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Re: Riding Goddesses

The human imagination is truly incredible, we evidence this in the stories shared on this portal or web page.

Of course we set limits!
These mentioned limits are necessary.

One of them is, legal age riders should only ride legal age horses in public (minors can play among themselves, but if the rider reaches the age of majority, he or she must stop riding their minor horses until the horse reaches the age of majority). Consequently, underage jockeys can ride horses of legal age in public, daughters riding dads, for example.

Another, there are no superior human races or inferior human races because we humans are not divided by race, because we are only one race: the human race.
We recognize that we have some small external differences, but they are only ethnic.
Any mention of Europeans or Americans enslaving Africans should not be tolerated, as it is a reminder of shameful events from our past.


On the other hand, we can fly with our imagination, imagine the beautiful sorceress Circe (The Odyssey) who transforms men into pigs but I prefer her to transform them into horses and ride them, or to the tale of nights 860, 861, 862, 863 , 864 and 865 of the thousand and one nights (a woman transforming her husband into a dog, then another woman transforms this dog back into a man and giving him the formula to transform his wife into a white mare).

Thus, in our minds we are transformed into our equine brothers when we are ridden by our beautiful lady owners and lady riders.

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Re: Riding Goddesses

I agree with you! Of course, this is burdened by the colonial era and above all by the historical slavery! This should also be taken into account in a forum ... our boss would probably find "bad" words if a writer didn't pay attention to this!

There are pictures on the internet, sometimes moving ones, that show people from different backgrounds in different positions. My impression is that there is no pattern here, that people are not tied to certain positions. Maybe this happens in certain circles that I don't have access to and don't want to have.

"Imagination is imagination!" You can only make it that easy if you write a story exclusively for yourself! If something goes viral you lose control of what happens to the lyrics!

I have written some stories of this kind for myself, but I would never publish them! The contents have nothing to do with my humanistic thinking!

So, dear Caballito, I agree with you!



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Re: Riding Goddesses

It is true, dear Max, there are stories that should not be told.

All our ideas, our desires and our fantasies are expressed in this forum for people like us.

Dare I share these stories on friends forums, my fellow students or coworkers forums, or my family forums? No! They would be ashamed and think I am crazy.

We are relatively few people who have this fantasy in common, we are like a family and we must understand and defend each other.

One of your friends and companions on this journey



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Re: Riding Goddesses

In our fantasy world we have created towns or islands where women ride freely on men's shoulders, without forgetting the rides on the backs of men on all fours and on the backs of men with horizontal backs wearing canes, only if their 4 legs are almost the same length, being the front legs a little longer.

There are those who adore being ridden by robust women (large and generous body mass women), while others are the opposite (they want to be ridden by small and thin women), this is not a controversial topic because each of us in our dreams will be ridden by the dream women.

For a lady, her first horses are her relatives and friends of relatives, she rides in all styles: she rides on her horse's shoulders, she rides on her horse's back while he is on 2 legs, she rides on her horse's horizontal back wearing 2 canes so his 4 legs are almost the same length, and she rides on her horse's horizontal back while he is on all fours. That is, being a minor, she has horses of legal age and horses of minor age.
As the years go by, her universe of horses grows: teachers, classmates, her own friends, and family members of all of the above. While she is underage her horses are overage horses and underage horses.
When she reaches legal age, her horses are of legal age.
She needs the consent of her parents or guardians to ride horses of legal age.

For a man, his first riders are his relatives, and daughters and nieces of relatives' friends, he is ridden in only one style: on all fours. Saying, being a minor, he has only minor riders.
As the years go by, his world of riders is increasing: classmates, friends and family members of all of the above. While he is underage, his riders are underage.
When he reaches legal age, his riders are legal age riders and underage riders.

That is, as far as riding in public places is concerned, streets, parks, squares, beaches, shopping centers, sports fields, etc.

Our fantasy places, be they towns, islands or farms, are attractive to tourists, most of them are men who travel hoping to finally be ridden by beautiful ladies.

Couples also go, for example the generous husband who for medical reasons cannot be ridden by her wife travels with her so she can have fun riding on top of other men.

Couples with children also go, daughters will ride and sons will be ridden, complying with the rule: underage horses can only be ridden in public by underage riders.



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Re: Riding Goddesses

Mother and daughter in school (1)

She is still in her twenties, almost thirty. Her family owns large ranches and farm fields. Her mother in her fifties manages them. Farm workers and peasants submissively obey mother and daughter.

Every time she visits her mother, the bus arrives at a nearby point of the road where their slaves (enslaved by she and her mother) wait for her and her guests.

She wears cowgirl hat, white crop top, shorts jeans and boots, she shows part of her hair, face and neck, arms, belly button and hourglass waist, thighs, knees and part of calves.


In her school years she lived on the ranch with her family, town is 1 hour walking, her mom bridled  and saddled 3 of her submissives to be rinden by her.

Her mother accompanied her to school when mom was summoned by a teacher or by the principal. It was a wonderful sight  to see the imposing  mother riding one of her bridled and saddled mininos, dominating him using reins, whip and spurs.

The  summoner waited for the mother at the school gate, seeing her approach riding on the shoulders of one of her tamed men, he got on all fours and crawled towards her, he licked the soles and kissed the leather of her boots, she stepped on his head.
- Why did you summon me?
- To inform you ma'am.
- Here or at school?
- Inside the school ma'am, but your human horse doesn't enter.
- Whom I'll ride in there?
- Many men want to be your horse ridden by you, you even have mares at your disposal.
- My daughter is not yet of legal age, she can ride human horses of all ages in public (legal age and minors). Instead,  I can only ride human horses of legal age in public.
- The caretaker is at your disposal.

Still riding on her slave's shoulders, before her the guadian on his knees kissed her boots and standing up before her he opened his mouth.
She stuffed the cold bit into guardian's mouth, bridled and saddled him, then she changed horses.

Meanwhile, the summoner knelt before a 22-years-old lady who dressed a hat, white  blouse, jeans and high-heeled knee-high boots, he kissed her boots, she bridled him, she saddled him and she rode him.
- Hello, I finished my Educación degree and here I am an intern.
- Are you practicing in riding men?
- Hahahahaha, I am an expert riding men, teachers, dads, students, etc. My current horse told me about the case and we will talk.



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Re: Riding Goddesses

Mother and daughter at school (2)

- I noticed a boy bothering and hitting girls, including your daughter, we called the boy's parents first.
Upon receiving them, men lying on the floor, the teacher kissed the mother's feet and the father gladly kissed my boots, then I stepped on the father who remained meek under my weight, then I invited the mother to step on her husband while I allowed him to kiss my boot with the teacher who kissed my other boot.

I bridled, saddled and rode the teacher, the mom told me she envy the teacher.
I dismounted, then I bridled, saddled and rode the mom.
Obeying me commands,  the dad climbled on the teacher's shoulders.
The riders talk.

The dad dismounted, without stepping on the ground I changed horses  now I am riding the teacher.
I did the dad be the bridled and saddled, his wife rode him.
The riders talked.

The conversations with the other girls' were similar, ladies riding men.

We will have a meeting this Saturday at 9:00 a.m. Come with your daughter.

This Saturday were the 22-years-old lady riding the bridled and saddled teacher.

The mother came wearing all white: cowgirl hat, short blouse tied  to her body, lycra's mini short, high heeled knee high boots. She arrived riding on the shoulders of her bridled and saddled couple, diving him using reins, whip and spurs. She greeted the 22-years-old lady when she arrived. Her daughter accompanied her riding one of her cousins.
- You ride your horse everywhere. Did his family claimed?
- No, his sons and grandsons are also my horses. Your daughter's horse is docile.
- His dad is my horse, dads  play riding horsie with their children, but when they are playing and I am approaching, the son dismounts and call me to ride his dad  on all fours, on piggyback and on shoulders.
- What did his mother say?
- My sister just laughs. When I was pregnant and the ultrasound showed my child is a woman, he was happy  saying: my rider will be born.
- Now he is ridden by his rider.

Then, the boy's parents apologized.

The mother replied: ask for forgiveness on your knees. The boy an his parents obeyed her.

- Don't Messi with my daughter again!

The dad crawled towards the mom and kissed her boots. She bridled, saddled and rode him.



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Re: Riding Goddesses

"I bridled, saddled and rode the teacher, the mom told me she envy the teacher.
I dismounted, then I bridled, saddled and rode the mom.
Obeying me commands,  the dad climbled on the teacher's shoulders.
The riders talk."

This is an interesting development: a woman is ridden, a man rides!

Using a woman as a two-legged horse, that is, a mare, is a new thought! Surely she is not a horse for the caretaker, another teacher or one of the male students, but why shouldn't she be ridden by a woman for once?

After all, we know that women also like beautiful, shapely feet, maybe even with painted toenails that they like to kiss! If this foot is surrounded by fine leather, if this lady wears riding boots up to her knees, then the material feels good, she might want to stroke it with her hands, touch it with her lips! If she then attaches spurs to the heels of these boots with fine leather straps, does she feel pleasant at the thought of meeting her rider?
There are also women who like to be ridden, who want to feel the weight of an Amazon and then want to give everything as a riding horse!

Of course, this combination is not suitable for men, men are ridden by women and that is good and right! In exceptional cases they also ride on another man, their stallion, but there are also women for whom it is a real pleasure to carry a slim horsewoman , I am convinced of that! They too have "dream riders" whom they would like to offer their services to!

I feel that it is possible to ride also with a whip and spurs, but of course not with the consistency and severity that is usual with a stallion and sometimes necessary!



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Re: Riding Goddesses

My favorite shoulder riding scene

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yqnFNCNfLM&t=8s (New Window)



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Re: Riding Goddesses

Reply to Max

Yes, the 22-year-old young lady teacher who wears a hat, white blouse, jeans and high-heeled knee-high boots.

Without hesitation, men and women want to be ridden by this 22-year-old young teacher lady, horses and mares are teachers, parents and students.

Similarly, moms and student ladies ride teachers, parents and students.

For us it is common to see parents and uncles being ridden by their daughters and nieces in public places, being a young lady riding on her horse.
But what we rarely see is mom riding dad in public places (wife on husband), usually she does it at home or out of town.
I saw my aunt riding my uncle and I wanted to be in his place to be ridden by my aunt.

About woman riding woman, daughter rides mom, younger sister rides older sister, niece rides aunt; but when the years go by older sister rides younger sister and aunt rides niece.

While the uncle is always her niece's horse, the aunt is initially ridden by her niece but as the years go by she is able to ride her niece.

How can this happen?
Start riding the aunt and end up being ridden by her?
This usually happens to nephews and nieces.

In the case of the nephews who are their aunts' horses it is simple, they are horses like their dads and they begin to be ridden by their aunts when they are of legal age to be so, not before.

In the case of the nieces who are their aunts' mares, their dads are their aunts' horses, the daughter of a horse is a mare and they begin to be ridden by their aunts when they are of legal age to be so, not before.

In the case of the wonderful 22-year-old lady teacher, the entire school and the town is at her disposal.

The school has 50 teachers, each teacher corresponds to 1 intern, she is 22 years old and her tutor teacher is 62 years old, but those 40 years of difference are nothing because the old teacher kisses her boots and he is the her pet.
She also rides the tutor teacher's son, 15 years older than her, and the tutor teacher's grandson who is a student and he is old and strong enough to be a horse ridden by her.

The first day of school she came riding to her boyfriend, her father-in-law and her 2 brothers-in-law (her sister's husband and her boyfriend's brother), she is dominant over her 3 horses .
Her feet did not touch the ground, the principal and the teachers kissed her boots.

The practitioners were introduced to her teachers.
-Lady teacher and male practitioner: he kneeling hers kissed her feet. She said: You will be my horse all year, I will break you and train you and ride you very well.
- Lady teacher and lady practitioner: in a first greeting they were treated as equals. Then we don't know. Professor said: Here you will have your herd of human horses.
- Male teacher and male practitioner: in a first greeting the practitioner showed respect. Then we don't know. Professor said: Here you will be horse ridden by beautiful ladies.
-Male teacher and female intern: he knelt before her and kissed her feet. He said: I will be your horse all year, you will ride me and I will take you on the right path towards success.

Two young men crawled on all fours towards the lady teacher and the lady practitioner and kissed their feet; while male teacher and male practitioner crawled at the feet of 2 young ladies and kissed their feet.

Thus, each lady had 1 male at her disposal.
-Lady teacher and male practitioner: She bridled, saddled and rode her practitioner.
-Lady teacher and lady practitioner: Ladies bridled, saddled and rode a man who was at her disposal. "They are old and strong enough to be ridden by us"
- Male teacher and male practitioner: Men were bridled, saddled and ridden by young and beautiful ladies. "The rules say they can ride us."
-Male teacher and practicing lady: She bridled, saddled and rode her tutor teacher.
Then they went to classrooms and the staff room.

In front of students, the lady teacher tutor is strict with her male practitioner, and the male teacher is condescending with her female practitioner, nothing more.
But, when there are no students around, the feet and boots of the lady teacher and the lady practitioner are kissed by the male practitioner and the male teacher, respectively.

Male trainee is a lady teacher's horse, he is ridden from her house to school and from school to her house, in the morning he is received by the teacher's husband who smiles at him and pats him saying "good boy", then Lady teacher comes out and bridles, saddles and rides her practitioner.

Male teacher is a practicing lady's horse, he is ridden from her house to school and from school to her house, in the morning he waits on his knees at her house, she bridles him, saddles and rides her tutor teacher .

Practitioner ladies and teacher ladies without horse, they bridle, saddle and ride legal age students.

On the first day of school, our 22-year-old intern in education rode on the shoulders of her tutor teacher. Outside the school, her boyfriend, her father-in-law and her 2 brothers-in-law were waiting for her.
- I'm not going to worry about transportation because the school gave me this horse.
- They also gave one of them to your friend Diana. The horses are old but they seem strong. Instead, we saw your friend Peter being ridden by a mature lady.
- That's how it is.
- We have seen dads waiting for their children, daughters of all ages rode on top of their dads' shoulders.
We've also seen moms riding on top of bridled and saddled dads' shoulders. Several of them approached male teachers, ladies bridled them, saddled and rode them.
- This is how moms dominate male teachers.
- We also saw ladies teachers bridling, saddling and riding dads.

In this a mother approaches.
- I wish to speak with the male teacher.
- You will get on the shoulders of this older man and we will talk.
The mother rode on the shoulders of the 22-year-old lady's father-in-law.
- Right now he can't talk because animals don't talk, and right now he's my horse.
-He's about my son.
- I will dismount my horse to ride my boyfriend, I will take the bit so you can talk to him.
She dismounted and rode her boyfriend, leaving the teacher and mom talking.



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Re: Riding Goddesses

Reply to Max (2)

The next day the teacher came to the house of a 22-year-old lady with 2 parents.
The groom intervened
-I'm here old man, my girlfriend can ride me and she doesn't need you.
- Don't be reckless! Excuse him professor, he is jealous.
The 62-year-old professor knelt before the 22-year-old lady. The parents knelt behind the teacher.
- I understand, after many years I had to have an intern lady and I don't know how to behave.
He kissed her boots.
- Who are you?
- We are the parents of the best student and we are your slaves.
She smiled seeing 7 people kneeling before her.
- You can kiss my boots in turns.
The 7 of them in an orderly manner kissed her boots.
- The teacher wants to talk to you and brought us to be ridden.

The professor intervened.
- The male teacher can be ridden by any lady teacher, lady student and mom, but lady teacher can ride any male teacher, but can only ride parents of students who rank first, and students who rank first.
- I understand.
- Mom and dad present here are the parents of the first-place student, so they have earned the right to be ridden by a beautiful lady teacher like you.
- Practitioner.
- You are a teacher in my heart.

Lady teacher bridled and saddled the first place dad, then the first place mom.
Male teacher rode dad and 22 year old lady rode mom.

Mama was standing with one hand on a post, her head bowed, looking at the ground.
The 22-year-old lady (20 years her junior), wearing a white cowgirl hat, white crop top, black cropped jeans, and high-heeled white knee-high boots, firmly gripped the reins, stepped on a stirrup, jumped, rode on the saddle, stepped firmly into the stirrups, and led her mare. Next to her, the father carried the male teacher.
- I only recommend you to be careful, do not trust anyone, absolutely no one, you are just starting your career and you will reach a very high point.
- Thank you.
- Now I will dismount.
The 22-year-old lady bridled and saddled the teacher and went to school with 2 horses and 1 mare.

The 42-year-old mare wore sneakers, blue jeans and a flowered blouse, she drooled due to the bit, stirrups next to her hips, white boots, her rider's knees and thighs are at her sides, on her shoulders was the rider wearing a hat, top and short jeans.

People admired the scene and murmured:
- She is the mother of the first student.
- It is a prize to be ridden by her.
-I envy the first-place student because he will be ridden by her.
- Being ridden by her is the ultimate prize.
-The mother is also beautiful, she rides her husband in public.
– She also rides male teachers and other dads.

- Dear, are you tired?
Her mare nodded.
Without stepping on the ground, the 22-year-old Goddess rode the male teacher and made the mother ride the father, unbridled and unsaddled her.

Upon arriving at school, the Goddess continued riding the teacher and the mother walked away from her, always riding the father.



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Re: Riding Goddesses

Reply to Max (3)

In the village, the residents found out about their 42-year-old rider, who was ridden by a recently arrived 22-year-old teacher lady.

The envious women were the most incisive
- The mounter was mounted.
- The rider was ridden.

Her horses defended her:
- She's entitled.
- She can teach the young lady many things.

The following days both ladies met on their way to school, both are riding bridled and saddled men.
- He's not your husband.
- How did you realize he is not my husband? Our horses have a horse mask covering his head.
-His body is not your husband's.
- True, my husband is more athletic but this horse is paunchy. He is the husband of one of my harshest critics.
- Why does she criticize you?
-Because she envy me. Her husband dominates her but he is my animal, I am currently riding him.
- This is a quiet town.
- Does this town seem quiet to you? On the other hand, it seems to me a dangerous town, there are envious people who can hurt you. For this reason most of our horses wear a horse mask covering his face, it is not because they feel ashamed of being ridden by us, but to protect themselves from bad gossip.
- In other towns the priest is ridden by parishioner ladies without problems, even whores can ride him like a horse.
- Whores also have the right to ride horses.

Being 20 years apart in age, both ladies look spectacular
- You shouldn't ride minors in public, you know that?
- That's what the old teachers warned me.
- Legal age are students of higher years, former students, parents and teachers. In addition to policemen, policewomen, doctors, nurses, obstetricians, dentists, engineers, operators, etc.
- Are they all horses?
- Be careful where you step, we take care of you and we will take care of you, you are a natural rider but you could be a mare, just be careful when you choose who you ride and who rides you.
- We got to school.
- See you soon.



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Re: Riding Goddesses

Transformation (animalization)

The legend tells us about women of extraordinary beauty transforming men into animals, dogs, horses, pigs, etc.

The Goddess Artemis (Diana) transformed Acteon into a deer, then his dogs killed him. In addition, the Sorceress Circe transformed men into animals, wolves and lions, but she transformed Odysseus's traveling companions into pigs.

Therianthropy is called the ability to transform oneself into animals (Zeus transformed into a bull to abduct Europa and he transformed himself into a swan to seduce Leda) or to transform others into animals (I already mentioned Artemis and Circe). The most famous transformation is lycanthropy (werewolves).

Theriocephalians are the Egyptian gods (Anubis, Horus, etc.)

Although we cannot physically be transformed into horses, dogs, chairs or mats, but we are transformed in our powerful imagination by changing our forms.

We feel we are our ladies riders' horses when they ride us, even mentioned beautiful ladies do not distinguish between equine horses and human horses, for ladies a horse is a horse and it is only good to be ridden and used as a transport animal for her.

This degree of animalization excites me extremely, if she considers me her animal and she rides me makes me happy.
If to this she inserts me the bit, bridles with reins and saddle with stirrups, and she uses spurs and whip the animalization is total, if she keeps me in a barn stall, she ties my reins to the hoop and Leaving after closing the stall door, keeping the key, makes me supremely happy.

More than 30 years ago I was her horse, a friend of mine was too, I am 10 years older than her and my friend is 5 years older than her, her current husband is 15 years older than her and she has him subjected .

My friend went with her to the pool, she stepped on his shoulders (he was in the water and she stood on his shoulders, she stepped on his head as a step and she got out of the pool).
He behind her, crouching down he plunged under the water and voluntarily put his neck between her thighs and he stood up again, so she rode on his shoulders, she on him, she put her hands on top of his head, and she pushed his head into the water, drowning him. He was able to dump her but he remained still beneath her.

He told me sentences for the story:
- She knows how to ride.
- She rides well.
-I want to be ridden by her from the pool to her house.

About the last sentence, from the pool to the house is 8 km (5 miles).
That distance would usually be traveled between 1 hour and a half and 2 hours, but walking on the sidewalks between people who are in the way and crossing streets takes longer, let's say 1 more hour.
To this we add having on our shoulders her wonderful 46 kilos (100 pounds), 1 hour more.
Rounding up, 4 hours.
Will he be able to be ridden by her for 4 hours straight? No!
He cannot be the only one ridden by her because his body would not resist and would collapse, for this reason more than 1 man must be with them for her to ride on top of men.

I suggested a minimum of 3 men per lady, one is ridden by her, another follows her waiting to be her next ridden and a third continues to recover her strength to be ridden after the second. It can also be 4 or 5 human horses per lady.

For this reason, one of the advantages of her transformation is to acquire the strengths of the animal into which one is transformed, because for her an equine horse is more useful than several human horses. This happens only in our dreams, in the magic of our imagination.



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Re: Riding Goddesses

The Lady of the Village (1)

Of course a lady must have only one partner (boyfriend, wedding groom, husband)! Similarly, a male must have only one partner (girlfriend, wedding bride, wife). Infidelity should not be allowed and people with several partners at the same time are a bad example.

However, the lady must have several males at her disposal, not as her mate but as her horses.

Equine horses are our big brothers, they are faster, stronger, they walk more time and space being ridden.

These 8 kilometers (5 miles) an equine horse ridden by her does it in 1 hour and a half, but 3 to 5 human horses do it in 4 hours ridden by her.

The equine horse is more comfortable and comes faster, a lady will prefer to ride equine horses.

We are at a disadvantage if we want to be a lady's horse for 8 kilometers (5 miles) because she would rather ride 1 equine horse in 1 or 2 hours than ride 5 human horses in 4 or 5 hours. Riding for 5 hours is tiring!

However, it is bearable for a lady rider a journey of 4 to 6 kilometers (2.5 to 3.7 miles) riding for 1 hour and also riding for less than 1 hour in the village.

The advantage of human horses is we don't dirty the streets.


That is why moms, lady teachers and lady students ride human horses in the streets, equally lady doctors, lady nurses and other health professionals, etc.

Tourists come to the town to be ridden by ladies from the town, from their places of origin they come physically prepared to be ridden.

The road does not cross the town, the bus station is splendid, it has all the amenities and there are restaurants and hotels nearby.

A wonderful path goes from the bus station to the town, the landscape is wonderful and for this reason no carriageway was built towards the town, instead there is a bridle path where people and horses (equines and humans) can travel.

Beyond the town you can admire cultivated fields and old buildings, there is also a very visited beautiful waterfall.


She found out about the place and decided to visit it with her husband and her children, she is 35 years old, her husband is 50 years old, her husband was in the military but she ordered him to retire so as not to go to war, he obeyed her.

They met when she was 25 (he was a 40-year-old captain), her first child was 4 but he didn't care.

For 2 years he was in love with her, following her, but she was not even aware of her poor follower because she had many more lovers of hers suffering for her, he suffered from her when he saw her kissing and caressing others in streets and squares.

He saw her lovers and friends kneel before her and kiss her feet and boots, she stepping on the head of the one she defeated, bridle him, saddle him and ride him

One day she caught him wearing clothes waiting at the door of her house.
- Who are you?
- I was just passing by...
- You are one of the military personnel.
- Yes ma'am, but...
- Military only obey orders, get on your knees!
He obeyed her.
- You are obedient as a trained dog, all soldiers are my pets, I'll have fun with you. How long are you in town?
- One week, ma'am.
- You are new, almost all your classmates are my slaves. Are you married or single?
- I'm single ma'am.
- You are too old to be single, here you will get married.
- Yes ma'am.
- You can kiss my boots.
He kissed her boots as if her life depended on it.

Her father left the house, she grabbed her reins.
- You kissed my boots, I bridled you and saddled you for my mom to ride you, my mom should be on top of you.
Her father remained tame, being dominated and controlled by her.
At this her mother came out, who deftly climbed on top of her daughter's horse, her son gave the reins to her mother and the mother rode away from her.
- Are they your parents?
- Your mom rides your dad.
- Since kids.
- Wow! Will you be like your mom?
- She smiled.
- My past lovers and my current lover are my horses and my husband will be my horse, if I marry. Speaking of marriage I have to give a talk, open your mouth!
He obeyed her, she bridled him, saddled him, and rode him to the church, leaving him, his reins tied to a post.



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Re: Riding Goddesses

he Lady of the Village (2)

She walked into the church, she was stunning wearing all white, cowgirl hat, crop top, shorts and high heeled knee boots, her footsteps sounded as she walked, the priest crept up to her and kissed her boots. The lady bridled, saddled, and rode the priest.

The groom, the bride, the groomsmen and the bridesmaid also arrived. They were sitting in that order and saw the lady riding the priest.
- Good morning, are the bridesmaids and groomsmen married?
- Yes ma'am.
- So, the bridesmaid knows how to bridle, saddle and ride?
- I know how to bridle, saddle and ride, the bride proudly replied.
The 25-year-old lady smiled.
- I asked the question to your bridesmaid.
- Well, actually not much.
- And what about the best man?
  -I bridled him, saddled him and rode him many times, more than my boyfriend, replied the bride while she caressed her groomsman's hair.
- Is your groomsman meek?
-Yes, he is very tame and obedient.
- What about your boyfriend?
  -He is also a docile animal. The bride simultaneously stroked the hair of her groom and her groomsman.
- Describe to me what you're wearing.
- Brown cowgirl hat, white crop top, skinny blue jeans, and high-heeled brown knee-high boots.
- Is your boyfriend jealous of your groomsman? Is your groomsman jealous of your boyfriend?
-It could be, but I have controlled and led both of them, she said while she grabbed the dog leashes of her boyfriend and her groomsman..
- Are they both in love with you?
- Madly in love. Both are my pets, I have more.
- How old are you?
- I am 30 years old, my boyfriend is 25 and my groomsman is 60.
- Who chose the groomsman?
- I did.
- He accepted quickly?
-Immediately, and he convinced his wife.
-Is his wife your bridesmaid?
- Yeah.

She removed the morsel from the priest's mouth.
- I'm glad you decided to get married here. Now I am not in a position of authority because I have been dominated and ridden by a beautiful lady who has been riding me since she was little and now she is a woman, she is a Goddess. You are free to kneel where you want and kiss what you want.
The groom and groomsmen knelt before the bride and kissed her brown boots.
- Kiss my bridesmaid's boots.
The groom obeyed the bride and kissed her bridesmaid's boots from him.
-It seems to me that everything has been said, the bride will be the head of her household since she leads her boyfriend. Daughter, you left one of your horses tied outside, ride him here and bring a couple of catechists, a man and a lady, while I chat with the bride and groom, groomsmen and bridesmaids.

She dismounted and went out, her horse heard her footsteps and got excited, she grabbed his reins, she stepped on the stirrup and rode to him entering the church again, she entered the catechist room.
- The priest needs a man and a woman, they both showed up.
The man knelt before the lady and kissed her white boots, she bridled him and saddled him. The catechist lady rode the catechist man.

Upon arrival, the priest kissed the bride's boots and put spurs on her ankles, the bride saddled and rode her groom.
- Daughter, you must use reins, whip and spurs when necessary, so you will avoid him getting out of the way.
The bridesmaid rode the best man, the catechist lady rode the priest.
- Tie your horse to the hoop and ride the male catechist.
The 25-year-old lady rode the catechist.

In this way, the future wife learns to control and lead her future husband, punishing him when necessary, and he thanks her.

Returning, she riding the male catechist she disinserted the morsel from her animal mouth.
- I see you are worried.
- I'll be late for my base.
- You would have warned me, I thought you had the day off.
She took the priest and the best man and rode to the base.
She changed horses all the way, came riding to the military. She asked to speak to the boss, he received her and understood.
To return to the village, 3 recruits were ridden by her.
They arrived at the square where the bride and groom talked sitting on a bench, she approached them.
- What happened? asked the bride.
-My horse didn't tell me he was working today, I had to justify it
- My boyfriend wants to be your horse.
- Do you agree?
- Yes, he will be your animal, as my groomsman is my animal. I ride it when, how and where I want.
- Ok, but I brand my horses using hot iron.
- Okay.



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Re: Riding Goddesses

The Lady of the Village (3)

This happened 10 years ago, she now convinced her husband to travel tourist with her brother-in-law, her sister's husband. her 14-year-old first child, her 26-year-old niece and her 14-year-old niece.
- We will take my brother-in-law who is my horse, my son and my 2 nieces, your mother will take care of our 2 children because they are too young for the trip.
- OK, darling.

All 3 ladies wore riding attire, skintight jodhpurs, and knee-high boots. Arriving at the bus station, yearning men admired them but were forbidden to approach the ladies. Before everyone she bridled and saddled her husband and her brother-in-law and made her nieces ride her horses.
- Mom, will you ride me?
- Not in public.
- The mother of my cousin my age.
-This cousin of yours is riding my husband and my other niece is riding her dad.

- Aunt, if you like my dad carry your son and you ride me.
- Here you have come to ride, not to be ridden.

- Aunt, if you like, you ride your husband and I ride your son, we are both the same age.
- Patience, I'm walking hugging my son.

- Brother-in-law, your sister is beautiful!

- They think you're my sister.
- They also think my husband is my dad.
- Father-in-law, can I be ridden by your daughter?

- Go to the hotel and come back for me.
They walk away from her brother-in-law being ridden by her 26-year-old daughter, her husband being ridden by her other niece and her son follows them.

A tourist approaches her.
- Men come to this town to be ridden by ladies.
- Everything costs, and you should have hired a tourism agency that offers security to be ridden. Otherwise, you will just watch.
- It is true, ladies tourists ride because residents want to be their horses.
- Tourists also wish to be horses of tourist ladies
- Of course.

Her husband returned.
- Sir, you have a very beautiful daughter.
- Thank you.
- It would be an honor to be ridden by her.
-Her She has her dad, and I'm sweet as sugar with her.
- You're talking a lot. she finished.
She inserted the morsel into her husband's mouth, she stepped into the stirrup and rode to him. The tourist followed her.
- Would you rather ride him than me?
- I've been riding him for many years, I just met you.
- Can I accompany you? I don't have a hotel.
- Okay.

At the hotel they were greeted by girls in cowgirl riding gear and neighing boys.
- Let your dad be ridden by one of us, meanwhile you ride one of the human horses.
She rode one of the human horses who wore only a bridle and saddle, whom she neighed merrily, while a cowgirl uninserted the bit from his mouth, he kissed her boots and she rode him.

-Aunt, my dad is being ridden and my cousins went to his room.
- Are you having fun riding human horses?
- Yes aunt.
- Let's go.
-Each one went to her hotel room.

The next day they left, each lady was given 5 human horses, between local residents and tourists, a female tourist guide gave them details.
- Each lady has 5 bridled and saddled human horses available, it will take 1 hour to get to the town and from there we will go in carts pulled by human horses.


When she was 26 years old, criminals robbed the bus where she traveled, but they did not rob or touch her, her current husband organized the persecution of her and captured them, then presented them to her.

She wore a mask so they didn't recognize her, she recognized them because they were her slaves, she slapped and spanked them, they kissed her boots, then she withdrew.

They were sentenced to 2 years in prison, no one visited them, she felt compassion and began to visit them.
On the day of visiting her prisoners, she arrived dressed up, her lucky guardian was ridden by her from her door to the interior of the jail, there her slaves waited for her to be dominated and ridden by her.
The 2 years passed, they were released from prison and did not commit crimes again.
When leaving her they presented themselves before her and presented themselves to be farmers of the family farm, her slaves in practice.


Before accepting him as a boyfriend, she rode him to the hotel and other places leaving him tied up outside and she went inside.
She came out wearing other clothes and bathed (with her hair wet) accompanied by a man whom she gave a passionate kiss while her horse kissed her boots, then she rode him and went home.
She told him about the performance of her partner: he doesn't know how to do it, he lacks it, it's too small, he's a stud, etc.

Despite everything, despite everything, he continued to feel love for her. Finally, she accepted him and they got married.

He is a hero of love.



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Re: Riding Goddesses

Travel to ride and be ridden (1)

Travel. tourism and sightseeing are opportunities to ride and be ridden.

There are true equestrian paradises such as small towns, landscapes or islands.

Sometimes it is not necessary to travel to exotic places because near your house you can find an equestrian club. They are divided into sections, a public section where there are equine horses and access is for everyone, and a private section where human horses go and access is for people of legal age.

Tourists who will be ridden are cared for from their places of origin, rigorous medical examinations and prescriptions to control weight, diabetes, hypertension and other ills that affect health, physical medicine treatment and rehabilitation to support the weight of local ladies riders .

These are preparations made months before the trip and it was essential to go to the gym to train the body and be able to take long walks. They even rode on each other's shoulders.

The journey was not in vain because they were ridden by beautiful ladies wearing elegant riding clothes.

The tourists were grouped in groups of 5, each group is dominated and ridden by 1 lady rider.


There are categories, and the highest category is expensive, but tourists are willing to pay for it.

The tourists of the highest category are temporarily horses for their lady riders.
These tourists arrive in groups of 30 with their fellow travelers.
- and upon arrival they are taken to the VIP room where 6 young ladies riders riding on human horses's shoulders await them.
The 30 tourists stripped down and put on a latex bodysuit.
Each lady called her 5 horses one by one, then she bridled, saddled and placed a horse mask on her horse's head.
- For 1 week you will stop being human and you will be my horse, you paid to be treated like a beast and this is the treatment I will give you.
-Your wife accompanies you, she will not walk here because she will ride one of my horses, including you.
- A girl accompanies you, she will ride with me, she will even ride on you.
The 30 human horses left the bus terminal and walked an hour and a half to the stable where their lady riders unsaddled them and kept them tied up in their stalls and these ladies closed the gate of the stall.

The next morning the horses were unmasked and unbridled by other ladies who allowed them to wash up.
- Don't worry about your wife, girlfriend, lover or daughter, they are being well taken care of by us and they are riding other human horses.
- How much more will the human horse rental cost us?
- It costs nothing; What's more, other human horses pay to be ridden by your partner, wife, girlfriend, lover, etc.
- You know, for 1 week you are human from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., take advantage of your time and have breakfast with your loved ones.

The husband went to her wife's room, he went inside her and saw her wife sitting on her bed wearing riding gear while another man kissed her boots:
- I advise you to keep quiet and do not make me a scene of jealousy.
- But...
- You are my husband and he is my horse, you must learn to differentiate.
- No man other than me can approach you...
- You said well, no man, he is not a man but an animal to me.
In this the husband's tamer went to say hello, the husband kissed her boots.
- Dear, please take my husband because he is a jealous antisocial.
The horse breaker bridled, saddled and rode the husband and walked away.


Here videos of how to promote tourism.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqaILNWq4Ic (New Window)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njO33TS0Rkw (New Window)



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Re: Riding Goddesses

Travel to ride and be ridden (2)

At lunchtime, the wife and husband met again.
- Why did you make a jealous scene in the hotel?
-He was kissing your boots.
- Does this mean something?
- But, I'm 10 years older than you.
- My horse is 20 years older than you. Also, when you got to the bus station you kissed your lady tamer's boots.
- She's all over me.
- And I'm on top of my animals.
- Forgive me, my trainer lady punished me.
- He made me pull a cart with passengers while the other horses were ridden on his shoulders.
-Meanwhile, I talked with my horse's wife, she rode her husband and I rode on top of her son.
"Did she allow you to ride and whip and spur her son?"
-Yes, what's more, she suggested I ride her son using a whip and spurs.
- She knowing you are a married woman?
-Yes, a married woman rides on top of her unmarried son, dominating him as she dominates her husband. She controls him like she controlled you.
- This dialogue makes me horny.
- Touch yourself.
- The siren sounded.
- Go away, your lady tamer must break hard on you
- And you?
- I will ride and talk with my horse's wife.

The lady breaker tamer questioned her husband.
- All good?
- Yeah.
- Very well, you will wear your latex suit, I will bridle you, I will saddle you and I will put on a horse mask, you will be ridden by random people.
- Random people?
-Did you only want ladies riders? The horses are ridden by both men and women.
- But...
- You have no choice.
- My wife's horses...
- The father and son are not in the program which you registered and paid for, they are not the only guests of your wife because her relatives are also there.
- She brought her whole herd.
- There are also your father, your brothers and your brothers-in-law, the husbands of your sisters.
-I already said it, she brought all her horses.



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Re: Riding Goddesses

This is a very interesting opportunity for men to really express their equine nature! It certainly isn't cheap, but the treatment and accommodation is first class, just like a human horse, and the staff is of a high quality too!

The riding young ladies know their stuff, know how to handle their male horses! This is how the stallions should feel comfortable and live out their inclinations, so that this week becomes an unforgettable experience. The guests should develop the desire, yes, the longing, to repeat this, they should come back with great joy.

Many men are here with their wives, girlfriends or other relatives, and interested women also ride. The contacts of these couples are limited in time and usually separated while riding. Not every man immediately understands that even a horse, lying on its knees like a slave and kissing its partner's boots, is nothing more than an animal for that time, than her animal! Any form of jealousy is completely inappropriate! He has to understand this, because otherwise the Amazon is not free and may no longer enjoy riding her stallion!

Therefore, the female rider reacts correctly, immediately calls for the horse breaker, who does not say many words at all, takes the stallion by the reins, mounts it, i.e. sits in the saddle, and rides away on him! I wouldn't be surprised if he gave him a few more kicks with his spurs to make him realize that he has no rights here!

Nice start, Caballito!



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Re: Riding Goddesses

Thank you very much Max

Indeed, ponyplay is a role-playing game and has sessions limited by its beginning and its end.

The players in this role-playing game are people who temporarily assume the role of horse or rider.
An important boss or businessman who controls many subordinates, in this role play stops being above someone and begins to be below his rider lady.
An office lady or a housewife, in this role play she stops being under someone and starts being on top of her human horse.

Ponyplay does not affect the fidelity of a married couple at all, in the same way it does not affect fidelity dancing at a party with co-workers. A husband would be stupid if he feels jealous when he sees his wife dancing with another dancer.



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Re: Riding Goddesses

Travel to ride and be ridden (3)

The lady who breaks horses bridled, saddled and put a horse's head on top of her horses's heads.

The horse head on top of his head isolated the 5 human horses because they could not see or hear anything. They began to despair but the angelic voice of his groundbreaking through the headphones reassured them
- The horse's head I put on top of your head isolates you from the rest of the world, today I just opened this channel of communication with you 5 to tame you and give you instructions but tomorrow you will not listen to my words or anyone else's because horses do not understand human language.

Thus, the 5 are at the mercy of their breaker, because they can only see and hear what she allows them.

She allowed them to see through 2 holes in the mask, one for each eye.
- If your rider decides not to see anything, you will not see anything. You are just 1 animal and your rider will have full control over you.

She again left them isolated, in this each one felt someone approached him, stepped on a stirrup and rode him, he felt human weight on his shoulders, control of his reins, spurs on his flanks and lashes on his back. In unison they heard the voice of his tamer.
- You are being ridden by your rider, obey her in everything.

The jealous husband was being ridden by the wife of his wife's horse.
The wife of the jealous husband isolated her horse by putting a horse's head on top of his head and rode him.



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Re: Riding Goddesses

Travel to ride and be ridden (4)

Isolation / The horse's head or the dog's head
(Inspired by ViennaPony's story)

The character of ViennaPony is a husband animalized by his wife, who lends his horse to his lover, his lady friend, and other people, who see him less than an animal (because none of us mistreats a dog or a horse). .

First of all, when I use the word slave I do it in a poetic way (I condemn historical slavery when after a war the winning side enslaved the losing side, the worst example being the slavery of Africans who were taken to another continent).


The isolation of the human dog or the human horse has stages, the first stage is to completely prevent and the second stage is to partially allow:

Through four actions, simultaneously preventing the use of eyes, ears, mouth and hands

First: Blindfold the submissive/slave
Prevent the human dog/human horse from seeing the world, helpless at the mercy of its owner/driver.
Blinded, he learns to better obey the commands of the reins, spurs and whip, because he does not see the road and must blindly trust whoever rides/drives him.

Second: Cover the ears of the submissive/slave
Prevent human dog/human horse from understanding human language.
Deafened, he improves his obedience to reins/spurs/whip commands.

Third: Cover the mouth of the submissive/slave using a muzzle/bit
Prevent human dog/human horse from communicating using human language because he does not understand human language. When have you seen a dog/horse communicating with humans using human words? Don't call me Team Roquet's Meow (Pokemon) because he is an anime character.
Mute, he improves his obedience to rein/spur/whip commands and communicates with his owner/driver using non-verbal language.

Fourth: Tie the hands of the submissive/slave
Prevent the human dog/human horse from using his hands, because the dog/horse has no hands. He has his hands untied only when he crawls on all fours while collared he follows the lady who owns her or bridled and saddled he is ridden by her.
Without using his hands, he is a total animal.

SECOND STAGE: Allow partially.

Through two simultaneous actions, partially allowing the use of eyes and ears

The well-trained human animal is allowed to use his mouth so he can bark and neigh.
Likewise, he does not need restraint of hands because he restrains them on his own.

First: Partially allow the use of eyes.
When the driver wishes, she blindfolds the animal to fully control him.

Second: Partially allow the use of ears.
The animal does not understand human language.
For this it is necessary to use headphones, they do not allow him to hear others but allow him to hear what she wants him to hear.


Do you remember the Iron Man suit? The helmet has the same functions.
The horse's head/dog's head is controlled by her, the lady who drives/dominates her human horse/her human dog, she partially or completely restricts the eyes and ears of her animal.

It also has a sophisticated communication system by which internally the Lady Owner / Mistress communicates with her animals and her animals communicate with each other through microphones and headphones, other people hear the animal neighing / barking.

It also filters the words spoken by humans by distorting them, allowing the animal to understand only certain words such as: "whoa", "stop", "giddy up!", "walk", "wait", "back", "back up", " trot”, “over”, “step forward”, “easy”, in addition to the clucking and the sound of kisses.
Likewise, the animal understands words like 'sit', 'come', 'good boy', 'good girl', 'down', 'up', 'stay', 'wait', 'no', 'ok', ' leave it' and his first name.

What does this have to do with traveling to a place to ride and being ridden?
A lot!

(*) Can you imagine a non-Portuguese speaker being ridden by a Brazilian Lady at the Rio Carnival? He does not understand any word of Portuguese language and he would feel like an animal (horse) when he is listening to his rider talk to her countrymen. Delicious!



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Re: Riding Goddesses

Travel to ride and be ridden (5)

While they rode on shoulders, microphones turned off so human horses couldn't hear them talking, the young horse-breaking lady chatted with the jealous man's wife.
-Breaking / taming a jealous man seems to be more difficult than breaking / taming an indomitable man, but it is not like that, he allows himself to be ridden by another lady, but does not allow his girlfriend / bride / wife to ride other men.
- My husband is jealous of me since before we were in a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship.
-He is also meek/docile/submissive to you since this time.
-It's true, and he's also intelligent.
- I see. For this reason, while I gave the others a horse's head in the second or third session, we gave your husband a horse's head almost from the beginning.
-It's funny to listen to his neighing while he is talking, I prefer to turn off my headphones to listen to his neighing instead of listening to him speak.
- Ha ha ha ha ha ha.
-Who is riding my husband now?
- Don't know. Ha ha ha

Riding with them was a family: a man about 55 years old, his 25-year-old wife, and his teenage daughter.
- How old was your wife when your daughter was born?
- Hahahahahaha, the husband answered, if my wife seems too young to be my daughter's mother, you are right, because unfortunately my daughter's mother died many years ago and after a long time I just got married for the second time.
- Are you a rider?
- Is he a rider? Hahahahahahahaha, the wife responded, he is a horse, our horse, who we are momentarily allowing to ride.
- We just arrived today, answered the daughter, and now all the horse breakers are busy. We came on our own and not through a travel agency, we talked to a lady who owns the hotel farm and my dad is going to be in a herd of 6 horses starting tomorrow.
-Will he be in a pack of 6? The jealous husband's wife asked.
- Yes, responded the horse breaker, travel agencies bring horses in herds of 5, but other horses also come on their own and we add them to the established herds. This is why you can see herds of 6 and even 7 horses.
- Girl, are you of legal age? The jealous husband's wife asked.
- There are no age restrictions to ride legal age horses, legal age horses can be ridden by riders of any age, furthermore, I am not a mare because I am a rider, the daughter responded.
- Don't worry, I'm sorry if I offended you.
-Hahahahahaha, it seems we will soon have a mare here, the horse-breaker stated, smiling.
- Hahahahaha, not at all, the wife of the jealous husband responded nervously.
- I would love to be ridden by you if my owners allow it, the husband said.
- For this reason you came, to be ridden and not to ride, said the wife.
- Let's go to the stable, suggested the horse breaker.

While they were going to the stable they heard the horses neighing, so they turned on their headphones, listening to the horses talking to each other.
- One of you is being ridden by a man, fortunately it's not me.
- Who the hell is being ridden by my wife?
- You should worry about not being the horse ridden by the guy.
At this the horse breaker opened her microphone.
- You should be ashamed to talk like that, because you are horses and you are not the husband, son or father of such a lady, nor should you be interested in being ridden by this or that person, it could be your mother, your grandmother or a man, because a horse is a horse. and he does not choose his rider.
- Forgive me. Forgive me. Forgive me. Forgive me. Please forgive me.
The jealous husband's wife also opened her microphone.
- Hahahahahaha, you will be entirely my horse when you stop being jealous of me.
- My Mistress.
- The horse does not choose me to be ridden by me, because I choose my horse to ride him.

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Re: Riding Goddesses

Travel to ride and be ridden (6)

The horse breaker added:
- Step by step, you are breaking/taming your man. Pony play is one of many role-playing games, like dog play or puppy play or pet play. Your husband must understand that role-playing has its time and place, it has its beginning and end, and it also has his space.
Guys, I want you to understand: you do not have human relationships when you are in the role of horse, you only have your Mistress/Owner and humans whom your Mistress/Owner allows to ride you.
That is, while you are a horse you do not have a mother, daughters, sisters, wife, aunts, cousins, nieces, friends, etc., because you only have your Owner and other male or female riders when you are a horse.
As the lady said, the horse does not choose its rider because the rider chooses the horse.
My friend, your husband is your husband when he is human, but he stops being your husband when he is role-playing as a horse.
Likewise, your husband must understand this in his head: while you are riding someone, you are not riding a man because you are riding your horse.
- For this reason, he should not feel jealous, added the wife of the jealous husband.
- Forgive me, please. The jealous husband pleaded.
-I forgive you, but it must not happen again.
- For this reason, added the horse-breaker, until you leave the hotel you will see your wife riding others, this way you will be able to stop being jealous.
- Thank you Mistresses.

  Upon entering the stable, everyone dismounted, the 55-year-old rider undressed, the horse-breaker taught his 25-year-old wife how to prepare her horse.
- Since when do you ride on top of him?
-For about a decade, I am the niece of his late wife, she was my mother's sister.
- About your husband's daughter, is she your cousin?
- Yeah.
-What does your mom think?
- She says life goes on and she rides on top of him every time she visits us or we visit her. I see her crying on top of her horse.
-The memory of her sister.
-Yes, she is sad.
He is my mother's, my late aunt's, my cousins' and mine's horse.
- Cousins?
- Yes, my aunt died leaving a son and a daughter, the daughter is the youngest.
- Why didn't your male cousin come?
-Because he is not yet legal age, and he should not be ridden in public by people of legal age. We will bring him when he is legal age.
- True, I shouldn't ride him in public.
- On the contrary, riders under legal age can ride any horse in public. Such is the case of daughter riding on top of her dad's shoulders.
- It is very common to see this.
-My mother, my aunt and I rode him when he married my aunt. Then I went to his house to study, I finished school and university, now I am a professional and I have people 40 years older than me subordinate to me.
- Do they kiss your feet?
- Yes, they are also my dogs and horses.
- What about your female cousin?
-My cousins are still studying, she rides her brother, she even rides him on his shoulders.
- Do they still miss their mom?
- We visit her frequently in the cemetery.
- Do you have any children?
- At the moment, no.
- Thank you.

The 55-year-old horse is prepared, bridled, saddled, blindfolded and wearing headphones.

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Re: Riding Goddesses

Travel to ride and being ridden (7)

The 55-year-old horse met his first wife and his sister-in-law when he was approximately 25 years old and they were approximately 18 and 20 years old. He fell in love with both sisters and beautiful ladies had him at their feet just like the other men.

Simultaneously, an older man fell in love with her sister-in-law, he is 40 years older than her.

The older man was desperate for her, to be with her, but she didn't give him any importance because she liked other men. But, yes, she took advantage of the situation and had him as her "Sugar Daddy", he was generous with her, her sister and her mother.

One day, she was wearing a white blouse, white jodhpurs, black jacket, black cowgirl hat, black gloves, high-heeled black knee-high boots, her father claimed:
- Your slave suffers a lot because of you.
- And? He suffers because of me because he wants to suffer because of me and he is older than my mother.
- But, he sees you caressing and kissing other men.
- I'm a woman, dad.
-He could get tired of his situation and move away from you.
-He loses if he walks away from me, because I give him life.
- You give her life like a Goddess.
- My mom is your Goddess.
- You and your sister are also Goddesses.
- Get on your knees!
Her father obeyed her.
- You are my mother's animal, and you are also our animal.
Her father prostrated himself before her and kissed her exquisite black boots.
- Yes my Goddess.
- Matriarchy rules here, my brother is also our foot kisser.

Her mother enters and snaps her fingers and her husband crawls towards her and kisses her feet.
- You are dressed to ride horses and you abuse your father.
- I am just like you, you are my teacher.
- You shouldn't do it.
-For years my sister and I have dominated our father, he is our slave, dog and horse.
- He is my slave, dog and horse, you use him because I allow you. Are you being good with your dad's friend?
- The old man? He should take care of his grandchildren instead of following me because I am a young woman.
- This old man is waiting for you in the living room.
- Did you let him into the house?
- Why not?
- But...
- Daughter, you have power over your dad and other men, but you have no power over me.
- I know mom.
- Will you go out for a walk with him?
- Yes, I'll take him for a walk.
- You only take the dog for a walk.
- The old man is my dog.
- Are you going to ride?
- Yes, I'm going to ride him.
- I meant riding a car.
- The old man is my horse on which I ride.
- Have a great ride!

- I'll go out with you! The younger sister said to her older sister.
- Very good!
The youngest sister wore a white blouse, blue jeans, a brown cowgirl hat, a brown jacket, black gloves, and high-heeled brown knee-high boots.
Both sisters went inside the living room, their 2 suitors waited for them, men crawled to their ladies' boots and kissed them.
Each of the ladies bridled, put on a horse mask, saddled and rode her horse.

Because the horse was masked, no one recognized him.
-Little sister, it was a good idea to mask our horses by putting a horse mask over his face.
- That's right, big sister, our horses are not recognized by their wives, daughters, mothers and other relatives.
-His son doesn't recognize my horse, his son doesn't recognize his father, his son is also our horse.
-His son?
- Several times I lent you him so you could ride him, you didn't recognize him because he wore a horse mask.
- Most of your horses wear horse masks.
- Yours too.

At this the son of the old man approaches.
- Good morning Goddesses.
- Hello slave, responded the older sister who was riding the old man.
- I shudder every time you call me slave, your slave.
- Good Guy. Your dad?
-He must be working.
- Yes, he must be working. He works hard and he had his son when he was in his forties, you are younger than me and my sister.
- That's right, you are excellent riders.
- You can leave.
- But.
- I said you can leave, now!
He obeyed her.

-He is submissive like his father.
- Little sister, this is how all the men before us are: submissive, obedient, prostrate kissing our boots like slaves and being ridden like horses.
-His dad?
-He is blindfolded and his ears are covered, he blindly obeys me and he didn't find out, I talked to his son.

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Re: Riding Goddesses



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Re: Riding Goddesses

Travel to ride and being ridden (8)

Mom and 2 daughters are spectacular Goddesses, mom in her late thirties, and daughters in their late teens, the eldest daughter is almost twenty and almost 2 years older than the youngest daughter; The family is completed by the father in his fifties and the teenage son who is the youngest daughter's twin.

The eldest daughter's suitor is in his sixties, older than the mother and father of her beloved, this is cause for discussion between the girl's parents, father agrees and mother disagrees.
-He could be my dad and our daughter's grandfather.
-He has a son who is almost the age of our twins.
- You are agreeing with me because our children are older than his son.
-He would give economic security to our daughter.
-First, he must worry about his son and not have dreams of a girl too young for him who could cuckold him, he would be a cuckold.
- She's our girl!
-Our girl is a woman and she is not a saint, she has her biological needs and he would not fulfill her.
- You take good advantage of him and you don't want him to marry your daughter.
-He and his son are good horses and if one of them offers himself to me to be ridden by me, I will ride on top of him.
- You're like 25 years older than him!
- Only 20! A colt is also a horse to be ridden.

The son who is in his sixties is a close friend of the younger sister and her twin, for this reason the 2 sisters and the mother ride on his shoulders, he loves to be ridden by the 3 ladies but he prefers to be ridden by the mother .

To go out for a walk the 3 ladies wear riding clothes, highlighting the hats, jeans or riding pants and boots up to the knees, ladies bridle their horses, ladies put a mask over their horses' faces, ladies isolate their horses and ladies ride their horses.
- You're riding your sixties fandom.
-Yes mom, and you are riding his son.
-He loves being ridden by us.
-The son is healthy and clean, his father is strange because he intends to marry me being 40 years older than me, I was not born to care for or change diapers for the elderly.
- Your old man.

The mother is 183 cm. (6') and 64 kilos (140 pounds), and her horse she rides is 155 cm. (5'1") and 46 kilos (100 pounds).
- Is your colt okay?
- I am 28 cm (11") taller than him and I weigh 18 kilos (40 pounds) more than him, he is making a great effort to continue being ridden by me and I like it.

They see lady teachers riding parents of students, ladies doctors and ladies nurses riding relatives of patients, a policewoman approaches riding on top of a citizen.
- Good morning.
- Good morning agent.
- Your horse is small and thin.
-But he is strong to continue being ridden for a few more minutes. Likewise, he is an immigrant, men from his country measure an average of 152 cm. (5') even a 157 cm lady. (5'2") and 52 kg. (113 lbs) she is tall for them, especially when she wears high heels.
- Yes, but...
- Do you want to be ridden by me?
- Not here on the street, because I represent the authority, you can ride me at the police station, in my house or in your house. Plus, I'm wearing a police uniform.
- Girl, you're missing out.
- Yes, excuse me.



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Re: Riding Goddesses

Travel to ride and being ridden (9)

In the town human horses are ridden by their lady riders, some human horses have their faces uncovered and other human horses have their faces covered by a horse mask, the mask has a dual purpose: total control of the human horse and prevents its identification.

That way,
wife does not recognize her husband,
daughter does not recognize her father,
mother does not recognize her son,
subordinate lady does not recognize her male boss,
Lady boss does not recognize her male subordinate,
lady student does not recognize her male teacher,
Lady teacher does not recognize her male student,
lady doctor/nurse/obstetrician/dentist/...doesn't recognize her male patient,
lady doctor/nurse/obstetrician/dentist/... does not recognize her patient's male relative,
lady patient does not recognize male doctor/nurse/obstetrician/dentist/...
female relative of patient does not recognize male doctor/nurse/obstetrician/dentist/...,

Mom and her two daughters are masters at bridling, saddling, isolating and riding human horses, Mom and daughters allow their horses to see and hear what they want.

- The policewoman is a good mare.
-She is an excellent rider too, rebel prisoners are tame because of her.
-There are always family problems, she appeases angry men who end up kissing her boots in front of her wives, then she makes her husband kiss her wife's feet.
- She teaches wives: your husband is my dog and horse, you can make him your pet too.
- She is legal age regardless of how old she is.
- She takes prisoners to the police station and from the police station to the courthouse.
- Yes, she prepares them like horses and rides them or she has them ridden by another lady through the town to the courthouse.
- Not only prisoners, she also has other participants as witnesses or experts or aggrieved parties.
- On many occasions she rode an aggrieved male while the aggressor lady rode a male police officer.
-She is also a bodyguard, she rides on protected's shoulders.
-So many ask for her protection even if he doesn't need it.
- The mayor, the judge and others.
-She participates in operations capturing criminals, at first she was just another member, but after gaining experience she is the one who commands.
- She subdues criminals by lying them on their backs and sitting on their breasts and bellies, once she dominates him she stands on top of him, the heels of her boots sink into his body and then she faces the next criminal, in the end several criminals They are lying on their backs and she rides on the shoulders of the defeated leader.


At this time, mom was 37 years old, eldest daughter was 20 years old, eldest daughter's suitor was 60 years old and our protagonist was 25 years old, mom and her 2 daughters rode: husband, brother-in-law and mother's son, our protagonist and, at old man and his son. 3 lady riders and 6 horses.

2 years later the eldest daughter married at the insistence of her father, the old man's son was the happiest because at the wedding request party he and his father kissed his future stepmother's boots in public, and both were ridden by his future wife .

On the day of the wedding, the youngest daughter had her twin brother and her brother-in-law's son as horses, the mother had her brother-in-law and the protagonist as horses, and the bride had her boyfriend as horses. and her father.
- Do you want to be my son-in-law?
- With all my soul.
-My youngest daughter can ride you in public, but at the wedding ceremony my son and her groom's son will be her horses.
- I understand, I'm lucky to be the bride's mother's horse.

The groom waited at the altar, the bride entered riding on her father's shoulders and wearing all white, a cowgirl hat, a cropped top, short jeans, gloves and high-heeled knee-high boots, then at the ceremony the father was on all fours while His daughter rode on his back.

Once the ceremony was over, the newlywed wife bridled, saddled and rode the newlywed husband and they retired.


After the honeymoon the newly married wife began to live in her husband's house, she sitting in an armchair, her husband kneeling before her kissing her feet, she called her stepson like a dog and he obeyed, he crawled towards her and He kissed her feet with his father.
- Biologically you could not be my son because I am only 8 years older than you, but being your father's wife I am your stepmother or the one who represents your mother, I have authority before you, you will study and get excellent grades.

The next day the 22-year-old stepmother went to school riding on the shoulders of her 62-year-old husband while her stepson walked behind her. At school she met with the principal and the teachers who kissed her boots.
The boy did not have time to be distracted, he went straight from home to school and from school to home and her stepmother supervised him, she hired private tutors who were her horses and foot kissers.



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Re: Riding Goddesses

Travel to ride and being ridden (10)

At school all the teachers and parents were older than her and fell under her feet.

She is shorter than her mother, she is 175 cm. (5'9") and weighs 57 kg. (124 lbs.) and her horse is 155 cm. (5'1") and 46 kilos (100 lbs.), being taller and heavier, stepmother rode stepson.

Her husband bought her wonderful riding clothes for her to ride him, her son and any man she wants, her stepson touches himself in her honor.

While she was riding her stepson met the policewoman.
- Hello.
- Hello, who are you riding today?
- To a complainant whom I am accompanying.
- Riding him?
- You are riding your stepson, accompanying him too, and I don't say anything.
- Good answer!
- You ride your stepson more than your husband.
- He likes to be ridden by me.
- And you like to ride him
- Bye bye!
- Bye!

She goes for a walk with her mother, she rides the old horse and her mother rides the colt.
-How is your stepson?
-Excellent, he is in first place in his class!
-He is doing it for you, his improvement is your achievement.
- Thanks Mom.

She met a handsome 30 year old male teacher and easily rode him, she enjoyed having him under her and between her legs, so she surreptitiously rubbed against the saddle while she rode him, her mother noticed .
- Daughter, I noticed you get excited when you ride this professor, he is your horse, he is not your man.
- Yes mom.
- Don't take actions that you may regret.
- Don't worry mom.

On one occasion she rode her stepson and made her husband ride a teacher, they talked during the ride. Suddenly, the professor who rides her husband grabbed her hand, she shuddered and made her human horses stop by putting them together, shoulder to shoulder. The riders looked into her eyes and slowly brought their faces closer, bringing her lips closer and closer, they both closed her eyes, she opened her lips and stuck out her tongue...

At this point, a gunshot was heard, startling everyone, the male professor fell from the lady's husband, she saw her mother riding the protagonist and with a gun in her hand.
- Mother!
- Stay away from him, it doesn't suit you.
- But...
The male teacher fled in terror.
- Don't come any closer to my daughter!

- You could have killed him!
- I am your mother and I would gladly go to prison for you.
- Mom, forgive me! She burst into tears.


3 years later, her daughter was born. She was 25 years old, her husband was 65 years old, her mother was 42 years old, her sister and her brother (the twins) were 20 years old and the protagonist, her sister's suitor, was 30 years old. .
- A new rider was born!

*** In Travel to ride and be ridden (5) we have talked about "a man about 55 years old, his 25-year-old wife, and his teenage daughter", we have introduced 2 of the protagonists who introduced themselves 25 Years later, they are both adults and have acted correctly in the past***


5 years later the protagonist and the younger sister got married, the protagonist was 35 years old, his wife and her twin brother were 25 years old, her sister-in-law was 30 years old, her sister-in-law's husband was 70 years old, his sister-in-law's stepson was 22 years old, and her mother-in-law was 47 years old.
At the wedding, the bride's horses were her father and her husband, her older sister's horses were her husband and her stepson, and the bride's mother's horses were her son and her brother-in-law.

After almost 5 years, his daughter was born, the protagonist was 40 years old, his wife and her twin brother were 30 years old, his sister-in-law was 35 years old, his sister-in-law's husband was 75 years old, his sister-in-law's stepson was 27 years old, and his mother-in-law was 52 years old. years. The happy dad was ridden by his mother-in-law and sister-in-law
- A new rider was born!


10 happy years passed but tragedy occurred, the protagonist's wife disappeared, the protagonist was 50 years old, his wife and her twin brother were 40 years old, his sister-in-law was 45 years old, his sister-in-law's husband was 85 years old, his sister-in-law's daughter was 20 years old. years old, his sister-in-law's stepson 37 years old, and his mother-in-law 62 years old.

He and his daughter were devastated but were comforted by his mother-in-law, his sister-in-law, and his sister-in-law's daughter, as well as the other members of his family and his wife's family.

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Re: Riding Goddesses

She has many Shoulder Ride Challenge's videos
https://www.youtube.com/@bb.lakwatsera/videos (New Window)

and shorts too
https://www.youtube.com/@bb.lakwatsera/shorts (New Window)



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Re: Riding Goddesses

There are shoulder ride here too
https://www.youtube.com/@feiye5493/videos (New Window)



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Re: Riding Goddesses

Younger Rider (1)

There are people who have a lady-rider and man-horse relationship every time they meet and reunite, always lady-rider rides on top of their man-horses.

These relationships last for years and can be sporadic, and can then meet for weeks, months or years to ride (the lady) or be ridden (the man).

These relationships usually begin at an early age of the lady-rider, the man-horse or both, starting as an innocent game and developing into a serious relationship.

The horse-man always kisses the lady-rider's feet and footgear and is subdued by her, being a relationship of domination-submission tolerated by the couple's relatives, especially the lady-rider's husband.

Lady-rider not only owns a man-horse because she owns a herd of man-horses whom she animalized.


On family walks, the wife rides one of her human horses and her husband and children walk with her horse. The husband can cheer up and be ridden by his wife while her horse follows them while resting until he is ridden by her again.

The Lady knows how to differentiate, because she rides on top of her husband's shoulders because he is her husband and she rides on top of her human horse because he is her animal.

Husband says nothing when his wife rides her human horse, but his wife's mom could complain to her, but her complaint goes unheeded because mom tolerated and encouraged her daughter to ride human horses when she was single.

Thus, the husband knows his wife owns a herd of human horses.


In the case of the horse, horse's wife might not tolerate another woman riding him before her.

Under these circumstances, lady-rider converses with her horse's wife convincing her to ride with her.

Thus, lady-rider has a good relationship with her horses' wives, who confess to her:
- If my son is a horse, I would love for you to be the first to ride him and break him.
- He would kiss my boots.
- You would also walk all over him, the same way you do over my husband.
-He could also be my daughter's horse.


Generally lady-rider is younger than her horse, years younger, also lady-rider is smaller and lighter than her horse

As she grows, lady-rider has horses her age and horses younger than her.


The secret to being a lady-rider is to be attractive, have well-groomed hair, a beautiful face, a perfect figure, and dress appropriately for riding.

Thus, a beautiful young assistant can ride her boss, her boss's boss, etc.

A beautiful health professional can ride her boss, her patients' relatives, her recovered patients, her colleagues, etc.
A beautiful patient or patient's relative can ride her health professional or her relative's health professional, other patients' relatives, or other recovered patients.

A beautiful mom or lady teacher or lady student or lady ex student can ride dads, male teachers or male students or male alumni.

A beautiful lady engineer or lady subordinate can ride male engineers or male subordinates.


Due to road works, traffic is interrupted and those who live in a nearby village must walk 1 kilometer to reach the town.
Daddy carries son or male teacher carries male student or older male student carries younger male student on his shoulders but on the way he meets lady teacher, mom or lady student.

He approaches her.
- Good morning madam/miss.
- Good morning sir.
- The work on the road harms us.
- If we have to walk, and my footwear is getting damaged.
- If you like, you can ride on my shoulders.
- But, you are carrying your son/student/schoolmate.
- He is a man, he can walk; On the other hand, you don't deserve your shoes/sneakers/heels/boots to get damaged.
- Thank you

Dad or male teacher or male student takes the boy off his shoulders, he kneels before the mother or lady teacher or lady student and kisses her footgear, then from his backpack he takes out his saddle and bridle, she saddles him, bridles him and rides him to school.
Thus, mother or lady teacher or lady student travels pleasantly riding on the shoulders of the one who wishes to be ridden by her and lowered the young boy from his shoulders. She rides to the main patio located inside the school, she dismounts, unbridles and unsaddles her horse, he kneels and kisses her shoes/sneakers/pumps/boots/heels.
- Thank you very much for being my horse.
- Thank you very much for being your horse, you can ride me whenever you want, I see your shoes are not damaged and I am happy for this.




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Re: Riding Goddesses

Younger Rider (2)

Upon return, mom / lady teacher / lady student rides towards the village riding her human horse.


The one who is not happy is the young boy's mother.
-I sent you with my son to carry him to school but halfway there you took him off your shoulders so you were a docile horse ridden and driven by a mother / lady teacher / lady student.
- But, you also ride when you go to school.
- Of course, and since I was a student and there was no way from the village to the town, I rode with my dad, other dads, male teachers and male students.
- I know.
- Now you are being a horse, I will use you later because I have to shop in town.

Thus, mom wearing a white blouse, black jacket, tight blue jeans and high-heeled black knee-high boots, rides on the shoulders of bridled and saddled dad/male teacher/male student.
Upon seeing her, her gossipers murmur:
-Look at her, in the morning her husband/son's teacher/son's son was ridden by a mom/teacher lady/student lady and now she is riding him.
- She rewarded him by riding him around the town.
- She is not the only one because most of the ladies ride men in the town.


In the health center there are sedan chairs or bunk beds adapted to transport patients, there are 2 bars and a cabin carried by 8 health workers, inside the cabin the lying patient and 2 family members can fit.
https://www.youtube.com/shorts/hJ8_qFnx-60 (New Window)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUYoWhPcTk8 (New Window)

When there is an emergency, 1 lady doctor and 1 lady nurse or 1 lady obstetrician and 1 lady nurse go inside the sedan cabin, accompanied by 10 health workers, 8 of whom carry the sedan chair, if the doctor assigned is 1 man, he walks along with the health workers.

Upon arrival, the doctor and nurse care for the patient. If the patient is in labor, the care is provided by the obstetrician and nurse. They evaluate the patient. If the patient must go to the health center, they put him in the sedan cabin and he goes with the lady nurse and a female relative of the patient.
Lady doctor or lady obstetrician rides on the shoulders of a male relative of a patient or a health worker while the other health worker is ridden by a female relative of the patient.
Male doctor is ridden by female relative of patient.
Seeing this, a boy comments:
- I will study medicine.
- For Save lives?
- Also to be ridden by lady nurses, lady obstetricians, lady nutritionists, lady doctors, lady dentists, lady technicians, lady patients and lady relatives of patients.

For this reason, the patient's relatives wear riding attire to accompany the patient because they know they will ride a male doctor or health workers.

The partner of the parturient (future father) knows he will be ridden by the lady obstetrician, he hands her the reins and saddle for her to bridle him, saddle him and ride from the house to the health center.



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Re: Riding Goddesses

Younger rider (3)

In places where there is no bridge to go from one town to another, people cross the river in shallow areas where water reaches waist level and even up to shoulder or neck height.

Man is ridden by lady who rides him on his shoulders and he walks across the river while lady rides him comfortably on his shoulders.

But if her boots might get wet while crossing the river, she uses two men to cross the river.
The lowest man is the horse who carries the middle man on his shoulders.
The man in the middle is the human saddle on which the lady rides.
The lady is on top of the two men, one of them is her animal (her horse) and the other is an object used by her (the saddle).

-Pretended lady can be on top of two male suitors of hers, bitter rivals but gentle animals before her, they both love her, and she uses both of her.
- The wedding bride on top of the wedding groom and groomsman.
- The lady teacher on top of dad and male student.
-Mom on top of dad (not necessarily her husband) and male teacher.
-Mom on top of dad (not necessarily her husband) and male student (not necessarily her son)
-The lady student on top of dad (not necessarily her dad) and male teacher.


There is a hierarchy between riders
- A lady rider has a higher status than a male rider, if she wants the male rider is her horse, she tames him, she breaks him and she rides him.

- Lady rider who appears to be 18 years old to 48 years old has more status than lady rider of other years of age. Ladies may look older or younger than her actual age, at this point I am not referring to actual age but apparent age.

In the age range of 18 to 48 years old, those who appear younger have greater rank (if a 30-year-old lady can appear younger than a 25-year-old lady has more status).

In these cases, if the lower ranking lady is riding she dismounts so that the higher ranking lady can ride the human horse.

This respect for ranks or levels explains why the son or nephew riding her father or uncle unhorses him to both be ridden by a younger lady rider. It also explains why a wife riding her husband unhorses him so he is ridden by a beautiful and attractive young lady.

Guess how old this young lady student is? She looks 18 years old. Well, she rides male teachers, dads, male students and other males who appear to be over 18 years old.
Guess how old this mom or teacher lady is? She looks 38 years old. Well, she rides the same horses as the young student lady who looks 18 years old, but if both ladies are with only one man, the younger lady has priority and rides the man, even if he is the husband of the lady who looks 38 years old.


Lady rider can lend her horses
That's right, lady rider owns human horses to ride them, allows other ladies to ride them, and allows knights to be carried by her horses.

Young lady rider has her herd of human horses at her disposal, she rides them and lends them to other riders, she can also lend them to non-riders (males) to be carried by her horses.



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Re: Riding Goddesses

Younger Rider (4)

One of the young ladies residents of the town who appears to be 18 years old, studies in the nearby city, she is used to riding on men's shoulders in her town's streets and public places from the time she arrives to the time she leaves her town every time. On the weekend she can travel to her town. On certain weekends she cannot travel to her town due to her student obligations.

While in her town she rides men in public, in the city she rarely can do it, but she always does it in private, in a room or in empty hallways of the school, at night she can do it by herself. the empty streets.

She is beautiful and her measurements are perfect, generous breasts, hourglass shape, wide hips, thick thighs, at night she goes to the gym to exercise, men admire her, and on the way out she rides on their shoulders to her house, Whether they go out of their way or live at the other end of town arriving home late, it doesn't matter! he was ridden by her.

Group work is done virtually, but there are those who invite her to their homes to work and study, male students go to her house to study and support her, male teachers visit her to teach private reinforcement classes. All males are bridled horses, saddled horses and horses ridden by her.

When she visits a house, the lucky man who opens the door, almost always the father, falls on his knees before her, kisses her footgear, she bridles him, saddles him and rides him on all fours, she rides on his back, or She rides on his shoulders. For this reason, parents seek to invite her so that she can study and do group work at her homes.

So, while she rides in public in her town, she rides privately in the city.


On her vacations she travels to her town, her vacations are 3 months a year, gym friends, classmates, parents and teachers visit her staying in a hotel.

They are delighted to see how the ladies move around riding on manly shoulders.
- I would like to live here!
- I'm in paradise! I'm in heaven!
- I'm going to work here!

Foreign male teachers are delighted to know that male teachers are ridden by female teachers, mothers and female students.
The other male professionals are also horsemen, engineers, doctors, nurses, obstetricians, dentists, police officers, etc.



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Re: Riding Goddesses

Younger Rider (5)

They are 2 close sisters, close to each other, although sisters are 10 years apart, the older sister's husband is 10 years older than his wife and 20 years older than his sister-in-law.
This man is approximately 35 to 40 years old and is the younger sister's pet.

She leaves and rides home to her brother-in-law. He is not his wife's horse but he is her sister-in-law's horse, a docile and gentle horse.


When he goes to the doctor, he is ridden by his sister-in-law, in the street and in the office she rides him on his shoulders, the doctor takes care of him.
- Please ma'am, in order for me to attend to your pet, you must remove the bit and the bridles from him.
- Yes doctor.
She continues riding on her brother-in-law's shoulders.
- Please ma'am, bridle me, saddle me and ride me, so I can take care of your pet.
Now she rides the doctor, so her pet is cared for by the doctor who is ridden by her.
The doctor sits on his desk being ridden by her and he hands out her prescription. She removes the bit from his bridle.
- Go and buy your medicines, then return to my office while I am ridden by the beautiful lady.
The next patient is admitted and the doctor treats him while he is ridden by her.
- I envy you doctor!
- Because?
- You are being ridden by a beautiful lady.
- She is a relative of a patient.
She puts the morsel back into the doctor's mouth.

When she goes to the doctor, she rides her brother-in-law, in the street she rides him on his shoulders and in the office he is on all fours while she rides him on his back.
- You are perfect, you just have to take a few medicines. Please bridle me, saddle me, and ride me while I write out the prescription.
Now she rides the doctor who sits on his desk being ridden by her and he hands out the prescription. She removes the bit from his bridle.
- Go and buy your Mistress's medicines, then return to my office while I am ridden by the beautiful Goddess.
The next patient is admitted and the doctor treats him while he is ridden by her.
- I envy you doctor!
- Because?
- You are being ridden by a beautiful lady.
- She is my patient.
She puts the morsel back into the doctor's mouth.


When the doctor comes home to visit him, excitedly he knocks on the door of the house and she opens the door, he falls at her feet and kisses her footwear, she bridles him, saddles him and rides him to the patient's room .
She removes the bite from the doctor's mouth while he attends to her brother-in-law, the doctor writes out the prescription, without stopping riding him, she places the bite back in the doctor's mouth and drives him to the street, before leaving She wears her cowgirl hat and rides out to the doctor.
She wearing cowgirl hat; crop top; shorts, jodhpurs or skinny jeans; and in high-heeled knee-high boots she rode the doctor to the pharmacy and the doctor bought the prescription, then she rode him back home.
At her house her brother-in-law kissed her boots and is her horse.

When the doctor comes to visit her, the brother-in-law opens the door and takes him to her room, he kisses her feet or footgear, he listens to her and gives her the prescription, she bridles him, saddles him and rides him inside the house while his brother-in-law goes to the pharmacy to fill the prescription.
A guy from the house bothers them.
- You're riding the doctor.
- That's how it is.
- But, your brother-in-law is your horse.
- The doctor is also my horse.
- Can I ride the doctor?
- Of course you can because I can lend him to you, but if I unhorse him and you ride him, who will I ride on?
- You're right.
Her brother-in-law returns, the doctor leaves and she is on top of her brother-in-law.


She goes shopping at the market or the supermarket with her 45-year-old mother, she rides her father while her mother rides her brother-in-law.
- My first horse.
- For you, your dad is your first horse, but for me, your grandfather is.
- My 2 grandparents are excellent horses.
- Your brother-in-law is a good and comfortable horse, I don't know why your sister doesn't ride him.
- She has other horses.
-Yes, her co-workers, and she leaves her husband to you.
- My brother-in-law is my horse.
- Then, mark it with a hot iron.
- You marked my dad.
- Not only him, I also marked my other suitors.
- When they reach legal age, males are ridden in public for the first time.
- That's right, for a lady older cousin, for an aunt, a lady classmate, a lady teacher, etc.
- We branded a human horse for the first time in public.
- In private we do many things.
- When did you mark my dad?
- At our wedding party, he kissed my boots and in front of the guests I bridled him, saddled him and rode him, as well as my dad, my father-in-law and my best man.
- Wow!
- Everyone knows he is mine but it is always necessary to leave a mark on your partner.



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Re: Riding Goddesses

The interrogation (1)

At the police station are a 70-year-old elderly man, his 20-year-old wife and a male friend both of whom are 30 years old, plus 3 experienced male lawyers between 50 and 60 years old.

Weeks ago the elderly man had an accident for which the police suspect his wife and their male friend, the elderly man is paying for his and the suspicious couple's lawyers, 3 male lawyers in total.

The 6 people entered the police station together, the police informed them about the interrogation of the suspects in the interrogation room composed of a table and 2 chairs, a mirror through which the interrogation can be seen in the adjoining room. They were left alone in the waiting room, 6 armchairs where 5 men and 1 lady are waiting comfortably seated.

She is a beautiful lady of 158 cm. (6'2") 48 kilos (105 pounds), brown skin, long dark hair, beautiful eyes, wide hips, thick thighs, thin waist, large and generous breasts, she wears a white crop top, black skinny jeans, high heels knee-high white boots.

Her husband crawls over to her and kisses her boots.
- I'm very upset with you, you had to collapse at the wrong time while I was having fun riding you on your shoulders after I bridled you and saddled you.
Fortunately, I am a good rider and for this reason I fell on my feet while you suffered injuries. In the hospital, doctors discovered whippings that I gave you at your request when I whipped you, in addition to your dilated anus.
- Sorry, Mistress.
-Pedro was nearby and I had to ride on his shoulders to get help for you.

Pedro crawled towards her and kissed her boots.
- And I will do it again, be ridden by you when, how and where you want.
- I know, because you are one of my slaves and horses.

Meanwhile, the lawyers were touching themselves.

Suddenly 2 police officers entered, 1 male police officer, 55 years old, and 1 female police officer, 30 years old. The female police officer was wearing a small white blouse, beige jodhpurs, and black knee-high riding boots:
- Police Woman: Good morning, you can continue but we must start the interrogation soon.
- Woman: Okay, stop!
The 2 men obeyed her.
- W: Bring your bridles and saddles.
The 2 men obeyed her.
The 2 men kneeled before her, she bridled them and saddled them.

The 20 year old lady explains:
- W: They are my horses.
- PW: I know, because I read it in the report, your husband collapsed while you were riding him and then you rode the other man to bring help for your husband.
- W: It's true.

The policewoman says:
- PW: The male suspect stays in this room, the lawyers can go to the next room to observe the interrogations, the victim too.
- W: I want to ride my husband to the interrogation room.
- PW: Okay.

She climbs on the shoulders of her husband 50 years older than her, riding him, she is sitting comfortably on top of the saddle and driving her husband using his reins, while Pedro kisses high-heeled white knee-high boots.
- W: You can ride Pedro to talk to me.

The 20-year-old lady gives Pedro's reins to the 30-year-old policewoman, she steps on a stirrup, she jumps and she rides on top of 30-year-old Pedro stepping on both stirrups, while the policeman kisses her riding boots.
- W: Who will question me?
- PW: The policeman who is down there kissing my boots while we ride two men.
- W: Does he have bridles and saddle?
- PW: To be ridden?
- W: For what else?
- PW: Answer the lady.
- Policeman: No ma'am.
- In that backpack there are bridles and saddles, bring them!
He obeys her.

The 20-year-old lady, riding on top of her 70-year-old husband's shoulders, bridles and saddles the 55-year-old policeman who will interrogate her.
- PW: He obeyed you blindly.
- W: He is like all men, my pets. Will you accompany me to the interrogation room?
- PW: I will ride my colleague, the 55-year-old police officer who kisses my boots, so the male suspect stays and doesn't see your interrogation.
- W: Okay.

The policewoman takes Pedro off her horse and rides the policeman.Both ladies rode into the interrogation room.
- W: Will the interrogation be hard?
- PW: This police man is strict, he can make you cry.
- W: I see him tame, docile and soft. He will easily cry for me.
- PW: Don't be fooled, he only obeys me since I was a cadet at school and he was my instructor, about 15 years ago.
- W: How so?
- PW: He liked cadets to do strenuous physical exercises, the cadets to lie on the ground while he walked on top of them, stepping on their chests, backs, legs and any part of their body that could be under his boots, and he always rode on top of their cadet shoulders.
-W: Until he met you.
- PW: No, he remained the same, I walked all over them with him and they rode on their shoulders with him, then I walked all over them and I rode on top of his shoulders and back.

They entered the interrogation room, behind the mirror the police chiefs and the lawyers admired the spectacle, the horses knelt, their riders removed their bits.
- PW: I'm going with your husband to the next room.
- W: You can ride him because he is my horse and I lend him to you, you can use him as you wish, ride him on his shoulders or on his back.

They both dismount their horses, the horses kiss their riders' boots, each of the ladies gives the reins of her horse to the other lady.
Each horse kisses the boots of the lady who will ride him.

Thus, the 30-year-old female police officer rides the 70-year-old husband of the suspect while the 20-year-old female suspect rides the 55-year-old male police officer who will interrogate her.

The policewoman rides away to the next room and taps on the mirror, that is the start signal.

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Re: Riding Goddesses

The interrogation (2)

In the interrogation room was the bridled police man being ridden by the suspicious lady who was 35 years younger.
-W: My old husband is being ridden by the policewoman while I ride the policeman, if my husband feels tired the policewoman can put him on all fours to ride him on her back.
- Policeman: Good morning ma'am.
-W: You finally speak! I thought you were mute. The policewoman inserted the bit into my husband's mouth while riding him, I didn't insert it so you could talk to me.
- PM: Yes ma'am, thank you ma'am.
- W: Walk while we are talking, I don't like stopped horses.

He obeyed her.
- PM: How did you meet your husband?
- W: About 5 years ago at an amusement park with rides, he was recently widowed and I was riding on my dad's shoulders.
- PM: Bridled and saddled?
- W: As he should be, bridled and saddled, my mother lent him to me.
- PM. Your mom?
-W: My mother is forty years old and she is an excellent rider, men kiss her feet and she bridles them, saddles them and rides them.
- PM: Rebecca?
-W: Yes, are you also her horse?
- PM: Yes.
- W: My husband and Pedro are also my mother's horses.

- PM: Your mother is 15 years younger than me, and you are 35 years younger than me; Your mother is 10 years older than Pedro and you are 10 years younger than him; And, your mother is 30 years younger than your husband and you are 50 years younger than him.
- W: There is no age to ride.

- PM: I met your mom when I was 30 years old, on the way to school she rode her bridled and saddled dad, she wore a cowgirl hat, a cowgirl blouse, blue jeans and high-heeled brown knee-high boots, and I was carrying to my son.

My son asked: Why is the man bridled and saddled? I answered: Because he is her horse. She intervened: He is my mother's horse and she lent him to me, he is tame and obeys the reins. We accompany each other.
My son asked her: Who is he? She replied: He is my dad but now he is in horse mode, meanwhile, your dad is in human mode. He asked: Can I put my dad in horse mode? She responded: You can't, because only beautiful women like my mom or me can animalize men, why do you ask? Do you want to be animalized? My son remained silent.
She laughed.
My son asked me to get him off my shoulders and walked beside me while Rebecca continued riding her dad. Since then, my son did not allow me to carry him on my shoulders.

The following days we continued to accompany each other, we went to Rebecca's house and she rode out to her father, my son and I walking, one to the right and the other to the left of her, we carried packages she gave us.
Until we were finally able to enter her house one Saturday, her mother attended us, an impressive woman wearing riding clothes, a tight blouse, tight jeans and high-heeled knee-high boots, she invited us to enter.

Once inside with my son we knelt, prostrated and kissed Rebecca's mother's boots, Rebecca appeared and my son crawled towards her and kissed her boots, then I kissed Rebecca's boots while my son kissed Rebecca's mother's boots.
They are wanting and needing to be animalized by us, Rebecca said. “You grow up fast,” her mother responded.
Get on all fours, the ladies ordered and we obeyed the women.

First we were their dogs, the ladies put dog collars around our necks and we obeyed their commands: Bark, Pant, Sit on your back legs, Wave with a paw, Lie down, Dead, then we played Fetch (the lady throws a stick , ball or other toy, I take it with my mouth or snout and return to her, giving the object to her hand, she throws it again, I bring it back and so on). The lady used the dog she wanted, sometimes I was Rebecca's dog while other times I was her mother's dog.
The next few days when looking for Rebecca at her house, we kissed Rebecca's and her mother's boots before leaving.
For 1 more Saturday we were only Rebecca's and her mother's dogs.
On the third Saturday the ladies used her dog for a short time, then sat on couches with her dog on all fours in front of her, me in front of Rebecca, and my son in front of her mother.
"Open your mouth wide," each dog obeyed her, she put the morsel into her dog's mouth. "Bite," each dog obeyed its owner, sitting comfortably in the chair, she tied the straps on the head of her animal who bites the bit. "You are my dog, now you are also my horse" said the lady owner. She scratched her animal's head.
Then she put reins on her bridle, she also put a saddle on her animal, tied it to his body, and rode him stepping in the stirrups. The ladies exchanged horses who crawled on their four legs while males were ridden by ladies.
The next week was hard riding on all fours, the mother was the one who rode my son the most.

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Re: Riding Goddesses

The interrogation (3)

Needless to say, our entire bodies hurt due to the weight of our lady riders, but we were happy and united.

On the fifth Saturday after putting on the bridle with reins, our Mistress stood up and made us kneel and put a saddle on our shoulders, riding us.
With some difficulty I stood up while Rebecca rode on my shoulders, my son had to lean on me to be able to get up and stand while Rebecca's mother rode him, he was making a great effort to support the mother's weight of Rebecca on top of his shoulders.
"Your son is destined to be Rebecca's horse, I must train him because if he supports my weight he will be able to support Rebecca's weight," said Rebecca's mother while my son walked and obeyed her commands.

In the end, Rebecca's mother ordered us to take off our clothes and be in our underwear, my son lay down on the floor and Rebeca's mother walked all over him, keeping his feet bare and massaging him to take away the pain, meanwhile, Rebecca did the same with me.
"Come the next day" We obeyed her and the ride on our shoulders was harder and longer, we ended up being massaged by feet that we later kissed.
"Tell your wife next Saturday and Sunday you 2 are going to be completely ours."

I got a date for Tuesday night, my wife and I with Rebecca's parents, I was nervous.
The ladies wore jackets and blouses, tight jeans and high-heeled knee-high boots, Rebecca's mother wore black jeans with white boots and my wife wore red jeans with black boots.
"This is Rebeca's parents, she is my wife," I introduced everyone.
"Nice to meet you", "It's a pleasure", "The pleasure is mine", they greeted each other.
"Rebecca, our son's classmate, the young lady who rides on her dad's shoulders," my wife said.
"Yes, I am my wife and my daughter's horse," replied Rebecca's father.
"How many horses do you have?" my wife asked Rebecca's mother.
"What kind of horses?" Rebecca's mother answered with a question and a smile.
"Humans," my wife responded and smiled.
"I haven't counted them," Rebecca's mother responded.
"I imagined it, I only had a few human horses, my grandparents, my father, my uncles, my brothers, my cousins, some suitors, my husband and my son, for 3 weeks I have been riding him on all fours and since this week I have been riding him on his shoulders, he claims to be training to be Rebecca's horse."
"What do you think?"
"If he wants to be your daughter's horse, let him be it"
"Do you ride your husband?"
"Yes, on all fours, and on his shoulders at the same time as my son, it's as if they had both suddenly become horses, do you and Rebecca have anything to do with it?"
"For 5 weeks my husband has been my dog and then my horse, and I like to have him submissive and dominated by me, now he kisses my feet, and he is my slave who cooks, washes, cleans the house and does the other household chores "
"My husband is my slave, dog and horse."
"What am I good for? What do you want from me?"

I intervened. "I want your nod about being with Rebecca's family this weekend."
"I agree, what are we going to do?"
"I want your son to be my daughter's horse," said Rebecca's mother.
"I already said it, if he wants to be your daughter's horse, let him be. Let's go out riding, you on top of my husband and me on top of your husband?"
"Of course".

My wife bridled and saddled me while Rebecca's mom bridled and saddled her husband, then they exchanged reins.
They set out, each lady rider atop her horse.



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Re: Riding Goddesses

The interrogation (4)

The 2 ladies chatted pleasantly while they rode us, we couldn't talk because the bit inserted in our mouths prevented it. Animals don't talk!

Once the date was over, each wife rode on top of her husband's shoulders. Without stopping riding me, my wife removed the bit from my mouth.
"You like to be a horse and dog for beautiful ladies"
I remained silent.
"I realized when we fell in love, you liked being ridden by me on your shoulders at your request while you whinnied happily. When our daughter was born you were very happy and you were her horse until she went to the big city to study engineering."
"She's a great girl."
"Our son was born years later and you started carrying him on your shoulders after our daughter traveled to the big city to study."
"Our daughter taught me how to bridle you, saddle you and spur you, because she started doing them since she was a teenager, she is your owner and she gave me you on loan. She is the owner of her father who is her dog and her horse, I didn't object because you always respected her and you see her as your daughter and not as a woman.
"It's true".
"Rebecca and her mother are different because neither of them is your daughter."
"I recognize Rebecca's mother is a majestic woman and Rebecca is a pretty girl."
"Did you like seeing me riding on Rebecca's dad's shoulders?"
"I sensed you enjoyed being ridden by Rebecca's mom."


At this a voice was heard:
- Policewoman: You were supposed to get information from the lady but you are giving information to her. You started by being ridden on your shoulders, then you were ridden on your back while you leaned on the table keeping your back horizontal, later you were ridden on all fours, now you are lying on the floor on your face while she walks all over you hurting your back and head wearing her high heels.
- Policeman: Sorry, sorry.
- PW: The suspect is Rebecca's daughter, congratulations! you were ridden by 3 generations of lady riders.
- PM: Forgive me!
- PW: On your knees you will apologize to me by kissing my boots. Until this moment you found out the lady and her husband met 5 years ago, she has ridden him since they met and she is your rider's daughter.
- Woman: Can I go?
- PW: Yes, your husband paid your and Pedro's bail. Tomorrow you come back and we will set up a long bench stool so you can ride the policeman while he interrogates you.
W: Is my husband a good horse?
PW: Yes, I put earmuffs on him so he wouldn't hear your statements while I rode him in the next room, you can leave but neither Pedro nor your husband will have contact with you until after everyone declares.
- W: How will they sleep tonight?
- PW: The nights are necessary, in hotel rooms until everyone declares.
-W: And me?
- PW: If you want you can also go to the hotel, all those who participated will not be able to talk to each other.
- W: I understand.

At this point the policewoman entered, riding alongside her bridled and saddled captain, and pulling the reins of her bridled and saddled husband and Pedro, who were given ear muffs so as not to hear.
-PW: I brought you your Pedro and your husband who are isolated because he can't hear you because of the earmuffs and he can't talk to you because of the bite in his mouth.
The 20 year old lady caressed and scratched the manes of her 2 horses, they knelt before her, she removed the bit and allowed him to kiss her boots, 2 defeated men kissing the defeating lady's boots.
Then she again inserted a bite into his mouth.

- W: Who is he?
- PW: My horse?
- W: Yes, your horse.
- PW: He is my boss.
- W: Do you ride your boss?
-PW: Every lady rider rides whoever she wants.
- W: True, because all men are my dogs and my horses.

The young lady rode her husband 50 years older than her, and they all went to the hotel.
- W: The police man?
- PW: There he will stay lying on the ground, tomorrow you will ride him again.



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Re: Riding Goddesses

The interrogation (5)

The next day, the 20 year old beautiful lady of 158 cm. (6'2") 48 kilos (105 pounds), brown skin, long dark hair, beautiful eyes, wide hips, thick thighs, thin waist, large and generous breasts, she wears a black crop top, white skinny jeans, high heels knee-high black boots, she enters the police station riding on the shoulders of her happy husband.
She was met by the 30-year-old female police officer riding her captain. They both went to the interrogation room where, kneeling, the bridled and saddled 55-year-old male police officer waited for her, who immediately kissed the ladies' boots.
- Policewoman: You passionately kiss the black boots of your rider's daughter.
- Policeman: Yes ma'am.
- PW: Rebecca is now 40 years old, your son must be the same age.
- PM: He is now 33 years old.
- PW: Where is your son now?
-PM: He works for Rebecca's mother on her ranch.
-PW: How old is the grandmother of the lady whose boots you are kissing?
- PM: She is 60 years old, ma'am. She was 30 years old when she started riding my son and me.
- PW: I think you're confused.
- PM: Maybe, I am very excited because I am one of the horses in the herd of grandmother, daughter and granddaughter.
- PW: Your daughter?
- PM: She is an engineer and owner of a construction company.
- PW: How old is she?
- PM: She is 50 years old, ma'am. She is my wife's daughter and I adopted her when I married her mother, she is my daughter. I was a 20 year old young officer when I met her mother, she was a single mother and I became her husband and the father of her daughter, I was assigned to take care of a school where I met her and then her mother , from the first time I saw her she rode on the shoulders of male teachers, dads and male students who kissed her foorwear.
"You'll be next, wait your turn," she told me every time I saw her riding on manly shoulders.
One afternoon she gave me her address, "Come at 7 o'clock because we will use you to go to school."
I didn't sleep that night because this teenage riding lady was going to use me.
The next day I arrived 15 to 7, at 7 o'clock she opened the door wearing a white short blouse, blue jeans and high-heeled white knee-high boots, I fell at her feet and kissed her boots, she invited me to go where Her 30-year-old mother was there, wearing a white crop top, a black miniskirt, and black high-heeled knee-length boots. I kissed the mother's and daughter's boots.
- PW: Is your wife 10 years older than you?
- PM: Yes ma'am. The daughter inserted the bit into my mouth, she bridled me and saddled me, then she gave my reins to her mother. At this, a male teacher arrived who kissed mother and daughter's boots and he was ridden by the daughter while I was ridden by the mother. So, the two ladies rode to school.
"You are riding one of my horses, you are the first person to ride him."
"Thanks daughter".
The director waited for them at school.
"Madam, I wanted to make my complaint to you because your daughter has men as her pets, whether they are her dogs or her horses or hers, but I see that the police man is also her pet, I give up!".
The old school principal knelt before the lady student and kissed her white boots, then he crawled on his knees to the mother and kissed her black boots, and he ordered me to "Go to the door and take care of everyone."
I went to the door while the director crawled back to the white boots to kiss them. At the door everyone saw me being ridden by the rider's mother. When the door closed I returned to her house being ridden by her mother. In the living room she dismounted, she unsaddled me and unbridled me. I thanked her by kissing her black boots.
"It's fun to ride, my daughter is a natural rider"
"It's true, ma'am."
"You're new in town."
"Yes ma'am, ..."
That same day I went to her house, her mother wore a short flowered blouse, blue jeans and high-heeled brown knee-high boots, I kissed her boots, she bridled me, saddled me and rode to school.
Moms and dads were waiting outside. Some moms riding dads, mom doesn't necessarily ride her husband.
They all began to leave, lady teachers and lady students riding male teachers and male students.
Outside moms, lady students and lady teachers ride dads, lady student doesn't necessarily ride her dad because she can ride her male teacher, her classmate and her classmate's dad .
Likewise, moms ride dads, male students and male teachers, mom doesn't necessarily ride her son because she can ride her son's male teacher, her classmate's son and her son's son. 's classmate's dad.
Then, my rider's daughter came out riding the defeated old school principal, bridled and saddled by her.
"Hi Mom"
"Hello daughter".
"You're riding my horse I gave you this morning."
"He seems like a good boy."

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Re: Riding Goddesses

The interrogation (6)

From that moment on my life was wonderful, between one of my police duties I continued guarding the school gate at entry time and at exit time, I continued watching her ride masterfully. One weekend I invited her mother to see movies, etc.
"You are my daughter's horse."
"One of my duties as her horse is to be ridden by you."
"You're just an animal."
"This is one of my tasks, I also have tasks as a human and one of them is to be a police officer."
"Will my daughter accept you?"
"She knows me as a human and as her animal, I don't mix both tasks."
"In that way?"
"As a human I can be your husband and her father, as an animal I will only be for as long as she or you want, always with a beginning and an end, role-playing is not all the time."
My daughter accepted, I married her mother, then my son was born.
- PW: Rebecca's horse.
- PM: I saw Rebecca's mother riding at the school gate, an impressive woman riding her husband and every man who crossed her path, my daughter discovered me admiring her and told me "Remember, you are my horse."
My daughter left for the big city the year after my son was born, I stopped being ridden and began to want to be ridden by Rebecca's mother.
After my daughter left for the big city, Rebecca's mother came up to me riding on top of the school principal who was broken by my daughter.
"Hello, your daughter broke my horse."
"Congratulate her because she is a good human horse breaker."
"Yes ma'am".
She rode away.
- W: That's my grandmother!
- PW: Continue interrogating her!

Without stopping riding her husband, the 20-year-old lady bridled and saddled the male police officer, then rode him on his shoulders.
- PM: Mistress, how did the events occur?
- W: About my husband's accident?
- PM: Yes, Mistress.

She inserted the morsel into the mouth of the policeman who was interrogating her.
- W: We went to my grandmother's ranch celebrating a birthday, we have ridden human horses and equine horses, my husband wanted to be ridden by me and I agreed, taking Pedro too.
On the way, while I was riding my husband, he collapsed and I had to ride to Pedro to get help. If you want to ask another question, hit the ground once, if you don't want to ask, hit the ground twice.

He hit the ground 1 time, she uninserted the bit.
- PM: Mistress, why did you ride Pedro instead of sending him alone for help?
She inserted the morsel back into his mouth.
- Because my animal would not know what to do, I am intelligent and he is a fool.
-PW: Don't unsert the bit again, I'll ask the questions.
- W: Okay.
- PW: Did you consider he would be in danger if you left your husband alone?
  - W: No, because my husband begged me to ride to Pedro to get help. Now my husband is alive.
- PW: No more questions.
The 2 ladies dismounted from their horses, removed the bits from their animals and allowed them to kiss female boots, the captain kisses boots of a policewoman and the male police officer kisses boots of a 20-year-old interrogated lady.


- PW: Now it's Pedro's turn.
- W: Can I ride him while you interrogate him?
- PW: You won't say a word to manipulate him.
- W: Let my husband come!

The young lady's husband arrived isolated with his ears covered (not being able to hear anything) and kissed his wife's boots. She bridled him, saddled him and rode him. She was followed by the policewoman. When she got to where Pedro was, he kissed her boots. from her Mistress, she bridled him, saddled him and rode him, the policewoman rode the lady's husband.
In the interrogation room, the lady's husband got on all fours while the policewoman rode him on his back. The young lady removed the bit from Pedro's mouth.
- PW: What happened?
- Pedro: At the Mistress's grandmother's ranch, Young Mistress's husband begged her to ride him and she agreed, she bridled us and saddled us. While the Mistress was riding her husband he became unbalanced and knelt down, I immediately knelt down and she rode me, her husband begged her "Leave me and go get help for me", so she rode me to her grandmother's house and we returned with aid.
- PW: No more questions.
- W: Can we go?


- PW: Now it is your husband's turn who is on all fours being ridden by me, I will take off his earmuffs and now he will be able to hear.
-W: Good.

Police woman removes earmuffs and removes the bit from the young lady's husband's mouth.
- PW: Can you hear me?
- Husband: Yes ma'am.
- PW: What happened?
- H: I begged my wife to ride me and she agreed, while she rode me I felt my vision blurred and I only managed to kneel, my wife rode Pedro while I breathed heavily, she said: "You look like a dog panting, well, you really are my dog", I said: "bring me help" and I lost consciousness, when I woke up I was carried on a stretcher facing the sky, a saddle on my belly and chest and my wife riding me, I called her attention and she said "you are fine my little pet."
- PW: No more questions, we will schedule a visit to the ranch to reconstruct the events.
- W: Can we go?
- PW: Yes, your husband paid your and Pedro's bail bonds.



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Re: Riding Goddesses

The interrogation  (7)

Upon leaving the interrogation room, the 3 lawyers, Pedro and her husband kissed the boots of the young 20-year-old lady, she rode her husband and they left, accompanied by the police woman. In the main room they saw the policeman kissing a mature woman's boots.
- Mother!
- Hello daughter.
- Are you Rebecca? The policewoman asked.
-Yes, I am.

The policewoman's knees trembled, she remembered her childhood and seeing her riding men, including her father.
When the policewoman was a child and Rebecca was a teenager, her father carried her on her shoulders following Rebecca riding another bridled and saddled man.
"Hi girl"
"Who is being your horse?"
"He is not a horse, he is my dad"
"I'm riding my dad and he is my mom's horse, she lent me him to ride him."
"Does your mom ride your dad?"
"I have my own horses, the policeman who guards the school gate is one of them, if you like I'll lend him to you."
"Thank you"
Days later the policewoman rode the policeman.

Rebecca bridled, saddled and rode the policeman and rode off along with her daughter who rode her husband.

The police man remembered the first times teenager Rebecca rode him, he was 30 years old, his wife was 40 years old and Rebecca's mother was 35 years old, his daughter was 25 years old and she graduated as an engineer with honors in the big city where before and after the evaluation he and his son kissed her feet and her footgear and also kissed the proud mother's feet.
On the day of the thesis evaluation she was calm while her parents and brother were worried.
"I will pass because my teachers kiss my feet and they are my pets like my dad and my brother." She played fetch with them (her dad and brother on all fours because they are her dogs, she throws objects on the floor, they pick them up with their snouts and gives them to the Mistress's hand, she throws the object again, and the game is repeated).
In the evaluation he and her son were on all fours behind her, so she rested by sitting on top of them.
After passing the thesis evaluation, her jury professors crawled towards her and kissed her feet, then the others.
The recent engineer bridled, saddled and rode her father and put a horse mask over his face.

- Mom, is the policeman your horse?
-He is my mother's horse, he is my horse and he is also your horse, he is a family horse. His son is the manager of my mother's ranch and he is also our horse. He has a daughter and granddaughter who are also excellent men's riders.
- They are going to go to grandma's ranch.
- Let them come because we have nothing to hide.

- Yeah?
- Hello, I am the policewoman in charge.
- What are you doing walking after us, ride Pedro.
- The thing is...
- Either you are a rider or you are a mare, you decide.
- I am a rider
The policewoman rode up to Pedro.

The policewoman thought: She is well built, firm and hard body, majestic breasts and narrow waist, her hips, buttocks and legs did not change, she can ride guys 20-30 years younger than her.

- 25 years old, he is my horse and we will play with him, do you want to participate?
- Yeah

They arrived at the 70-year-old man's mansion and went to the garden pasture, there the ladies dismounted from their horses, unsaddled them, unbridled them and put dog collars on them, the ladies grabbed the dog leashes.

Each of the ladies plays fetch with her dog, then they exchange dogs. The police dog, sorry, the police man was first Rebecca's dog, then he was Rebecca's daughter's dog and finally he was the policewoman's dog.

Rebecca went towards the policeman, she grabbed his leash and she rode his back. She stood up, ordered him to lie down looking at the sky, he obeyed her, she mounted him on his belly.
- Slave, many years have passed.
- Yes my Mistress.
- Your daughter is also your Mistress. How is she?
-She is fine, she is the owner of a construction company, those who work in the company are her slaves.
-Do they kiss her boots?
- Yes, and she walks all over them. Suppliers and clients of the company are also my daughter's slaves.
- She has children?
-Yes, she had her son when she was 30 years old and she had her daughter when she was 35 years old, she rides her son in the construction company, she and my granddaughter are my riders.
- Your wife?
-She rides her son and her grandson.
- Good.
-My daughter rides bridled and saddled clients when she visits the works, she also has them prostrate before her kissing her boots.
- At my mother's ranch we have designated an area for clients to ride horses.
- An equestrian club.
- That's right, we have also designated another area for riding human horses.
- How do you get human horses.
- Our clients pay to be human horses.
- And the riders?
- Male riders pay and female riders do not pay

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Re: Riding Goddesses

The interrogation (8)

- At my mother's ranch we have received newlywed couples and families of couples who celebrated silver and golden weddings.
- The honeymoon.
-Yes, the newly married bride rides one of our human horses while her newly married boyfriend admires her dominating the animal.
If the bride wishes, her groom rides another of our human horses and they both ride together.
Or also the bride rides the groom showing who is in charge, who is in the saddle and who is leading the reins.
Men are our horses whom we bridle, we saddle and we ride.
- Would you like to be one of the horses on our ranch?
- Of course.
- There is also a male boss and a lady secretary.
Military and police too, a male general being ridden by a lady captain.
Your son is also one of our horses, he devised the human horse space for him to be ridden.
-Who rides him?
-Your daughter and her family visit him, as well as other lady riders.
- What else?
- We do racehorse competitions, lady riders on top of human horses.
- And the equine horse area?
- This area is public, anyone can enter.
- Sometimes all the horses are busy.
- Your son is a good administrator and established schedules for riding, half an hour per client, the ladies want to ride longer and we talk to them about riding human horses and they accept.
At our ranch your daughter rides past clients, suppliers and workers from her construction company.



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Re: Riding Goddesses

Rebecca's mother's ranch (1)

Rebecca's mother's ranch is extensive and spacious, clients ride equine horses for at least 30 minutes and can extend the ride for 30 more minutes, with prior notice so that subsequent clients can enjoy riding.

While waiting for their turn the clients share ideas with other clients and with ranch employees (very intelligent people who know which clients may be human horses and which other clients may be human horse's riders).

It is easy to find a human horse by seeing him admiring a beautiful lady wearing riding attire, she riding an equine horse:
- The lady rider is pretty.
- Yes she is.
- What do you think when you see her riding?
- Well...

What the next to be animalized does not know, this lady is a ranch worker. She approaches him:
- Hello
- Good morning, ma'am.
- Can you buy me a snack and a beer?
- Yes ma'am.

While she eats and drinks, she strikes up conversation:
- Were you able to ride a horse?
- I couldn't, ma'am, but I could admire you riding one of them.
- Do you like horses?
- I love them, ma'am.
- You call me lady when I am much younger than you.
- It's out of respect, ma'am.

- Thank you. Do you have any children?
- Yes ma'am, they are about your age.
- They are about my age, I could be your daughter.
- Yes ma'am.
- Are they coming here?
- Yes, my 2 daughters and wife ride horses, my 2 sons and I rarely do, but we enjoy the club because the atmosphere is so pleasant.

- What do you do if your wife and daughters can't find horses?
- Male ranch employees and male ranch clients wear saddles on their shoulders and my wife and daughters ride them, disappear and return after a long time.
- Do your wife and daughters ride you and your children?
- Yes, but male ranch employees and male ranch clients are stronger animals.
- Are your wife and daughters riding you and your children somewhere else?
- Yes, in my house, my wife and my daughters bridle, saddle and ride my sons and me.
-Who takes the initiative?
- My wife and daughters, we are at the disposal of the ladies.
By the way, you are very beautiful and you can ride anyone you want.

- Thank you. Did you come alone today?
- No, I came with my wife, daughters and sons, saddled young club clients crawled towards my wife and daughters, they kissed my wife's and daughters' boots, ladies rode saddled men, my wife from this dominant position sitting on top of saddle and stepping on the stirrups she made her horse come closer to me, she looked down at me.
"We leave you, our daughters and I take our sons."
"Why are you taking our sons?"
"They are our spare horses."
"Your foal looks young."
"My colt is old enough to be ridden by me."
"Don't be a party pooper," one of my daughters intervened.
"I also ride horses younger than me," my other daughter added.
"Kiss my boots" My wife commands.
I obey her and kneeling with my sons we kiss the boots of my wife and daughters who step on the stirrups.
Meanwhile, my wife and daughters bridle their horses and lead them using reins, whip and spurs, the ladies ride away followed by my sons.
- Buy me another beer.
He obeyed her.

- What did you do after your wife and daughters rode away?
- I admired you while you drove and dominated the animal.
- What did you think besides admiring me?
- I felt envy and jealousy for the lucky horse.
- Because? Ha ha ha
- Because he was ridden by you.
- Do you want to be lucky too?
- Yes, Mistress.
- Prostrate before me and kiss my boots.
He obeyed her.
A male ranch worker approached.
- The old man is kissing your boots.
- Several times you kissed the old man's wife's boots.
- She is 37 years old, he is 50 years old, he is thirty-something years older than you while she is twenty-something years older than me.
- Kneel down and kiss my boots.
He obeyed her, the young lady had 2 human horses kissing her boots.

- Move away, she commanded the young horse.
He obeyed her.
- Stop kissing my boots and crawl closer on your knees.
He obeyed her.
- I am a human rider, but you are my animal. I am Superior to you, and you are inferior to me, you are only useful to serve me as an animal, open your mouth.
He obeyed her.
She introduced the cold morsel into her animal's mouth, then she tied the bridles on her animal's head.
- You drool because of me, that's how all the men are drooling because of me.
She grabbed hold of his reins firmly as she saddled him, then she rode on top of him stepping into the stirrups.
- Get up!
He obeyed her, getting up with some difficulty while he was ridden by her.
She drove him to the human horse area, away from the equine horse area.
- The equine horse area is familiar, so in the human horse area you will see what you don't see in the equine horse area.



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Re: Riding Goddesses

Rebecca's mom's ranch (2)

- In the equine horse area, equine horses are ridden.

Also: daughters ride dads, granddaughters ride grandparents, nieces ride uncles, wives ride husbands, girlfriends ride boyfriends, wedding brides ride wedding grooms, sisters-in-law ride brothers-in-law, sisters ride brothers, lady cousins ride cousins boys, lady students ride male students, lady students ride male teachers, lady students ride dads, moms and lady teachers ride dads and male teachers.

In the human horse area, in addition to the previous ones: mothers ride children, aunts ride nephews, mothers and lady teachers ride male students; For this, the horses must be old enough to be ridden.

Because of our age difference, I look like your daughter or your niece, which is why others normally saw me riding you. It's true that I'm wearing a crop top, tight short jeans and high-heeled knee-high boots, exposing my arms, cleavage, waist, thighs and knees, but all daughters dress like this while riding their dads and uncles.

A young man approaches
- Hello Rachel.
- Hello.
- I know your dad, your uncles and your teachers. Who is he?
- An uncle who came to visit.
- Are you going to take him riding him to the secret garden?
- You can't enter there.
- I know, I will only enter when I am old enough to do so.
- That's right, I'm old enough.
-Who will be the first to ride me in the secret garden?
- She can be your aunt, sister or sister-in-law of any of your parents, your lady teacher, your friend's mother, etc.

At this point the change of rider occurs and she brings order.
Ladies ride on the shoulders of men so they can then ride equine horses, sister-in-law on brother-in-law, niece on uncle, etc.

Then they enter the human horse area.
His daughters and his wife riding male teachers and his sons being ridden by lady teachers.
His lady rider leads him to a stall, ties his reins to a hoop located on the wall and rides another human horse, closing the door and leaving him abandoned.

Out there a mother talks with a lady teacher,
- Lady teacher rides male student and mom rides her husband
- teacher lady rides dad and mom rides another man

Dad also talks to a male teacher.
- male teacher gets ridden by mom
- male teacher gets ridden by lady student and dad gets ridden by mom

An employee also asks his boss for a raise.
- Male boss is ridden by employee's wife or daughter while talking to him.
-male boss is ridden by his lady's employee while he talks to her husband or another relative.

-Boss lady rides her employee while talking to her employee's wife who rides another person.
-Boss lady rides the husband of her employee's lady while she talks to her who rides another person.

Wife or daughter of a prisoner has the option of talking to a judge or warden, she is sexy in riding attire, her interlocutor falls at her feet and kisses his boots, she walks all over him and then rides him.
She enters prison riding on top of the guards and rides them all the way.

In the human horse area, young men who reach the age to be ridden are ridden for the first time in public, by his aunt, by his brother's wife, by his lady teacher, etc.

To recap, only few women can ride men in the equine horse area but all women can ride men in the human horse area.



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Re: Riding Goddesses

Rebecca's Mom's Ranch (3)

The equine horse area has ample space to ride the equines freely, the most experienced and reliable clients can ride outside the ranch and then return, renting the equine is a minimum of half an hour and a maximum of 2 hours when the equine enters again to his stable stall.

In a family, not everyone rides, while one or two ride, the others enjoy food and drink as well as sharing pleasant moments with their friends, co-workers eat and drink while their wives ride.

Families also go: dads, moms, uncles, aunts, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, sons, daughters, nephews and nieces, children ride ponies while moms, aunts and sisters-in-law ride horses while adult men watch.


A wife suggests to her husband:
- Wife: Invite your boss to the ranch to ride, while I ride with him I convince him to give you less work and a higher salary.
- Husband: I don't know if he likes the idea.
- W: Present it to me and I will convince him.

The next day at 7:00 p.m. He leaves the office with his boss, meeting his wife on the street near the door of the building.
- Husband: Sir, meet my wife. Love, meet my boss.

She is 22 years old, 170 cm. (5'7") wearing white crop top, black open-close jacket, tight black jeans and 13 cm (5") high-heeled platform black knee-high boots, totaling 183 cm. (6'), she stood arrogantly before 62 years old, 160 cm. (6'3") her husband's boss, she was 23 cm (9") taller than her husband's boss, she looked down at him, he looked up at her.
- Boss: Lady, I am at your feet to serve you.
- Wife: Are you at my feet to serve me?
- B: Yes ma'am.
- W: Kneel before me!

Automatically her husband's boss and her husband knelt before her, she laughed.
-W: My husband is well tamed by me and he blindly obeys me in everything. Bark for me!

Both men barked, she laughed.
- W: Kiss my boots!

Both men kissed her boots.
- W: Nice to meet you, I have been waiting for my husband for 2 hours.
- H: Love, this is my job, please understand me.

Her husband's boss took the opportunity to kiss both of her boots, then her husband kissed her boots.
- B: Unfortunately we have a check-in time but no check-out time and we tend to stay at work longer.
- W: My husband has a family, my children and I.
-B: I understand ma'am, I will take on part of his work so he can spend more time with you and your children.
- W: Would you do this for me?
- B: Yes, Mistress.
- W: Love, bring bridles and saddle from the cart.

He obeyed his wife, leaving his boss prostrate kissing his wife's boots. She defiantly observes the people who pass by, recognizing the man who kisses her boots. There are those who record the scene using her cell phone.
- W: Do you like my boots?
- B: My Mistress, I like you and therefore I like your boots.
- W: I need more boots and riding gear.
- B: I will buy them for you Mistress, I am your slave.
- W: Do you have your credit cards?
- B: Yes my Mistress, I have them, and the debit cards too.
- W: Good boy.

Just then her husband arrives, she bridles, saddles and rides her husband's boss.
- W: I will be late tonight, maybe I will arrive in the early morning, prepare dinner and feed my children.
Her husband obeyed her.

She is 40 years younger than her horse, she ordered him to go towards his car and he obeyed her.
She dismounted her horse, he gave her the keys to his car, she got into the car.
- W: Do you like to see how I press the car pedals?
- B: Yes my Mistress, I would love to be those pedals for you to step on me.
- W: You are just like all men, you are my bicycle.
- B: Mistress. because?
- W: Because I ride you, I step on you and I drive you.

She opened the trunk of the car.
- W: Get in the trunk!
He obeyed her and she drove her car.

They went shopping, he bought her boots, jodhpurs, crop tops, jackets, hats, caps, whips and spurs, he bought himself a dog collar, dog leash, saddle and bridle.
- W: Who do you live with?
- B: With my wife, my children, my children's spouses and my grandchildren.
- W: It must be a mansion.
- B: It is, Mistress.

She drove the car to his mansion, she rode it towards the mansion.
Upon entering the room, they found a young man kissing a woman's boots.
- Woman 1: Father-in-law!
- Young man: Dad!
- Wife: He is neither father-in-law nor father because he is my horse.



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Re: Riding Goddesses

Rebecca's Mom's Ranch (4)

- Woman 1: My father-in-law found a Mistress.
- Young boy: My sister-in-law, you are my Mistress.
- W1: Keep kissing my boots!
He obeyed her.

At this, a 40-year-old man appeared, bridled and saddled on his horizontal back while a young lady was riding him on top of his horizontal back.
- Young girl: Hello sister-in-law, my brother who is not your husband is kissing your boots.
- Woman 1: The 2 brothers are my slaves and pets. Meanwhile you are riding your sister's husband.
- Yg: He is my slave and my pet. I see my dad happy because he is being ridden.
-W1: That's right, he is the horse of his wife, his 2 daughters and his daughter-in-law. What is your name?
- W: Ysabel.
- Yg: Nice to meet you, Ysabel.
- W1: Now my father-in-law is Ysabel's horse too.
- Yg: It's already late, can you get home?
- W: I call my husband and he picks me up.
- Yg: Call him now, we know him by the way.

She called her husband and ordered him to go to his boss's mansion.
Meanwhile, the daughter-in-law bridled, saddled and rode her young brother-in-law.
-Wife: What would happen if your husband caught you riding his brother?
-Woman 1: The 2 brothers, his father, his brother-in-law are my horses, his older sister is my mare.
- Young Woman: My dad, my brothers and my brother-in-law are my horses.
- W1: I admit your brother-in-law is more your horse than mine, but your brothers are my animals.
- Yg: There is a knock at the door.

The boss opens the door, the husband admires his wife riding her boss and then the other 2 ladies riding his horses, he crawls before the ladies and kisses their boots.

The older sister comes out barefoot, the newcomer kisses her feet while the younger sister rides the older sister without bridles and without a saddle.
The wife unhorses the chief and rides on the shoulders of the chief's son-in-law, she gives the chief's reins to her husband.
- Wife: I give you my horse's reins, use them!

The husband grabbed the reins and pulled his boss towards him.
- Husband: You are my wife's horse, you must obey me! On knees!
The boss obeyed the husband of his Mistress, the husband rode him on his shoulders.
- Get up!
The horse obeyed his Mistress's husband.

The wife led her animal in front of her and her husband, wife and husband facing each other riding human horses.
- Wife: Are you feeling well?
- Husband: I'm a little nervous.
She hugs him and then they French kiss, intertwining their tongues.

- Wife: He is not your boss because he is my horse.
- Husband: Understood.
Another passionate French kiss with the tongue.
- W: Get off my horse.
He obeyed her wife, she rode the boss again while her husband kissed her boots.

Meanwhile, younger sister leads her mare towards mare's husband, who hug and kiss while being ridden by her.
- Young girl: Sister, I want to go to my bedroom to rest because tomorrow I have to go to school early.
Younger sister rides her older sister to her bedroom, giving the reins to her brother-in-law to her sister-in-law.

The older brother comes out.
- Woman 1: Take the reins from my brother-in-law and ride with me.
He obeys her and riding together they hug and kiss. Then he dismounts and hits his brother's head who is being ridden by his wife.
- Older brother: When you get married you will be the horse of your own rider who will command you and ride you.
- W1: He is my horse.
-OB: Until he has his wife, then she will be his Owner.
The lady, without stopping riding her brother-in-law, bridles and saddles her husband, then rides him, she removes the bit from her brother-in-law, he kneels and kisses her boots.
- W1: See you tomorrow little horse, I will ride you again.
Wife rides her husband towards her bedroom.

The older sister returns and sees her younger brother sad.
- Older Sister: Don't be sad little brother, she is your older brother's wife, you should look for another rider.
- Wife: Give me his reins.
Older sister takes her younger brother's reins and gives them to the woman who rides her dad. He kisses her boots with her husband.
Big sister rides her husband and they go to her bedroom.

The wife rides her son's horse and gives her horse's reins to her husband.
- Master him!
He obeyed her and ended up riding him next to her wife.

Wife and husband face to face, kissing passionately.
- I'm proud of you.
-He is your horse, he obeys me because of you.
- I loved seeing you dominating my horse.
-Your young steed is doing his best.
-He is his sister-in-law's foal.
- Let's go?
- Let's go!

They got off their horses and the wife rode her husband to the car, she drove the car.
- I was 17 years old when our twins, girl and boy, were born.
- Several years I was your horse.
- For 8 years you are my horse!

They found them playing in his bedroom, and the parents followed them, husband on all fours and wife riding him on top of his horizontal back.
- My dad is my mom's horse!
- Can I ride your horse?
Mom dismounted allowing her children to ride her horse.



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Re: Riding Goddesses

Rebecca's mom's ranch (5)

She left her children's bedroom leaving her husband being ridden by her children.

Near the door, a lump on the ground waited for her at her feet and he began to kiss her boots, he was her husband's nephew who lived with them, he was bridled and saddled.
- Wife: Hello dog, did you play with my children?
- Nephew: Yes my Mistress. I was on all fours and they rode me like you are riding me now. Thank you Mistress.
- W: Where is my niece?
- Nephew: She went to some of her friends' houses to study.

The husband put his children to sleep and when he left the bedroom he found his wife riding his nephew on all fours.
- Husband: You left him bridled and saddled when you went out to meet me and my boss.
- Wife: That's right, so he can play with our children.
- H: That's how I found it and I didn't dare take the bridle out of it.
- W: You didn't dare to unsaddle him either. That's how you left it for me to untie him.
- H: Also for you to unsaddle him because he is your horse.
-W: He is your brother's son.
-H: His dad is your horse.
- W: This is true.
- H: Will you continue riding him? I'll go to sleep.
-W: Go to bed, I'll ride him a little because tomorrow he has to go to his school.
- H: ok.

The wife unhorsed her husband's nephew, she pulled his reins behind him, she squatted him down and rode him on top of his shoulders.
- Wife: Get up!
He obeyed her.

She led him to her bedroom where her husband was found asleep.
- Wife: Help me take off my clothes.
Still holding onto his reins she adjusted them to 10 meters.
She took off her black jacket and he hung it in the wardrobe.
She took off her crop top and he hung it in the closet.
When he returned he was enthralled as he admired his aunt's breasts covered in fine lingerie. She looked at him with contempt.

He on his knees took off her boots, then he kissed her socks, she stepped on his head.
She took off her tight black jeans and he hung them in the closet.
She was wearing lingerie and socks.
He took off her socks and he kissed her bare feet, she stepped on his head.

She disembed him.
She unsaddled him.
He kissed her feet and began to move his kisses along her calves, knees and thighs, she pushed him with her feet.

He went to her bedroom carrying his bridle and reins, there he jerked off in honor of his aunt.

In the early morning her excited husband wanted to have sex with her, because there were too many emotions being ridden by her, seeing her riding his boss, riding his boss's relatives, and riding his nephew, she smiled at him.
- Wife: My niece arrived?
- Husband: I don't know.
- W: Ask about her.
- H: But.
- W: Don't come back without an answer.
The husband came out.

He knocked on the bedroom door of his wife's niece. When he received no response, he opened the door and entered quietly. His wife entered behind him.
- Wife: She's asleep.
- Husband: Yes.
- W: Wake her up, I'll wake up your nephew.

Her husband touched her shoulder.
- Husband: Please wake up.
The niece opened her eyes and smiled at her uncle.
- Niece: Hello dog.
- H: Wow, wow, wow, ...
She smiled and stood up, she was wearing black lingerie.
- Niece: kiss my feet.
He prostrated himself before her and kissed her feet.
- Niece: Help me get dressed.
He handed her her clothes, she wore a white crop top, a plaid miniskirt, socks and high-heeled white boots up to her knees, he kissed her boots, she bridled him and saddled him.

Meanwhile, the nephew jumped out of her bed when her aunt entered dressed in a white crop top, black shorts and high-heeled white knee-high boots. He crawled in front of her and kissed her feet. She grabbed him. and saddle.

They found niece riding uncle and aunt riding nephew, the children woke up to go to school.
When niece leaves, she rides nephew, dad takes his children and mom stays teleworking.
Her boss turns on his camera
- Good morning, Mistress.
- Good morning slave.
- I miss you, I would like to see you.
- You can come to my house, you're the boss.
- Wait for me.

Minutes later her boss arrives, he crawls to her feet and kisses her boots, she bridles him, she saddles him and she rides him.
-How are my slaves?
- Working as a team doing your job.



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Re: Riding Goddesses

Rebecca's mom's ranch (6)

There are few ladies before whom men fall on their knees, men kiss her feet, men are her slaves, men are her pets for her amusement, men are her dogs and horses.

Even though she is married with children, she has human dogs and human horses following her everywhere, which she uses wherever and whenever she wants.

She owns her human animals, if she wishes she bridles and saddles her horses to be ridden by her and people she wishes. She can bridle and saddle her human horses to ride them with her husband, her father, her sons, her uncles, her friends, etc.

The proud man who rides her horse knows he is not riding but rather he is carried by the horse because she commanded her horse to carry her guest.

Thus, her husband accompanies his wife, 20 years younger than him, she wears riding clothes, a hat, a short top, tight jodpurs, and high-heeled knee-high boots with spurs.
- We'll go ride my horses, I'll invite you.
She drives the car while her husband is in the passenger seat and her children are in the back seat.

She parks in front of a house, she gets out of the car and goes to the door, followed by her husband and her children.
- We'll go ride my mom's horses!
- Don't speak loudly, my horses need none of their neighbors to know they are horses, my horses.

She knocks on the door that is opened by a man 30 years older than the lady, accompanied by his son 10 years older than the lady, who kneels before her and kisses her boots, she looks defiantly at her husband who falls to his knees. before her with his son, while his daughter stands next to her mother.

Thus, 4 defeated men kiss mother and daughter's boots, the daughter's boots are kissed by her father and her brother, and the mother's boots are kissed by her husband and son.

The mother's son is 16 years younger than her and the mother's daughter is 18 years younger than her.

For several years she visits her horses on weekends to ride them with her family.

The old horse began to talk while he kissed his mother's boots.
- Mistress, thank you very much for coming to celebrate your 35th birthday.
- Thank you very much for hosting me and my family, for 20 years you have been my horse since my mother gave you to me.
- Yes Mistress, your mom was generous to me by giving me the opportunity to be your horse.

The husband intervened:
- The first time I saw my wife I saw her riding you, a beautiful and dominant teenager on top of the shoulders of a bridled and saddled man in his forties.
- Yes, my wife and son walking beside me while I was being ridden by my Mistress, you offered yourself to carry my son...
- True - the lady said - but I told you the son is my horse too and should not be carried, instead I ordered you to carry the mother, and you obeyed me. The following days you accompanied us and I realized that you were happy the first time I bridled you, saddled you and rode you.
- It's true.
- My mom found out about you and your family, and we decided I would marry you. Both times I was pregnant, I rode you bridled and saddled to prenatal care, nurses, obstetricians and doctors smiled when they saw me riding you and dominating you using reins, whip and spurs, men kissed my boots.
- Yes, I remember male doctors who themselves offered to be ridden by you but you told them "no" because you rode your horse 30 years older than you to near the hospital and left him tied and then you rode me.
- True, but I didn't miss the opportunity to bridle, saddle and ride the handsome doctors.
- Yes, you rode them on their shoulders and on their backs on all fours.

They continued talking:
- At the children's school, you rode on male teachers, fathers and students.
-What did you want me to do, they offered themselves.-
- But you incited them.
- The excited inciters were ridden by me.
-I remember you in your twenties riding a dad in his fifties and his wife opposing the ride. You ignored her and she went against her husband.
-This was about 10 or 15 years ago, I told her: right now he is not your husband because he is my horse, and my horses do not speak or understand human language and they only obey my commands. She gave in and I invited my husband to carry her, he carry her on his shoulders, she accepted.
- Yes I remember.
-The man in his fifties, after kissing my boots, kissed his wife's feet and began to obey his wife because of me.
His son was and is ridden by my daughter and he wanted to be ridden by me in public but I told him: I will ride you in public when you are old enough. Now I ride him in public.
His daughter rode and rides my son, my husband and her father, she is now a spectacular rider.

- Enough talk, let's ride!
Mom and daughter rode together.



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