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#1 2016-08-30 06:15:02

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Has anyone else engaged in shoulder riding with family?

I know many users here have met up for shoulder rides or have significant others who ride/carry them. I'm curious as to how many people here have gotten their family members in on the act, or whether that even appeals to others.

A lot of my early shoulder riding exploration involved my cousin, female. As teenagers we would spend time together when her family was in town, and I would find myself attempting to get her on my shoulders quite a bit. In retrospect, I was probably not so subtle... Regardless, we had a handful of good moments even into young adulthood.

She, being about 5'2" and 130 lbs, sits very comfortably on my 6' and 180 lb. frame. Most of the time as teenagers I would tell her to get on my shoulders so I could show off my strength. After a bit of convincing, she would either climb on from on top of a bed, or I would bend down and slip my head through her legs. We didn't do this all the time, but we did it often enough that now, as adults, I can tell her to hop on "for old times' sake."

Unfortunately for me, her recent marriage has put a damper on this kind of playful relationship with her male cousin. I find this disappointing, because not only was she an excellent rider, but there were rare occasions when as teenagers I convinced her to let ME climb on top. She wobbled quite a bit, but ultimately she could hold my weight surprisingly well. I would love the opportunity to ride her now as an adult.

Does anyone else here have that kind of relationship with a family member?



#2 2016-09-15 19:36:49

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Re: Has anyone else engaged in shoulder riding with family?

My sister was one girl with four brothers who loved to shoulder ride on all her brothers and said it was similar to riding a horse. Only once do I remember her declining an offer to ride on my shoulders.




#3 2016-09-20 23:22:28

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Re: Has anyone else engaged in shoulder riding with family?

I was at my cousins house and found a long overcoat that my aunt had, so I convinced my cousin to let me ride on top of his shoulders and I put on my aunts overcoat to look like a tall person, the coat wouldn't button up on my knees though



#4 2023-02-20 19:34:30

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Re: Has anyone else engaged in shoulder riding with family?

For as long as I can remember I would ride my younger cousins shoulders I always weighed mor than him and loved riding him. I havenít rode him in a while because I gained a lot of weight but I invited him over to play Xbox recently and when he got here he immediately got down for me to sit on him.



#5 2023-02-23 09:53:23

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Re: Has anyone else engaged in shoulder riding with family?

Being ridden by the sister, the female cousin, and by the aunt.
Also being ridden by sister in law, daughter and niece.
(When the Ladies are old enough to ride, and the Ladies' horse is old enough to be ridden by the Ladies):



#6 2023-05-12 09:18:27

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Re: Has anyone else engaged in shoulder riding with family?

I used to have my cousin, who is a year younger, often on my shoulders. I remember we once picked cherries and the cherries were all within reach, so my cosiene suggested that I take the au pair girl on my shoulders, she was significantly taller but also a bit heavier. so we picked a few more cherries. On the way home we passed a playground and there I put my Cosiene's au pair on my shoulder and went to the climbing frame. No Cosien was on it and wanted to get on when I and the au pair who was a head taller when we had carried there, my cosiene climbed on top of it. I now had the Aupair Girl about 55 kg and my Cosiene about 40 kg on my shoulder. That was a very nice experience that unfortunately never happened again.



#7 2023-09-18 01:52:41

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Re: Has anyone else engaged in shoulder riding with family?

I discovered the "fetish" while my cousins (male and female) often gave me many sorts of rides.



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