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#1 2017-07-03 21:50:31

Male (33), India
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Facebook style "like"

One technical suggestion - not sure how easy or difficult it is to implement.

Can we have a feature where I can "like" photos similar to Facebook? I think this will achieve twin objectives
1. Anyone should be able to sort pictures based on the number of likes - so the best and most popular photos are easy to find.

2. I should be able to filter and see all pictures I've liked - many times I search the albums endlessly looking for a picture that is right in front of my eyes but I want to see it again. Has this happened to any of you? Wouldn't it be great then if we had a quick way of filtering whatever I have liked - that way, I can always go and see all my favorites without having to locally save them.

We anyways have a comment feature on the photos, why not introduce like as well? I think we can use this going forward in many creative ways. New members will know what kind of photos are well appreciated by the forum - we can also have different criteria for bonus membership, that is linked to quality of posts (aka # of likes), instead of just quantity!



#2 2017-07-21 20:22:46

Male (51), Sweden
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Re: Facebook style "like"

Good idea. But it would involve some php programming and we lack the technical skills to implement such a feature, sorry.



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