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#1 2022-09-08 02:12:14

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All-fours question for riders mostly

Hi there. I'm kinda new for the thing and im a male pony) I really prefer to be riiden in all-4's mostly because this make me to feel like a horse much more then on shoulders and I enjoy much more to carry somedy on my back. I have a qustion for you falks, may be you can help me and share your expirience.
So as I mentioned before I'm new in terms of practice and so is my rider. We don't have any real riding exp so got some info and ideas from interenet and concernig of bio horse riding (whicht has clear differences btw human pony). She rides me on my back and focusung now of how to control me without any words - perfeclty she wants to ride me using only her legs.
Do you guys can give any hints - of what sorts and types of these commands could be? If you ride somebody how do you control him/her?
My rider uses just basic I guess - if she whants me to move she pushes or kicks my ribs with her knees/thighs or kicks with heels, to stop squeezes and to turm just 1 kick on a side. 
The thing here is that if I wanna be naughty pony she barely can do anything to me - she  physically cannot hit me really hard on a ribs so I can easy ignore these efforts) Actually even Im not going to I barely feel this urging somethimes. If she wnants to kick me with her heels she only can do it on my thighs  that it not convincing as well.
  Any saggestions, ideas what can we do whith that? How do you control your pony with your legs? How to make these signals stronger. How would can she give other commands like backwards and etc. I hope Im clear with my qustion and thanks in advance



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Re: All-fours question for riders mostly

Hi Goprony !

This is a message for your rider :

I think it is not possible to ride a man on all fours using your legs as your only helps ... You will need to use reins, ideally fastened to a bit in his mouth. You can make a bit with a small piece of gardening hose, a length of rope inside, and a knot at each end of the hose. If you bore a few holesall along the hose, your horse will be able to breathe thru his mouth, whch is useful if you ride him hard for a long time  ... To manage the speed of riding, a crop is really useful. You may also fix spurs on your heels : That way, your horse will better understand your wishes when you hit his thighs   smile 

You van also produce makeshift stirrups with a piece of rope, and a bowline at each end.

Then you will teach your orders to your horse : left, right, back, figure-eight, u-turn, prancing, rear up, walk, canter, faster, slower ... With a blindfold on his eyes, its even better !

Happy rides !




#3 2022-09-08 23:24:09

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Re: All-fours question for riders mostly

Very good advice esel! I wouldn't even have thought of the blindfold at first! But of course it increases the concentration of the human quadruped! ( Maybe you should try riding yourself? )

Cracking the riding whip on the "juicy ham" works wonders, of course! Of course it's easy to help with that when the horse is a bit tired. Don't be inhibited ... that's how riding is fun!



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