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#1 2015-05-23 23:46:46

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Last summer pool fights

Over at my buddys in his  above ground pool . Perfect summer day for a cookout then some swimming fun .We decided to have chicken fights .My buddys Mike and Jon were a team and my partner was Joey. Joey was  slightly on the plump side  about 240.Mike and Jon were close in size  both around 170ish. The fights start and mike is up on Jons shouldes and I go under and lift Joey up on mine . After a couple mins it seemed of them both pushing and shoving , joey shoved mike off. Mike quickly lifted Jon up on his shoulders and Joey and I decided to trade positions .After flipping joey off  I waited as he went under and slowly lifted me up on his shoulders , he seemed to be struggling which surprised me really. 30 secs into our fight we shove eachother off  the shoulders . I went over and put my hands on  jons shoulders and joey put his on mikes shoulders. They lifted  us up and we engaged in our war which again was brief around a min  . We  even made a 3 man tower with jon on top me in middle and mike on the bottom , Good times for sure



#2 2018-05-27 00:19:55

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Re: Last summer pool fights

I lifted my friend 240 lb on my shoulder in shallow water in the beach. Actually he came behind me and hopped on by pushing me down and jumping on. It was a struggle standing but once I was standing and straight the weight just was too much. I walked a few steps and came crashing down he was just extremely heavy.

He was 23 years old, 240 lb and I was 190 lb 19 year old. I gave him piggybacks easily in the water but the shoulder ride was difficult even though I really enjoyed every moment of it. I hope we repeat it again.

Outside the water I didn't try to lift him until now. He seems to enjoy being carried in the water because he hops on without me telling him.



#3 2018-07-15 20:04:11

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Re: Last summer pool fights

Id carry you on my shoulders in or out of a swim pool



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