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#1 2021-03-08 16:00:09

Male (30), Israel
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Questions regarding forum rules

Hi, I hope it's ok to ask here some questions regarding the rules? I wasn't sure what is the appropriate place.

1. Regarding the "no children" rule- does high-school stories (even without mentioning explicit ages, only high-school environment) are also forbidden?

2. Regarding the "avoid clearly sexual or pornographic descriptions" rule- does involving description of arousal/climax/cumming on shoulders in stories is ok or also forbidden? I saw that stories and threads involving climax/cumming on shoulders exists, but wasn't sure if the rules changed in the meantime. Just want to know what are the redlines that I should not cross here.

Thanks. (BTW great forum, I enjoy it very much so thanks also for the good work)



#2 2021-03-09 08:58:59

Male (56), Sweden
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Re: Questions regarding forum rules

I'm glad you are enjoying this community.

The answers:

1. Allowed.
2. Forbidden.



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