Scholarship students' dads will continue to be horses at the boarding school, but at A level.
- Paid parents will be level B and C horses.
- 10th's Lady students and 11th's lady students continue to ride human horses, with C-level horses having priority, then B-level horses, and finally A-level horses.
- All the other ladies of the boarding school will ride the horses of all levels, respecting the previously established priorities.

Nessa's mom's legacy continues to these days



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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (35)
By Max and Caballito

Dads take their children to school and back home, carrying their children on their shoulders.

Monday morning, Nessa now and Nessa's mom about 20 years ago, the lady wearing the riding attire walks out the door of her house to see eager paying daddies waiting to be ridden by her.

She smiles and chooses 3, the others leave.
- I see you're carrying your son.
- Yes Mistress.
The lady calls her husband.
- Carry my horse's son and go back and forth to the boarding school to leave the student with the managers, when you return, stand where I can watch you, don't you dare to escape far.
The husband obeys his wife.
The 3 chosen paying dads throw themselves on the ground before her, kissing her boots and licking her soles and high heels. She stepped on their heads and she walked all over them
- You know well I shouldn't ride minors in public.
- I know, Mistress.
- I chose you because you are a good horse, but avoid carrying your son to my house.
- My wife makes me.
- So, next time go directly with your son to the boarding school.
- Mistress, please.
- Don't beg me and if you keep carrying your son, don't come to my house to be ridden by me.
She bridles, she saddles and she rides her human horses. For the rest of her they are paying parents but for her they are her animals, her horses.

She walks out clutching the reins of hers, her horses, who follow her a short distance away. She talks to her husband.
- While the two of us are on foot, we can talk, but when I'm riding and you're on foot we can't talk because I don't talk with someone who isn't at my level, unless you ride with me one of my horses and so you're at my level.
- Yes my Mistress Wife.
She rode the dad who brought her son, the other horse was ridden by Nessa 20 years ago or by Nessa's nephew now, and she invited her husband to ride another horse. He rode along with her.
- What about my horse's son?
- I left him to the lady janitor of the boarding school, she was riding a senior student.
- It's your turn today to be ridden by a student lady?
- No, this weekend the upper grade students stayed at the boarding school, on Friday afternoon I was not ridden by any lady student and today in the morning I am not ridden either.

They arrive at the door of the boarding school, the student dismounts (Nessa 20 years ago and Nessa's nephew nowadays), upon entering the boarding school Nessa rides a teacher 20 years ago and Nessa's nephew continues walking inside the boarding school.
- You weigh more than me, dismount and ride my horse who is free.
The husband obeyed the wife.

Then they went to her work, halfway to her husband's work she changed horses and now she rides the one who was ridden by her husband.
They dropped off the husband near her work and continued to the wife's work, halfway to her work she changed horses again, now she rides the horse that was previously ridden by her husband.
When she arrived at her work, her male boss waited for her on his knees, he kissed her boots and she stepped on his head, she bridled him, she saddled him and she rode him .

She was late for work, but her boss will justify her tardiness, he does it every Monday morning after kissing her boots and licking her soles and high heels, he caresses her thighs with his face, she scratches her boss ' head and hair and she strokes his face.
She commands him to open her mouth, he obeys her.
She inserts the cold bite into his mouth, he shudders and moans slightly due to the cold, but he bites into the bite, she smiles and caresses his animal again.
The bit has straps, she ties the straps on his head, bridling him.
She puts a saddle on top of him, her horse who is ridden by her kneels, so she ties the saddle on the body of her boss.
The horse ridden by her stands up again, she inserts the reins into the bridle of her boss.
She changes horses and smiling goes into her workplace riding on her boss' shoulders.
Her boss climbs 4 floors up the stairs, he gets tired but she is comfortably watching her cell phone, chatting and talking on the cell phone.
- Why are you stopping lazy boy? Keep walking because we have work behind!
Her boss, sweaty, continued to climb the stairs being ridden by her, until he reached the fourth floor and stopped at her desk, he knelt down, she pushed his head down and dismounted.
She sat in her chair, he looked at her like a slaughtered lamb, she caressed his head and took the bite out of him.
Her prostrate boss went back to kissing her boots and licking her soles and high heels, she stepped on his head, then he retired to his office.

She is also a supervisor and her supervised kiss her boots and are ridden by her.



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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (36)
By Max and Caballito

On Monday morning the lady not only chooses horses for Monday morning, she chooses for the whole week, both for the mornings to go to work and for the afternoons to return home.
She has a close lady friend (pinky friend) with whom she goes out together in the afternoons, so she chooses horses for her, hers a close friend of hers and other people.

As a tutor to a scholarship student, she rides a male upperclassman from boarding school once a month on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons.

On the aforementioned Monday mornings she early rides paying fathers who offer themselves to be horses ridden by her.
She impressively arrives with her herd at the house of her assigned horse, the student and his father kiss her boots, lick her soles and high heels. She steps on their heads.
She bridles and saddles dad and son, she rides the son and drives him using reins, spurs and whip. The rider is more than 20 years older than her horse, they are both of legal age.
Upon arriving at the boarding school, she leaves the reins of her horse, staying with the reins of the student and his father, she goes inside the boarding school riding her colt being followed by the horse's father. She rides her colt into the stable stall and ties his reins to the ring on the wall.
Then she changes horses riding the student's father, she retires, locking the stall door so no rustler can steal it from the assigned student.
- Don't worry, the auxiliary staff of the boarding school also have the keys.
She leaves the boarding school and rides to her workplace where she enslaves and animalizes her boss.

From Tuesday to Friday she arrives on time for her work in the morning, even before her boss, for which she waits for him at the clock to ride him to the fourth floor.
Her close female friend rides one of the Lady's supervisees.

The Lady and her close female friend leave work on time, the men leave 1 hour later but men from the office are ridden by both ladies to the first floor and then return to the office to continue their work.
The Lady rides her boss and her close female friend rides one of the Lady's supervisees.
Once outside, both ladies ride on the shoulders of paying parents to their homes. Before arriving at their houses, the ladies receive invitations from their horses, food, drinks, theater, cinema, entertainment.

The Lady's husband receives her at the door of the house and kisses her wife's boots together with her horse, then the horse withdraws and she dominates her husband.

Once a month on Friday nights she picks up the student from the boarding school, she rides in her horse's dad, she comes to the stable stall, opens the gate, rides in her dad, her horse is saddled and reins tied to the hoop, she unties the reins, grabs the reins, and rides her horse, riding him to his house.

These weekends there are no visits from parents because the boarding school receives general cleaning.



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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (37)
By Max and Caballito

- Your wife should be riding and I'm not.
Nessa said to her cousin who thanked her by kissing her boots and she stepped on her head.
- She doesn't feel good about it.
- Who doesn't feel good about it? her or you? Stop kissing my boots and kneel up straight so I can saddle and bridle you. You are very jealous, you are even jealous of me and you make scandals for others by embarrassing me, but I feel safe with you.
He obeyed her.
- In our childhood you got on all fours and I rode you on your back imitating my mom who rides your dad.
- Yes, 23 to 24 years ago.
She saddled her cousin, tying the straps tight.
He opened his mouth wide. She put the bit into her horse's mouth and smiled at him.
-Since when he first met me, my husband has wanted to always be under me, subdued by me, dominated by me, just like other men. He likes my feet, he caresses, massages and kisses them, just like the other men. I am beautiful and small, my hips are round and my legs are thick, wearing a hat, top, jeans and boots I am the ideal rider for everyone to dominate them and make them mine.
He felt the cold morsel in his mouth, and she tied the ties on his head.
- Do you like horse bit? With this I dominate and control you like the horse who you are because of me. It's like the dog leash I put around your neck when I want you to be my dog. I don't need them to animalize you but they are a symbol of power.
He neighed and nodded from her. She caressed his face and scratched his head.
- Do you want a horse mask on your face?
He shook his head at her.
- You are proud to be my horse, all my horses are proud to be mine and to be ridden by me showing their faces while being ridden by me, even in front of their wives. I put a horse mask and a dog mask on my slaves so that they are totally animalized by me, losing all traces of humanity. They like it and so do you.
She removed the morsel from his mouth, she gave a nod of approval and he kissed her boots.
- I know you love it, I give you pain while I control you, give me the riding whip, it's by your side, and put the spurs on my boots.
He diligently did it.
She rode up in the saddle on his shoulders and she inserted the bit back into her cousin's mouth.
- Get up!

In boarding school's stable she, the wonderful Nessa, the dreamed and adored rider, wearing cowgirl hat, revealing crop top showing off her arms, shoulders, hourglass-shaped narrow waist, jean shorts showing off her gorgeous thighs and knees, high-heeled black boots , and spurs. Stepping in the stirrups, grabbing the reins and using her whip, he used her cousin as the horse he used for her.
- Giddy Up!
The ride began.

Along with them were teachers, former students, senior students, and students' dads, moms, guardians, and guests. Using reins and whip, Nessa approached her husband who knelt at the wondrous sight and kissed her wife's boots and licked her soles.
- Get up!
Still riding on her cousin's shoulders, Nessa put the saddle on her husband's shoulders, her cousin knelt down and Nessa strapped the saddle onto her husband's body . Nessa's cousin stood up again, and Nessa put the cold morsel into her husband's mouth and bridled it, finally she put a horse mask on her husband's face.
She was grabbing the reins of her 2 horses. Using her reins, Nessa drove her cousin to his wife, and commanded her husband.
- Kiss the boots of my cousin's wife.
He obeyed his wife as his wife grabbed his reins from her, then Nessa gave her husband's reins to her cousin's wife.
- I lend you my husband to ride with me while I ride my other horse.
Nessa's cousin's wife wore a cowgirl hat, plaid blouse, blue jeans and boots. She pulled hard on Nessa's husband's reins and rode him.
- Get up!
- How much raw power, you surprise me.
- He is only a horse for me, the horse you lent me and I will enjoy it
Nessa caressed her cousin's face and then put a horse mask over it.
- These horse masks are useful, they have blinding bandages and headphones with music, so our horses will not be able to see or hear, they will be isolated and we will handle them as we please using reins, whip and spurs.
- Don't you think it's cruel?
- It's an immersive experience and they like it.
- Especially when you ride them.
- I think you're jealous of me?
- No, Nessa, I admire you.

Around them, other pairs of female rider and male horse were made, women always on top!



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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (38)
By Max and Caballito

All former students are of legal age.

Student lady on top of male teacher,
ex-student lady on top of male teacher,
Lady Teacher Over Legal Age Male Student,
lady teacher on top of former male student,
lady teacher on top of male teacher.

Female student over male student, with restrictions (legal age female student over legal age male student, legal age female student over former male student),
lady former student over legal age male student,
lady ex-student on top of male ex-student

mom on top of male teacher,
lady tutor on top of male teacher,
lady teacher on top of daddy,
Lady Teacher On Top Or Male Tutor,
mom on top of dad (not always her husband),
mom on top of male guardian (this is the case of Nessa's cousin's wife),
guardian lady on top of dad (this is the case of Nessa),
lady Tutor On Top Of Male Tutor,

Student lady on top of daddy,
student lady on top of male tutor,
mom over legal age male student (not always her son),
mom on top of former male student.

Other workers from the boarding school, administrative and auxiliary, also participate, listing them would make the list longer.
The boarding school secretaries are spectacular, their feet are kissed by everyone and they literally walk on male bodies.



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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (39)
By Max and Caballito

It is Friday afternoon, in which 10th. and 11th. grade students must be at home one weekend a month.

Around Nessa the rider and her cousin's wife, also a rider, are other parents, guardians of students, students, former students, teachers, assistants and administrators.

At the meeting Nessa is wearing a wearing cowgirl hat, revealing crop top showing off her arms, shoulders, hourglass-shaped narrow waist, jean shorts showing off her gorgeous thighs and knees, high-heeled black boots , and spurs. Nessa's cousin's wife is wearing a cowgirl hat, plaid blouse, blue jeans and boots.

It is a meeting scheduled by Dr. Beate Muller-Schmalbach, she riding Tobias addressed the participants.
- I am glad we are in our monthly meeting, in the month of Mother's Day we have honored students' mothers and students' ladies tutors, as well as teachers, assistants and administrative mothers.
Upon arriving at the Mother's Day meeting, the ladies were received by kneeling men (dads, teachers, students of legal age, administrative staff, and assistants) who kissed their boots, then they walked all over the bodies of men, and the lady rode their human horses.
So, students' moms and students' ladies tutors rode male teachers, dads and legal age male students who grew up with their children and are now legal age to be ridden by legal age ladies, childhood dreams come true at being legal age. Tobías confessed to me that he wanted to be my horse from the first time he saw me and he waited many years to be, now he is my favorite horse but this year he is graduating, but I know he will come back for more.

- In the month of Father's Day, students' fathers and students' male tutors, in addition to teachers, assistants and administrators fathers, were received by ladies dressed in riding attire (mothers, teachers, students, administrators and assistants), when men arrived they knelt before ladies, they kissed boots, they were stepped all over, they were bridled, saddled and ridden.
Thus, students' fathers and students' male tutors were ridden by lady teachers, mothers, student ladies, assistant ladies and administrative ladies, our secretaries were the most requested riders.

- Our auxiliary personnel have already enabled the rooms with beds for the ladies and the stables with stalls for the men.

- This time we are 50 female riders: 8 mothers, 8 tutors, 8 teachers, 8 students, 8 former students, 3 assistants and 7 administrative staff.
In addition, 150 male horses: 25 parents, 25 tutors, 25 teachers, 25 students of legal age, 25 alumni, 15 assistants and 10 administrative staff.
Our auxiliary ladies are the concierges or door staff, before whom upon arriving men (teachers, students, parents, administrative staff and assistants) kneel down and kiss their boots; while our male janitors or door staff are the ones who kneel and kiss feet and boots when ladies (teachers, students, parents, administrators and assistants) arrive, the ladies use the heads and hair of male janitors to clean the soles of their shoes.

- Let's dismount, unsaddle and unbridle our horses because we're going to have dinner.

After dinner, the men slept in their stalls in the stables and the ladies slept in their beds in the bedrooms.

Having chosen Nessa her 3 horses, 2 more wealthy and influential daddies who are C-level horses, and an auxiliary staff member, who is an A-level horse, Nessa put dog collars around the 2 wealthy men's necks and grabbed their leashes. From dogs to her fitted bracelet, they kissed her boots while she bridled and saddled the attendant.

A lady attendant approached her.
- Mrs. Nessa, you ignored your husband and your male cousin, I understand that you chose 2 richer level C horses, why did you choose the auxiliary staff member?
- The assistant works in a warehouse, is young, carries heavy loads, is a gardener and performs strenuous physical activities all day. In conclusion, he is a very resistant horse. I can be on top of my horse for hours while my 2 dogs, the 2 rich men, admire me riding it.
- Will you only ride the warehouse worker?
- I will also ride rich men to make them happy. Why don't you choose your horses or do you want to be my mare?
- I would love to but now I have to ride and not be ridden.
- Have fun riding!
- You too!



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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (40)
By Max and Caballito
Nessa receives gifts from rich men and rides to the grocer until she drops.

She commands her dogs to get on all fours together on the right side of her bridled and saddled horse and looking at him, they obey her.
Having 2 rich men on all fours at her disposal, she climbs on top of them, her high heels and the soles of her black boots hurting the skin on the backs of the 2 men, but she doesn't care, ignoring their moans. They're just floor mats under their boots

She stands on the starboard of her bridled and saddled horse, she grips her horse's reins, she doesn't care about her rich men's dog leashes because they're attached to her bracelet, she pushes her horse's head down, he ducks his head.
She lifts her right leg up and she steps into the right stirrup, she grabs the saddle and jumps.
Nessa's left leg flies through the air and she steps on her left stirrup. She settles into the saddle.
- Giddy Up!
She drives her horse to the stable being followed by her 2 dogs, she uses the reins, spurs and whip to drive her horse.

Still riding her horse, she opens the door and enters her slave's stall being followed by her dog, she ties her slave's leash to the wall hoop, she rides off and locks the door.
So she keeps her 2 dogs in the stalls set up as kennels.

She rides her horse on a night ride, other riders ride too, Dr. Beate Muller-Schmalbach rides Tobias, a student lady rides a teacher, a mom rides a legal age male student, a secretary lady ride a dad.

The mother tells her story.
-From the beginning he is my son's classmate, at first he bullied my son. I found out and asked for a meeting, first my dad apologized and kissed my boots, I stepped on his head, then he stood on the wall, the bully entered the room and I scolded him, he knelt before me, asked sorry and kissed my boots, then his dad accompanied him kissing my boots. I finally bridled, saddled and rode his dad.
Since then he takes care of my son, he gets on all fours so my son sits on him when my son is tired, he also crawls on all fours when my son sits astride, and he carries my son on his shoulders, then of it he kissed my boots.
I asked him: why are you doing this?
He replied: Because I am your horse as is my dad, you will ride me in public when I am of legal age.
And here I am, riding my legal age horse in public, he waited a long time to be ridden by me in public.
- Did you start riding him when he was legal age?
- I started riding him in public. Before this he visited my house.
- AND?
- Nothing more, I'll just tell you the horses are first ridden on all fours and then on shoulders.
- Underage horses can only be ridden by underage riders, while underage riders can ride horses of any age, whether they are underage or older.
- That's right, minors are growing and should not carry weight that they cannot carry, they can carry their classmates but they cannot be ridden by older ladies.
- Save a horse, ride a cowboy. When did your son stop riding your horse?
- Since my son and my horse began to be ridden by their ladies classmates.

There are countless boarding school experiences, mostly moms, lady tutors, and lady students riding male teachers, and lady teachers riding dads, male tutors, and male students.



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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (41)
By Max and Caballito

Jule and Sabine, two of the slightly older female students, had just saddled two male classmates in their class, then they were mounted and wanted to ride out into the countryside this afternoon in the beautiful weather. Then they saw how the stable door in the building opposite slowly opened and the secretary, sitting in the saddle of a strong man, she saw the two young ladies. As is so often the case, her riding slave was the school caretaker, whom she particularly enjoyed riding. He got a quick kick in the flanks, then horse and rider moved towards them. The young students knew her quite well and had often had small talk with her. Basically a very likeable person who had made a nice impression on the two of them since they first met. Now she steered the caretaker further in her direction with the reins, gave him another kick that made him trott faster.

She sat in the saddle as a matter of course, not even noticing that she wasn't sitting on a four-legged horse, but was riding a man. How he had to struggle to transport her in a comfortable way probably didn't matter. The fact that she simply used him "as a matter of course" always impressed the two ladies when they met her somewhere.

You could clearly see the man's struggle to carry his rider, how he distorted his face, but the lady didn't seem to care! For her it was probably only important that she sat well in the saddle and could ride him. If her stallion should move, he would get a kick in the flanks, direction given by the reins. If he should run even faster, then there was just another short kick, maybe a little harder so that the command of his amazon was also clear. So there was no need to use any words, it all happened pretty much on the fly. In addition, she wasn't really a heavyweight, just a woman of normal weight, who was sitting in the shoulder saddle relaxed and obviously in the best of moods and was now bringing her stallion to a standstill with a short pull of the reins. How far he had "accustomed" to this additional weight was not immediately apparent, but it wasn't the first time she had ridden him.

"Hello you two, great weather today, isn't it? I think you should definitely take advantage of that! I see you guys are on the move too! A good idea to ride and move the lazy horses a bit!”

"Hello! Yes, really great! We also want to go horseback riding, it's a good idea! You also want to move something I see! Your two-legged friend looks a bit tired! I don't think he really enjoys being ridden, at least it looks like it, despite the wonderful weather!"

"Hahaha, you're right! He wasn't exactly enthusiastic when I climbed into the saddle earlier!" Now the rider patted his neck with a smile, "but you shouldn't worry too much about it, that's just how the boys are sometimes, they don't have a sense of humor! I was down town with him this morning though, had to run some urgent errands! On the way back it was quite loaded with all that stuff, and it made big eyes when I also got on him too! The guy started sweating quite a bit on the way back, it's no wonder, we've had wonderful weather all day! He was pretty down and happy when we got back and I put him in his box. Unfortunately, he was a little unlucky today, because in the hurry I actually forgot something in town! It's actually not that important stuff, but it can happen quickly if you're a bit distracted! So we have to set off again, my caretaker and I! You know the wise saying: what the rider doesn't have in his head, her horse has to have in his legs ... hahaha! A little joke from me ... but we are all glad that we have such "nice" horses! I don't know what to do without her hahahah, we wouldn't have half as much fun in life hahaha!"

Then she patted her two-legged horse's sweaty neck again, almost amicably if you didn't know better. You could clearly see the desperation of the wearer at having to carry a rider on his shoulders again, but he couldn't do anything about it.

"It doesn't really matter, as I said, it can happen that you forget something in a hurry! And when the weather is nice, you like to be outside in nature anyway, fresh air is very healthy! I could have chosen another horse, maybe a teacher, but there really wasn't one I liked. Besides, you have your habits when riding, so my horse has to do it again, it can't be changed! But we'll manage that together, it's actually not that big of a problem if he gets tired a little faster. I pretty much know how to deal with him that he's still making an effort and going at a decent pace! I've known his quirks for a while! You just can't get involved in everything, it's often just pretend anyway! That moaning, how they pant, just so that his rider is also considerate of the "poor fellow"! I'll have to help out with my lazybones, maybe even get a little angry with him. Because he doesn't really feel like carrying his nice rider to town anymore! I understand that too, I probably wouldn't have in his place either! But I'm not in his place, hahaha, I'm not my own horse either, I was really lucky there ... and he wasn't, hahaha! But basically we are all happy that we have our two-legged horses, what else should we ride? But, I already said that. Actually, they are doing really well and they are queuing up for us, everyone really wants to be a horse! That's handy for all of us!"

The caretaker, a strong, even muscular fellow, leaned forward slightly and it was clear from his face that he hadn't fully recovered. The time without a rider in his box was probably not long enough for that. It was therefore an enormous effort for him to have to carry this lady on his shoulders again. She had tied him up with wide leather straps in such a way that resistance was out of the question. His wrists were locked securely behind his back, a small precaution in case he did want to mess around. His prudent ladyrider had strapped the saddle to his upper back. This gave her a really comfortable seat, but it was an extra effort for her riding horse, because he couldn't just sit up straight, had to keep his upper body slightly bent. The only thing he could really move freely was his conspicuously muscular legs, which were undoubtedly the only important thing for what was to come.

If you looked a little more closely, you could also easily see what the wearer was facing on this coming ride. His amazon was actually dressed quite casually, according to the weather. He had put on shorts, but was still wearing knee-high riding boots. Short spurs, slightly rounded at the tip, were attached to the heels with narrow straps. You could imagine what would happen to it as the riding slave's strength waned over time, and you could see that before the ride had even really started! This kind of spurs were used to motivate  listless horses, especially when they were getting tired but his rider was still full of temperament. It seemed so in this case too!

In addition, a supple, relatively long riding crop hung from the saddle pommel. This, too, would certainly be used energetically at the appropriate time to drive him forward when exhaustion arose. The common thing was: with this kind of leather whip almost the whole body could be reached without any problems. You could use it to push him again and again without overly straining a specific area of the skin. A few welts were still clearly visible, certainly traces of the first tour into the city. The stallion was "loaded quite properly" ... as his cheerful rider had noticed shortly before with a broad grin.

All in all: you could tell that the friendly lady from the school office was a very experienced slave rider, someone who knew exactly how to deal with a tired horses. It was also clear to the stallion that he could not count on being particularly lenient on the ride that now followed. Whatever energy he still had in his body, his female rider would also awaken and use.

Then he got a kick in the flanks and immediately trotted off willingly!



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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (42)
By Max and Caballito

Secretaries. divine creatures, ladies who control the office, documents, files, goods, even their bosses.
They are generally young adult ladies, just like the stewardess, from their late teens to their thirties or forties, but they retire on a nice pension.

The boarding school's secretaries are expert riders, dressed in riding attire, volunteers arrive riding, bridled and saddled dad, teacher, student, administrative or assistant, her boots are kissed by whoever crosses her path, the jealous boarding school's caretaker He looks at her tenderly, "don't worry because I'll ride you hard", she says and she keeps her words.

When she must go outside to perform an errand, she takes two or three of her human horses from her herd of hers, bridles them, saddles them, and rides them, driving them using reins, riding crop, and spurs. . Men who see her admire her wishing they were her horse; and, women who see her envy her wishing to be the rider, or perhaps the mare.

It is a wonderful spectacle to see the ladies of the boarding school going in and out of the boarding school, and moving through the town.

The boarding school has a large area, where the pavilions separated by its 4 levels are built.
- 1st. level. 1st, 2nd. and 3rd. year or grade
- 2nd. level. 4th. 5th. and 6th. year or grade
- 3rd. level. 7th, 8th and 9th. year or grade
- 4th. level. 10th. and 11th. year or grade At this level the students are of legal age, male students are ridden by lady students, lady teachers, mothers, lady assistants and lady administrators (secretaries for example).
We all know lady students of all levels and grades ride their dads, uncles, male classmates, male teachers, male assistants and male administrators.

The area of each level is independent from the others, each level has its own buildings where the classrooms and dormitories are, taking turns to use the sports fields, libraries and others. Likewise, there is a stable and a large area for riding equine horses and equine mares.

In addition, the upper level (10th and 11th years) has its own pool and its own stable for human horses.

On weekends parents and tutors of students, as well as teachers, assistants and administrators go to the general stable to ride equine horses, or they go to the upper level stable to ride, or be ridden, because 3 out of 4 weekends, the students 4th level (all adults) remain in the boarding school.

-Bridled and saddled male student is ridden by a mother (not necessarily his own mother) or a lady tutor (his lady tutor of him or another), he is ridden by a lady teacher or he is ridden by a lady student.
-Bridled and saddled father or male tutor is ridden by a lady tutor or mother (not necessarily his wife), he is ridden by a lady teacher or he is ridden by a lady student (not necessarily his daughter).
-Bridled and saddled male teacher he is ridden by a student lady, he is ridden by a mom or he is ridden by a teacher lady.

The ladies are spectacular:
-Mom or guardian lady rides a male teacher, she rides a dad (not necessarily her husband) or she rides a male student (not necessarily her son).
-Lady student rides a male teacher, she rides a dad (not necessarily her dad), or she rides a male student.
- Lady teacher rides a male student, or she rides a dad or she rides a male teacher.

29-year-old Nessa and 50-year-old Lightning became very close friends, meeting on weekends at the boarding school, each one riding to her bridled and saddled husband and they go inside, their boots are kissed by men, they cross the horse stable equines where they see people having fun riding equines.
- We can spend time here.
- Yes, because equine horses are more fun than human horses.
- Let's leave our husbands with their reins tied in the rings in their stalls in the human horses' stable.
- How do we get back here?
- Riding senior students.

They go, she riding on top of her horse's shoulders, she goes inside the stall of her horse and without stopping riding him she ties the reins of her horse to the hoop located on the wall of the stall. his horse from her.
Eager male seniors approach them and offer to be ridden by the Goddesses.
- Here we will become millionaires.
- Ha ha ha.
She accepts whoever offers her the most, they beg
- Please, I implore you to also accept second place.
- Okay, first, second and third place! Pay now in cash!



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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (43)
By Max and Caballito

Without stopping riding her husband, she puts a bite in the mouth of her foals, bridles them, saddles them, and she rides whoever paid her more money. She grabs the reins of her 3 horses, the horse she is riding and the other 2 who follow her hoping to be ridden by her.
- Such are the harsh laws of the market.
- Yes, the law of supply and demand.
-The winner was the one who paid more because he is being ridden by me, the other 2 are hoping to be ridden by me, maybe I will or maybe I won't, but they accepted my conditions.
- What will you buy with this?
- Boots, riding attire, my horses must be happy and proud being ridden by a properly dressed lady rider.

They arrived at the place of the equine horses, some ladies ride equines while others wait.
- Hello son, see you are being ridden by a beautiful Goddess.
The rider removes the bit from the mouth of the horse ridden by her.
- Hi Mom.
-I am proud to see you ridden by your Goddess, suffering under her, feeling her weight, her control of your reins, her whip and her spurs.
- Yes mom.
- You are bleeding, this spilled blood is a tribute to your Goddess, because you give your blood and your life to her.
The daddy kisses the boots of his son's rider.

- Lady, you are tired of waiting so long, sit on the shoulders of one of my other 2 horses.
The mother rode another of the Goddess's horses, the Goddess again inserted the bit into the mouth of the horse she rode.
- Thank you so much Mrs.
- You are welcome. The waiting line is long and each one rides a quarter of an hour, it is possible for those at the end of the queue not to ride.
- Mostly women ride.
- Women ride, men are ridden.
- They are ridden like my son.
- That's how it is.
- Did you request an appointment to talk with a teacher?
- Oops, I forgot, now I'm going.
Now, addressing her husband:
- Stop kissing the lady's boots and let's go to the meeting with the teacher!
Dad gets up.
- I haven't kneeled in a long time.
- Let my other horse carry you and let's go to the meeting!

Thus, the Goddess rides one of her horses, and the other 2 are ridden by mom and dad, the Goddess grabs the reins of her 3 horses.
- Did you like my boots? The Goddess asked the father.
- Yes Mistress, they are precious, and they have a pleasant flavor.
- I stepped in horse poop.
- I cleaned the soles of your boots and removed everything.
- Where did you dump the poop?
- I swallowed it.
- Do you know why I am now riding your son?
-He paid more in cash.
- You gave him the cash.
- Yes, to be ridden by a beautiful Goddess like you, I offer you much more to be ridden by you.
- Your wife is here.
- She knows it.
- Open mind?
- Polyamorous. Does your husband know you ride others?
-Yes, I just left him, his reins tied to the hoop in the stable stall, he saw me riding your son.
- Did he accept it?
-Yes, he is my horse.
- Has he other riders?
- Only when I lend it.
- Do you have total control over him?
- That's how it is.
- I'm crazy about you, you drive me crazy, let me be one of your horses.
- You are.



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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (44)
By Max and Caballito

Everyone is very strict in the boarding school, the studies are hard, and all the graduates are successful.

Separating students by levels helps not break one of the rules of pony role play: underage horses should not be ridden by adult riders (we've all witnessed dads carrying their daughters, or kids playing piggyback with children their age of them, and these are not condemnable).

Higher level students (10th and 11th year) are all of legal age, while lower level students go home every weekend, upper level students go home once a month, the last weekend of each month.

Thus, on weekends when students of legal age are not at home, they participate as hosts in parent-teacher meetings, meetings eagerly awaited by fathers because they have the opportunity to be ridden.

There is a large parking area in front of the boarding school where upperclassmen and former students (all of whom are of legal age) wait to help teachers and parents.

From early on there are upper level students and former students, men wear shirts, jeans and sneakers, as well as saddles and bridles with reins put on by upper level student ladies and former student ladies.
Ladies wear cowgirl hat, crop top, jeans, high heeled knee boots with spurs and riding whip, each lady has 3 bridled and saddled horses at her disposal.

Then the teachers arrive. male professors kiss boots of female students and kiss boots of female ex-students, male professor is saddled, bridled and ridden by one of these ladies into the boarding school where he is left with his bridles tied to the wall hoop.
Ladies teachers have their boots kissed and enter riding a student or riding a male ex-student where they stay comfortably seated in armchairs.

Then the student 'parents and students' tutors arrive, dad or male tutor is greeted by his hostess who is riding a host, he kisses his hostess's boots, then is saddled, bridled and ridden by his hostess.
Mom or guardian lady is greeted by a hostess who is riding a host and grabbing the reins of other bridled and saddled hosts. Hostess gives the reins of one of the hosts to mom or guardian lady, he kneels before whoever grabs his reins.
If mother or lady guardian removes the morsel from the host's mouth, it is her command to him to kiss her boots. He obeys her.
So, the lady rides the host.



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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (45)
By Max and Caballito

These weekends are always a big event that a lot of people look forward to, some, especially men of different ages, are really looking forward to these two days. Since every woman has at least 3 riding horses available, there are far more men present than women. They are getting into a good position and many are already saddled and harnessed to make a good impression. The choice of the two-legged horses is up to the ladies!

In the background, a few gentlemen are also trying, primarily those who can afford to win a goddess, their dream woman as a rider! We cannot rule out that attempts are made to win the favor of one or the other lady with special donations! We can't rule it out, but we also don't know whether it will happen in individual cases...

The planning of these weekends is the responsibility of Dr. Müller-Schmalenbach, who, due to time constraints, does not work everything out herself, but has delegated it to some older students. Only the result is presented to her for a decision.

Excursions are often part of the program, where the male horses and female riders go off-road. Sometimes on somewhat more demanding high-altitude trails or even ascents to medium-high mountains are planned. Of course, this requires a certain hardness and also ambition of the Amazons to ride these paths. The whip is particularly important here, but also when laziness and decreasing energy become visible, energetic kicks with the spurs to motivate the two-legged friends.

The change of horses is then naturally somewhat more frequent, depending on the performance of the riding slaves. With a little skill this is even possible. without the rider having to dismount and touch the ground. But some ladies already have a comfortable feeling when they get in the saddle, so they prefer to practice the "classic" horse change.

Likewise, female riders often find it appropriate when the male horses thank them after dismounting. This is usually done by getting down on their knees and kissing the riding boots. For the men, this often has a special, motivating appeal, and some look forward to it. Then from one second to the next the painful kicks with the spurs and the cruel riding crop are forgotten, then only the foot of the rider and the smell of leather to enjoy in the heads.

But there are also other weekends when these fantastic excursions don't happen! Competitions can also be held at the sports facility, for example, and horse things are also part of the programme. Races across the track are very popular, with the slaves being harnessed to a wagon and a racer sitting in a sulky. This is when things really get going, because there are also interesting prizes for the winner. No particular consideration is to be expected, because the ladies, whether young or not, whether they are teachers or students, want to win and the stallions are pushed energetically to the limit with the long whip.

In such a race, not only the female spectators are allowed to applaud, but the men are also enthusiastic about such a spectacle and are allowed to cheer loudly on the female racers.

Then on such a day there are also slightly less strenuous competitions, for example a ride through a course, where the stallion is blindfolded and he has to move guided by spurs, reins and whip ... rather a somewhat calmer sport for them slightly older horses, but that also finds interested spectators.

There are also strength exercises of all kinds from time to time, either weights are pulled by several horses, with a lady with the whip making sure that they really work hard.

Another exercise is the so-called tug of war! Here 10 horses, with a lady in the shoulder saddle, are tied to a thick rope and then have to be stronger than their opponents and pull them over a marking. In the past, the ladies, who behaved like furies in the saddle during this competition, were given spurs and a riding crop. However, some have lost control out of sheer ambition and the horses have been seriously injured due to excessive use of the spurs. Today only the use of riding crops is permitted. In order to make this competition a little more interesting for the spectators, the horses now only wear shorts and are otherwise naked. You can imagine what's going on: 20 wildly whipping amazons who all want to win and the roaring spectators!

This is also the highlight of the weekend, because after that many two-legged horses are at the end of their strength!



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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (46)
By Max and Caballito

Being disciplined is a priority, this is known by all the members of the boarding school (students, teachers, administrative staff, auxiliary staff, parents and guardians) who always arrive on time when they are summoned.

On weekends, when parents and guardians are called individually, students of legal age and former students receive and accompany parents and guardians
Male students of legal age and former male students, duly bridled and saddled horses, called hosts, are ridden by the ladies (moms, tutors, teachers and students).
Female students of legal age and female ex-students, riders wearing riding attire, called hostesses, they ride the males - dads, tutors, teachers and students of legal age).

There are always jealous husbands who do not allow other men to be ridden by their wives, they are also accompanied by trusted men who, upon arriving at the boarding school, are bridled, saddled and ridden by the divine wife.
Thus we see the lady riding her husband, her brother-in-law (her husband's brother or her sister's husband), her brother, her cousin, her father, her uncle or her husband's close friend.

In the summons, the boarding school informs the parents and guardians whether or not they should come with the student, taking the appropriate measures.

The mother or guardian lady, riding together with the young legal age hostess, crosses the parking lot, then the main patio, they enter the social building where she is expected by the teacher.
When the horse is weak, especially the husband is jealous, mom changes horses because her feet should not touch the ground, so beautiful mom rides a young host.

The father or male guardian, being ridden by the young hostess of legal age, goes the same route as the mother or guardian lady, if he gets tired he is temporarily replaced by a younger legal age horse, and will be ridden again by his hostess before being in front of the teacher.

This is information that I previously forgot and now I communicate: the scholarship students' mothers or female tutors are also hostesses in this activity, and the scholarship students' fathers or male tutors are hosts in this activity.

Thus, in the assigned room the lady teacher waits comfortably seated in an armchair, the mother or lady tutor dismounts and sits in another armchair, her boots are kissed by her horse, and the father or male tutor is dismounted, kisses the boots of his rider, then kiss the teacher lady's boots and the mom or tutor lady's boots. The hostess rides the host and withdraws.

Or also, in the assigned room, a male teacher is waiting on his knees
the father or male tutor is dismounted, kisses the boots of his rider, and the mother or female tutor dismounts and sits in an armchair, her boots are kissed by her horse, then the male teacher and the father or male tutor kiss her boots. The hostess rides the host and withdraws.




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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (47)
By Max and Caballito

It's true, Max, not everything in the boarding school is studies, work meetings or scheduled individual and group meetings of teachers with parents, there is also space and time for physical activity, sports and fun.

Thank you so much.




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Re: The boarding School

The Boarding School (48)
By Max and Caballito

It is true at the beginning of the scholarship program at the boarding school, scholarship students' dads and male tutors were employed in various activities, for them to be bridled, saddled and ridden by ladies (paying students' moms, students, teachers, administrative workers and workers assistants) was, is and will be the most recurring activity.

Practice makes perfect, being ridden by the aforementioned ladies, the scholarship students' fathers and male tutors gained strength and went to boarding school being ridden by their represented female student (for example, daughter) and by a female with whom they jointly represent the student (mom or guardian lady).

This was seen by paying students' dads and other males from the boarding school who became friends with scholarship students' dads and walked next to the man on horseback, seeing a lady (mother or lady tutor) riding her husband or the male tutor and surrounded by 3 or more rich and powerful men (powerful? Not for her!).

The Lady immediately knows the desires and intentions of men around her, men are open books for ladies, and this knowledge is used to her advantage.
It is worth mentioning, a man who is a human horse can be isolated by his rider by being tied to the hoop of the stall and when he is being ridden. This isolation is achieved by wearing blindfolds and headphones (human horse listens to music and from time to time listens and obeys the commands of its rider given by microphone).
- Dear, I'm going to isolate you, I'll blindfold you and I'll turn off the microphone while I enjoy riding.
The overpowered horse neighs and nods.
She stops her horse, she strokes her face and her hair while she chats with the other men.

- Well, I love that you are friends of my husband and friends of mine, I thank you for so many attentions and gifts, especially my riding outfit, it includes whips, boots and spurs.
- Thanks to you, you are a wonderful woman and powerful rider.
- Why did you approach me?
- As we said, you are a wonderful lady.
- I am wonderful, what do you think of my husband?
- He's lucky.
-Why is he lucky? He is blinded and unable to hear outside, he is isolated by me, he can't speak because of the bit I put in his mouth when I bridle him, he is being ridden by me sitting on the saddle, he is feeling everything my weight on his shoulders, he has no freedom because he is obeying my commands given through reins, whip and spurs...
-For everything you said, he is lucky.
- Do you wish this luck for yourself?
- Yes Mistress.

- Well, if it is your wish, you must come with your bit, bridles, reins, saddle, blindfolds and headphones so that you can only listen to my commands.
- Yes Mistress.

Thus, scholarship students' mothers and female tutors began to ride paying students' fathers and male tutors.

The boarding school community found out about this and, knowing the needs and desires of the paying students' fathers and male tutors, they accepted scholarship students' mothers and female tutors to be riders and these ladies ride horses paying students' fathers and male tutors, in addition to other males (teachers, administrative staff, auxiliary staff and higher level students).

Thus, scholarship students' mothers and female tutors freed scholarship students' fathers and male tutors from their role of being horses in the boarding school.

For this reason, when the mother is not pretty or attractive, scholarship students' parents look for and choose beautiful and dominant ladies to be lady tutors for their children, so the father will not be a horse because the lady tutor will be a rider. For this reason, Nessa's cousin sought and begged her to be the guardian lady of his son.

Also for this reason, the percentage to contribute to the student scholarship program paid by paying students' parents also changed, the minimum percentage is still 10%, but the higher the payment, the possibility of being ridden by a beautiful rider, this is subjective because in the end the lady is the one who chooses her horse.



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