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We are an ideal community where members share pictures and discuss the subject of the fun activity of shoulder riding. Please note that we do not accept nude or copyright protected pictures.

Our community was started by Scotty in 2001 where he administered a total of 48 groups with nearly a gigabyte of pictures and video clips. When Yahoo in 2004 suddenly without warning, and without telling us why, kicked us out and deleted all our material, we went to Smartgroups and continued there successfully for two years with 900 members signed up before our community turned private. Since Smartgroup's closure in November 2006, we are continuing our community on this site. For the very first time we are not under a commercial community provider.

In order to view all pictures in the gallery, and getting access to our videos, all members must regularly contribute with new pictures, video clips and participate in the forum discussions.

If you are a lover of shoulder riding, you have come to the right place. We are the #1 community dedicated to the activity of shoulder riding with members worldwide. Please register now and present yourself in the forum and tell us about your experiences. If we like what we read, we will give you bonus membership which will give you access to additional picture albums.