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A group picture- story

This story is partially inspired by an old story from here:

https://www.ultimateshoulderrides.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=2144 (New Window)

P. S. If aomeone want to have my ride his/her shoulders let me know! :p I'm ~63 kg

"OK, everyone, please stand there, arrange yourself," the photographer said. He came to take a class picture for an article about the college in the local newspaper.
Emily hurried forward and managed to get an excellent spot in the front row, near the middle. It might only be the local newspaper, yet- they would appear in it! She was a little bit excited.
Then, after almost everyone had found a spot, a beautiful girl walked over. It was Rose, the most popular girl in the class. She had a perfect body, long, flowing blond hair, and smooth skin. She was as beautiful as any model out there.
Emily, in comparison, was very plain looking, a bit overweight, and with curly, brown hair.
Rose walked toward Emily and pushed her back.
"Make a room here, dear… you can be in the second row, right?" she said, not even asking. After all, it was obvious which of the two girls should be in the front row. Emily was so angry, but she did not say anything. Past experiences taught her it is better to keep silent and accept her social status.
Pushed to the second row and behind the taller Rose, she was almost unseen by the camera. She tried to stick her head between the front row shoulders. Eventually, She gave up, thinking she would look ridiculous in the picture.
The photographer took several pictures but was not satisfied with the results.
"the front row, please sit down. Second and third row, please get closer. I want your heads close to each other. Look more like a family, you know!" he smiled.
The girls on the front row had to sit down, several of them reluctantly- especially Rose. Now her beautiful body will not be fully visible in the picture… but there was no choice here.
Emily found herself standing right behind the sitting Rose. The people around her pushed from all sides. She got forced more and more toward Rose. She tried to stay in the place, but it was impossible. She was standing now almost over Rose, her legs touching her back. Then came a final shove, and she lost balance. Her hands automatically tried to grab the closest thing-that was Rose's head. Her legs buckled. She leaned, her legs moving a little bit forward; now, they were on either side of Rose. And suddenly, she found herself sitting on Rose's shoulders. She was so surprised she just froze there on her human 'chair.'
But Rose was even more surprised. She sat with Emily on her shoulders for several seconds, not comprehending. Then she said, "what the fuck! Get off, now!"
'Everyone, please be quiet and don't move. I need to take the pictures and move on!' the photographer said at the exact moment.
Emily sat there, still unsure what to do… if she tried to stand, she would get pushed again. On the other hand, the photographer just asked them to not move… well, Rose's fault she took her place anyway! Emily decided to just keep sitting on Rose. The bitch can just whine however she wants!
Rose tried to move and get free, but she was not particularly strong, and Emily was quite heavy. Worse, to her rising horror, the more she tried to move under Emily, the more the thighs around her head got tighter… And somehow, the weight on her neck got heavier…She soon understood that she had no way to get free and would just have to accept her role as a seat for Emily. Her face reddened. It was so humiliating!
Meanwhile, Emily found this position on Rose's shoulders was very comfortable. She clutched the long blond hair in her hand and pushed Rose's head slightly down, getting an even better position on her slender neck. The more Emily sat on Rose, the better she felt. Emily imagined herself like a queen, sitting on top comfortably, and this hated bitch under her was some lowly servant…
'Snip! Snap! The photographer took several pictures.
Then he finished and walked out.
Everyone started to move and get out too. Emily wanted to keep sitting on Rose's shoulders. Still, every good thing has an end… she bounced several times on Rose's shoulders, then reluctantly got up, releasing Rose's hair.
The moment Rose got up, she flared.
"How you dare! You ugly stupid fat whore! How Dare you!"
She slapped hard on Emily's cheek.
But Emily won't have it now… just a moment ago, she was the queen on Rose's shoulders! She grabbed Rose's head and pulled her hair.
'Apologise now! You bitch!" she said.
Rose scratched her. "get off me!".
Emily pulled harder on rose hair. Rose fell to her knees.
Now Emily was standing again with Rose kneeling in front of her. Emily could not resist the temptation. With Rose's hair still clutched in her hand, she walked around and got behind Rose.
"I think you need to learn your place, bitch!" she said. Then she lowered herself to Rose's shoulders.
"What the fuck are you doing! Get off now! You will regret it!"
Emily sank with all her weight on the neck of Rose. Then she pulled her hair.
"No, this time you are the one who will regret… the only one", she said. "now stand."
Rose had no choice. It was very painful to have her hair pulled up by Emily. With great efforts, she managed to stand up. Now Emily was riding high in the air, Rose having to bear all her weight with her delicate body.
"Good, my pony! Now walk! " she said and kicked Rose.
And then Emily rode on Rose in truth.



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