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So me and my friend were both 19. Iíve told her about how Iím love to be carried. She obeys me and wonít say no to carrying me. So sheís been giving me piggyback rides and horsey rides for a while and sometimes she gives me shoulder rides in the pool. But one week ago I finally got a shoulder ride on land. We were chillin at her house and I told her I wanted a shoulder ride(she is about 180-170pounds and I am about 190). At first she was scared and didnít want to. But I convinced her to and I got on her shoulders. But she couldnít move so I told her just to stand up straight with me on her shoulders. I was there for a minute but I loved it. She also gave me a piggyback ride and horsey ride lol. Can not wait for more of those shoulder rides. (If anyone is in California and wants to give me a shoulder ride let me know, or if you are a girl who wants to be carried let me know!)



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